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   Chapter 86 NO.86

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Shehryaar made another strike that sent the punching bag flying until it came back and he punch again, ignoring the ache in his knuckles.

His breaths were shallow and coming out in pants. His muscles were burning and sweat beads rolled down his back and toned chest, wetting his hair and making it stick to his forehead.

"Not enough. Still not enough!" Shehryaar growled to himself and he started his assault once again.

All his focus was on the worn out punching bag as he kept punching at it, aiming at punching a whole right through the hard flexible surface.

All his anger and frustration was fuelling his punches. The blood raging in his veins empowered him. Because of all that had taken place in the past week. All that he seemed to concentrate on was the pent rage in himself. And the only way out for all it was either a five mile run along the beach or extensive workout until his muscles became sore and spent out.

Time couldn't have gotten worse then it was right now for Shehryaar.

He was trying his hardest to be patient but unfortunately, patience was just not his forte.

Every second spent with Anissa was a constant challenge; a war more like. And so far, without winning any battle, he was losing the war.

It wasn't the challenge that he minded, it was the behaviour and the constant condescension. The mock coldness and the stubborn attitude.

Everyday he tried his best to be 'nice' with Anissa. But she would either ignore him or retort back with snarky comments. And every time he had to hold himself from 'disciplining' her. Every time he controlled himself.

And it filled him with a fury. So many times he held himself from reverting back to his former self. But he knew that he couldn't do that: not if he wanted to change for the better.

But he feared that the beast inside of him, the completely inhuman part of himself was, threatened to be unleash.

Every second of every day, he fought with himself to keep that beast contained. Even he was surprised at his self control. He never knew that he was capable of it in the first place. But there's always a first for everything.

However, one thing he knew for sure was his limits: there was only so much he could take. What he really didn't want was for his anger to take hold of him. He was so close to snapping at any moment.

'Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" He yelled loudly and swung a powerful punch, causing the cord that connected the bag to the wall to snap and send the bag flying.

He panted, his chest heaving up and down. His fists were bloody and bruised but he could care less.

Even when she was awake, she was quiet. And that didn't sit well with Shehryaar. He was trying his best to show her that he could change. That he would learn empathy if he ever wanted her to be normal again.

It would most probably take a long time for them to progress. But he knew that he didn't have much time.

The time of day was hardest. Shehryaar wouldn't leave her side. He would only leave her be when he would have to attend an extremely urgent matter or early in the morning when he was sure that Anissa was fast asleep.

But it was no use.

It had been three weeks since she had gone berserk and attacked herself.

He was someone who knew the limits of hatred. He knew all too well what a human is capable of when overcome with hatred.

She was calm because of the drugs. But she had completely locked herself away. He was almost afraid that she might slip back into her absent minded personality.

She was numb. Unfeeling.

What she had said to him, echoed and rang loudly in his ears whenever he saw her.

He grabbed a cold bottle of water from the counter. He was steadying his breathing when he heard a shrill scream come from the direction of his bedroom.

He ran at top speed, fear skyrocketing in him.

Anissa was tossing and turning as she screamed in her sleep. He sat down beside her and immediately scooped her up in his arms.

"Hey hey, shhhh, " he cooed in her ear, running his hand soothingly on her back as he began to rock her. She struggled in his embrace and tried to get away.

"No! No please!" She sobbed, her tears running freely running down her cheeks.

"Shhh, it's alright, you're safe." Shehryaar reassured but she couldn't hear him.

It broke his already broken heart to see her like this. Because he knew what she was seeing in her nightmares. She was fighting against him: the monster that he had portrayed himself to be.

Never had he regretted his actions more then he did now. At t

's strings of patience and self control snapped and his anger took control of him. He lapsed into his expressionless devoid demeanour, releasing the beast within.

He caught both her wrists. Anissa stopped momentarily until his palm flew to her cheek and struck her hard.

She lost her balance but Shehryaar didn't let her go and struck again at her other cheek and that's when he released her and she fell to the carpeted floor in a heap.

Anissa palmed her aching red cheek as she huffed on air. Her eyes were wide, rimmed with tears and a slow low dry chuckle escaped her lips as she started to look up to the monster who was responsible for her ruin in the first place.

Shehryaar snapped out of the storm of fury, fighting against the haze as he stared down at his wife, realisation dawning at him and hit him hard. He swallowed against his saliva and heard her dry chortle.

His grey gaze met with her Amber glare and he saw the hatred and loathing in her hazel depths shoot fire arrows at him.

"This suits you much better, " she muttered as she slowly got up to her shaking legs, her eyes maintaining their withering hateful glare at him. "This vicious animalistic and barbaric behaviour suits you much better." She commented. Shehryaar was taken aback with approach.

"I was actually started to wonder: why would your attitude change and turn so soft all of a sudden, " she said, cocking her head to the side as she studied Shehryaar's stunned expression.

"Now I know that you were only pretending. I always knew that you had an ulterior motive behind everything." She snarled. Shehryaar clenched his jaw tightly in an effort to control his emotions. He felt hurt and angry: at her words as well as his assault on her.

"Stay the fuck away from." Anissa hissed and left the room. Shehryaar stood there stunned into silence.


That one thing that he could never do with her.

But could she possibly be right?

After all, what was he doing anyway? He was being someone he was not. He was trying to be soft and gentle with her, something that he definitely was not.

But it didn't matter.

It happened again.

He hurt her and this time it was completely unintentional.

Guilt overwhelmed him, making his heart beat erratically.

Breathing deeply, he called the butler to clear out the mess. He made his way to the bedroom and wasn't surprised when he found the door locked.

"Anissa?" He knocked mildly on the door.

There was no answer. He didn't know whether she was listening or not, but he wanted to explain himself.

"Anissa? Baby? Please open the door. Let me explain." He pleaded, his voice giving way to his emotions.

"Anissa, " he leaned his forehead against the cool wood of the dark door. "Babe, please." He whispered. And gave up after a few minutes when there wasn't any reply.

The whole day he went and checked and the as usual, the door was still locked. He got worried and used a spare key to unlock the door. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her sleeping soundly.

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