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   Chapter 82 NO.82

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 5295

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:42

Shehryaar sighed and leaned back into his seat.

He had managed to bring Anissa to the hospital in time. She was bleeding too much and he feared that the deed must've been done. Especially when he was told that the blade had pierced straight into her uterus.

And when she was pulled into surgery, Shehryaar finally realised the gravity of the situation.

Anissa in her madness, managed to make sure that they would never have a good and happy future together. She deliberately targeted her uterus.

He had been bested.

And by Anissa no less.

She was in a completely shattered state, void of any vestige of lucidity. She had bid her sanity adieu. And it was all thanks to him.

He couldn't blame anyone but himself. This was a result of what he had done to her: the pain and the trauma he had inflicted on her, it was so great that it caused her to hate him beyond measure.

He already knew that she hated him. But the crazed look he had seen in her eyes, it was enough to haunt him.

When he was obsessed with breaking her down, he had never thought for a second how difficult it might be to put her back together.

He was desperate to have her by his side. But after witnessing what she had just done and vowed to continue doing, he was actually fearful of what awaited him in the future.

For once in his life, he was at a complete stand still. He had no idea what to do or what to think.


That's what she wanted.

And now he knew that she was willing to get it through any means. She had finally managed to hurt him: by hurting herself, she had

was indeed removed. Her uterus had been removed, leaving her barren.

For a fleeting second, Anissa had a moment of clarity as she clutched her stomach.

She realised what she had just done.

It's done. It's finished. The first step is done. She thought in triumph. She knew that if she wanted revenge, certain sacrifices had to be made. And she was willing to do anything to gain her retribution. And her rage consumed her once again, throwing her into the pits of madness once again.

Anissa broke into a humourless fit of laugher. Her eyes brimmed with bitter tears. She felt sad yet satisfied. Sad at the sacrifice she had to give and satisfied at getting one step ahead of acquiring her revenge.

She looked at Shehryaar and saw him staring at her with eyes full of anguish.

"Now you will never be happy. Now you can never have a fruitful future with me." She claimed and continued to laugh.

Shehryaar clenched his fists tightly, feeling his heart beat so fast that it might explode.

What the fuck have I done. He thought woefully.

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