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   Chapter 84 NO.84

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"I can't believe this." Zameer muttered.

He rushed to the hospital as soon as he had taken care of everything at the Estate. It was difficult taking care of all the guests since they clearly had new information to digest. If it wasn't for his quick assessment, Anissa might've given a lot away then she did. Thankfully, many didn't take her seriously while some less important ones did. But it still wasn't enough to tarnish Shehryaar's reputation if that was what Anissa was targeting at.

And the worst came when he saw Shehryaar quickly rush her to the hospital. Zameer was surprised when he started to give his report to Shehryaar but he didn't care. And looking at the desolate state Shehryaar was in, Zameer inquired about and was shocked to his core to learn what Anissa had done.

"I can't believe that she would go this far, " he muttered under his breath.

"It's all my fault. It's all over now." Shehryaar uttered, his shoulders slumped as he rubbed his face and rested his forehead in his palm.

Zameer felt pity and sympathy for his good friend. This was probably the first time he had seen Shehryaar look so down. He knew him to be a composed individual who had always had contingencies at his disposal. Shehryaar was always prepared. Shehryaar was always ready and suave, moving and acting in accordance with perfection; moving pieces and pawns as if playing chess with life, treating everything like a gamble.

But now, all that Zameer saw was a vulnerable man standing in front of him who had no idea what his next move should be.

"What now?" He inquired.

Shehryaar sighed but didn't raise his head. "I've consulted with some specialists. They think that antidepressants should work up her violent and destructive behaviour for now. But I'll have to give it to her without her knowledge. Who knows what she'll do if she found out that she's on drugs." Shehryaar muttered.

"No man, " Zameer sighed and moved to Shehryaar's side, grasping his shoulder firmly. "I meant, what do you plan to do now?"

"For once Zameer, I have no idea." Shehryaar admitted, sounded completely defeated.

"Shehryaar, " Zameer squeezed his shoulder firmly. "Listen to me. I know that things seem impossible right now. But don't lose hope, " a part of Zameer wanted to take the blame and admit his part in all that happened. But he had to be the responsible one. He had to act as Shehryaar's conscience and make him understand. After all, he had problems of his own.

Shehryaar scoffed. "Hope? When did we have that to begin with?" He repeated Anissa's words. "I've been bested twice. And each time I couldn't do a thing. Especially when she stabbed herself. But I can't blame her, I did this to her. I drove her to such extremes."

"Hope is never lost." Zameer alleged. "Right now, Bhabi is in a chasm of despair. She's damaged and broken. And if you have to put her back together and heal her, you'll need to show some serious commitment." He paused and saw that Shehryaar was actually listening to him so he continued.

"You'll have to change yourself a great deal. You can no longer think about yourself but for her." He sighed.

"What do you mean?" Shehryaar asked. "I've said it to her many times that I'll fix things. But it never worked."

"Saying is something, doing it is another. You cannot simply say that things will get fixed when you aren't putting in enough effort." Zameer said and he saw Shehryaar's feature morph from worry to anger but he continued anyway. "Ever heard of something called empathy?" Zameer enquired.

Shehryaar frowned in confusion.

"Even now that you want to see her become normal, it's still for yourself. You're only thinking about what you want. You're too selfish. You need to overcome that."

Shehryaar was quick as he took Zameer's collar and pushed him to the far wall. "It hurts to know that truth. But man, what I'm saying is the truth."

Shehryaar's eyes were ablaze with fury. But Zameer stayed composed and carefully pried his hands away from his collar.

"That's why you were so

d and ruthless Mafia boss, who had no understanding of right and wrong and did whatever he wanted to do, was still there. The only difference was that Shehryaar had finally learnt to manage his priorities and differentiate between his personal life and his job. He was finally willing to treat Anissa with care and maybe, if he understood in time, maybe even with empathy and compassion.

Now, Zameer understood why Shahzeb was do adamant on trying to change Shehryaar. He was always looking for an opening and when Anissa came into the scene, Shahzeb finally had his opening. He loved and cared very much for his twin. He saw hope in Shehryaar.

'I know it may seem impossible with his given record. But I know he can change. He just needs the push and the motivation.' He remembered Shahzeb's words.

I think that motivation had finally been found Shahzeb. And he's been pushed in the right direction too. Zameer thought as he saw Shehryaar grip his hair in frustration.

"It'll be tough, " Zameer muttered and patted Shehryaar's shoulder. "It will test your patience and challenge you at every step. But for bhabi's sake, you'll have to overcome your own turmoils." He stated. "You have to realise that you'll have to control yourself on many levels: for one, you will have to control your anger and your ego. I know you love to control her but control will have to be the first to go if you want to have her feel safe and a normal. She'll try to provoke you, because of the result of everything that you've done, and you will have to control the urge to hurt her. That's where your power of control should be exercised"

Shehryaar stared at the ground as he contemplated what Zameer told him.

"Take a vacation. Spend time with her. Understand her and try to figure her out. Right now, her mental status is incredibly fragile. She can snap at anything that you may say or do. You'll have to be very careful because she might even require protection from herself." Zameer claimed.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of things here. You just focus on getting Bhabi back together." Zameer assured.

"Once you've realised empathy, that's when you'll be able to connect with her on an emotional level. You'll not only begin to understand her but maybe, her broken soul might respond back to you. She's was an incredibly selfless person. She sacrificed a lot for the sake of others. That's empathy. And once you've also begun to understand it, that's when maybe, just maybe, you'll get your opening to approach her. Right now, all that her mind can focus on is her past and the abuse and hurt she endured. Once you've connected with her, that's when you'll finally have the chance to set her right."

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