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   Chapter 90 NO.90

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Shehryaar opened his eyes and sat upright. Before she could move away, he cupped her face with both hands and kissed her softly, tasting her salty pain as it streamed down in rivulets.

He didn't see it coming. Again, she surprised him. He thought that she wouldn't be able to pull a stunt like this because he was careful to keep any and everything away that she could use a potential weapon. but boy, was he wrong. She always knew her way around things. He had to be honest though, he was ready to embrace death at her hands when he felt the blade meet his skin. He didn't make the mistake of underestimating her this time. But he also knew that she wouldn't do it. Even if she wanted too. Her heart was just too good. Even in her own pain, she couldn't cause others pain.

And this realisation caused his heart to swell with pride and so much more love for her then he already felt. He felt like shooting himself for ever trying to take that goodness away from her. And for that, he wanted to show her how much he loved her and how much she meant to him. That't when an idea popped in his mind.

Anissa's shoulders shook as she cried and he held her close to his chest, rubbing her back soothingly.

When she calmed down a bit, he laid back in the pillows and clutched her hand that held the blade. Anissa was confused as he held the blade straight upon his right breast.

With a deep breath and with a firm hold, he placed the blade straight to his flesh, slicing his skin deeply, even the muscles underneath, drawing thick scarlet blood on the surface.

Anissa was stunned with shock and went along with what he was doing as he drew lines on his chest up and down, from right to left.

She couldn't see in the dark.

He was done when he reached his left breast and threw the blade away from her hand, causing it to noisily crash to the tiled floor.

Before Anissa could move, she left him move. And that's when she realised that her core was directly upon his crotch.

And when his hardened bulge rubbed against her, she felt a surge of electricity shoot up her spine. And that moment, she temporarily forgot the pain in her heart.

And her mind fogged up with lust as her body responded to his movements.

She felt his hands creep up from her sides to her ribs and gently cupped her breasts.

An involuntary moan escape her lips as she threw her head back in pleasure.


Hat are yo

assion for the woman he loved as well as his deep desire.

He immediately shifted into a sitting position and embraced her delicate body in his arms such that she mounted a height above him, his face buried in the valley of her breast and her arms locked around his head. This position gave him a deeper access inside her, stroking spots of her that elicited heavenly pleasure in her, releasing loud moans from her.

She bit his neck and clawed his back raw with her nails and that only increased his desire for her and his thrusts became fast.

He felt her walls tighten around his cock as she screamed, riding out her orgasm. He felt his own climax hit him and he stiffened, releasing his hot come in her.

They both panted heavily, spent and drained.

No words were spoken.

Only sounds were heard.

Touches felt.

That was all that could be offered.

He hugged her tightly. But her arms fell limply to her side, her breathing heavy in his ear. He laid back down and laid her to her side, wounding a possessive arm around her to keep her close. Unconsciously, she snuggled close to him.

He smiled, feeling satisfied. A part of him content and happy as he let sleep overwhelm him.

She woke up from dreamless slumber and found herself sprawled against his chest.

She felt something sticky with a metallic smell on her skin. she opened her eyes and saw blood smeared in his chest and hers as well as her cheek.

Adjusting her vision; she sat up and that's when she saw it.

Written, sliced into the flesh in large letters.

A N I S S A.

She had no idea what to think of it.

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