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   Chapter 81 NO.81

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Everything was prepared. Down to the last light bulb, everything was perfection. In one day, Shehryaar had spent 3 million rupees ($300, 000) and all for this grand day.

Zameer had made sure that everything was right. The security was tight, the decorations and catering were in order. And soon enough, the guests would start arriving: everything needed to be right on the dot, because every important dignitary in the country and from abroad were invited. But it was still going to be a controlled gathering. No journalists or any member of the media were allowed to attend since it was still about security and safety measures. It wasn't that public yet about Anissa's presence and her importance as Shehryaar Ghulari's wife, and Shehryaar intended to keep it that way.

Zameer circulated around the entire premises, coordinating with every security personnel as the guests started arriving.

Everyone was curious; Anissa still hadn't made her debutante appearance in the elite. Apart from being introduced to a few major business associates, Shehryaar had kept her under strict vigilance. And now, not only was it about to become officially public that the country's most powerful and eligible bachelor was married, but everyone was about to see who the lucky woman was.

As the guests waited and enjoyed their drinks, they were impatient to see their host and hostess.

If this gathering was witnessed by an outsider, one could easily say that it was a ball meant for royalty. From the lavish setting, all the guests were compelled to think how much his wife must mean to him to have spent so much money on one party. Never had they attended anything so grand in their life before.

Shehryaar approached the room where Anissa was waiting. As soon as he opened the door; he felt his breath get knocked out of him when he saw Anissa sitting on a chair, her stance regal and graceful.

Even now, he couldn't believe that she had come back to him. It was almost too good to be true.

"Tara?" He called and Anissa slowly stood up. She was annoyed at hearing that name again but she controlled herself.

Control Ainnie. Not yet. She reminded herself.

Shehryaar smiled gently.A part of him debated about the fact that she was being so calm. He even found it strange that she got dressed it in the attire he had chosen for her without putting up much of a fight. she was being absolutely quiet and calm and not to mention obedient but he didn't care. All his focus was on the fact that she was here with him: that she came back to him. There was a nagging feeling at the back of him head but he ignored it.

He carefully took her hands in his as he slid her engagement and wedding rings in their rightful place and Anissa had to resist the urge to slap his hands away. With the rings back in place, she felt her fate become permanently sealed.

"It's our first wedding anniversary." He told.

Anissa kept her eyes and face straight, not giving way to anything.

"I'm very happy today, " he admitted, his eyes reflecting his joy. "Not only did I get you back but also, now I know, I can hope for a future together." He claimed.

Anger bubbled inside Anissa and rolled off of her in waves.

Did...did he not hear a single word I had said to him yesterday? She thought in disbelief. She couldn't believe how oblivious he was being. Either he was doing it on purpose or he really didn't understand the gravity of the situation.

"And today, I'm going to show this whole country who you are and what you mean to me." He revealed.

That's when Anissa thought that the perfect opportunity was at hand.

It was time to make him pay. She was going to make him have a taste of his own medicine. Just be patient for a little while longer. She reminded herself and reined on her anger.

She just couldn't sate her hatred for the man. It was growing by the second. And the anger that came with it, it was all consuming.

Where Shehryaar was looking at her with warm eyes and a small smile, she couldn't help but feel even more angry. She knew him all too well: it was all a facade. Another charade he was about to pull off because of the occasion. But today, she was going to expose him for the tyrant that he was.

And even if he wasn't faking it; her broken and damaged mind wasn't allowing her to think with clarity. Her only feelings of anger and hatred were allowed.

Shehryaar escorted her. They approached the stairway.

"Ladies and gentlemen, " an announcement was made and everyone's attention was sought. "We are proud to introduce, our host and hostess for this evening, Mr. Shehryaar Ghulari and his lovely wife, Mrs. Anissa Ghulari."

Everyone looked up the grand stairway: some gasped in wonder while some gaped at the young couple in amazement and envy.

There they stood on top of the stairway:

Shehryaar was dressed in a crisp black tuxedo, his hair combed back, clean shaven and chiselled to perfection and every woman in the hall drooled over him, having their heart flutter at the sight of him. And on his right arm, stood Anissa, dressed in an elegant gold sari. Her hair was pulled up into a beautiful delicate bun, her neck adorned with solid gold and diamond jewels. Her skin shone like porcelain under the spotlight. Every one of her features was accentuat

so much." She said, her voice breaking. Her warm breath collided with his face and when he saw the tears that began to roll down her cheeks, something broke in him: he actually felt pain at seeing her pain.

"Why did you do that to me? Why did you hurt me?" She cried, feeling her knees buckle as she leaned her weight slightly on his chest. "Why? God dammit why? Why did you make me suffer so much?" She sobbed.

"I've suffered too Tara." He murmured unknowingly, his arms coming up to embrace her but he never got the chance as Anissa jerked away from him.

"You? You have suffered?" She scoffed. "Don't make me laugh!"

Shehryaar stood frozen in place. Anissa took a few steps back and looked in directly in the eye.

"If you felt humiliated and embarrassed then get used to it. I've made my mission to humiliate you and destroy you. I'll make sure that you suffer for all the crimes that you committed against me." She declared ferociously.

Shehryaar swallowed hard. Probably for the first time, he felt speechless and nervous.

"You talked about a happy and a fruitful future?" She spat bitterly, feeling her tongue sting, the mere idea of seeing her tormentor happy made her feel sick. "I will make sure that you're never happy. I will make sure that I make your life miserable and a living hell."

Her words pierced through Shehryaar's heart as if a sharp hot poker was speared right through him. He was left shell shocked. He wanted to desperately reach out to her, but something was stopping him.

"Tara, "

"Don't call me that!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs. "Don't ever call me that!"

He would've refuted if it wasn't for the heavy venomous bitterness lacing her tone: her eyes had turned hard, like shards of golden topaz.

He was finally beginning to see the manifestations of his handy work: it was clear as day that Anissa wasn't herself. The woman standing in front of him was too broken and shattered. Her mind and her heart, they were too damaged. Complete madness had consumed her. Her eyes were wild with deadly promises.

Were these the results he wanted?

First he lost her in a stupor like daze for months. Then he lost her when she regained her senses. And now, he was about to lose her in her fit of madness. Her whole being radiated insanity.

He could clearly see the hate and fury swirling in her hazel depths.

"And as for fruitful, " she slowly approached him. Shehryaar tensed when she came within close proximity. His heart was beating so fast. He hardly had any time to register what she was doing; quick as a flash, she pulled out his soldier blade from his holster and stepped away from him at a good distance.

"I won't allow it!" She screamed and pointed the blade at her abdomen. "I won't allow you to have a happy future with me!"


Before he could even stop her, she plunged the blade right above her naval. But he was fast and managed to stopped her before she could impale it further. He tackled her down, snatching the blade from her hand in the process as he quickly pulled it out of her.

"No!" She screamed and began to thrash under his hold. He quickly took both her wrists in one hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a syringe that he always kept.

He might've been taken my surprise but he was always prepared. Perhaps at the back of his mind, he knew that Anissa might pull something up.

He quickly plunged the needle in her neck. Within seconds, Anissa's hysterical cries ceased and she succumbed to unconsciousness.

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