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   Chapter 79 NO.79

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Zameer sighed deeply, feeling defeated. "I don't expect anything Bhabi. Least of all forgiveness. I don't expect that. But for the better of everyone, you need to set aside your differences and see the bigger picture. I know it's too much to ask from you. But Bhabi, I know you can do it. You're a good person and you're morals are strong. That's the only reason why Shehryaar did what he did. It was a challenge for him. He broke you just so he could boast that he was able to destroy a strong person such as yourself. But Bhabi, you can't let him win, now can you?"

"He's already won, " Anissa said without any hesitation and slowly stood up and looked down at Zameer. "And I don't care about it anymore. The damage is done. I will not come back. I've already made up my mind for separation. The next you'll be hearing from me, it'll be in court." She declared fearlessly.

"You need to leave now." She said and was about to leave the room to show him the way out when Zameer's words stopped her.

"Don't you want revenge?" He uttered. Anissa stopped dead in her tracks, her back tensing. Zameer slowly stood up. He knew that he was stooping low but he was barely grasping at straws now. He had vowed to bring Anissa back. And he wasn't about to leave empty handed.

"Make him pay for everything he did to you?" He said further.

Anissa didn't say anything.

Zameer knew that she wouldn't react immediately. He knew how good of a heart she had. He knew well how Anissa never wished anything bad upon others and that's why he knew that the prospect of revenge would've never even crossed her mind. So he planted the seed and waited for it to take root.

Zameer wanted nothing more then to see his friend become whole again. It hurt him that his brother was so hurt and lost. Shehryaar might've done what he did to his wife out of jealousy and competition, but what he was doing now was because he was hurt.

"If he forfeits his life, wouldn't it deprive you of the revenge that you deserve?" He was purposely provoking her.

He felt like a bastard for manipulating her like that but he didn't care. He had no choice.

Anissa didn't say anything and left, leaving Zameer behind. He understood the silent demand and left.


Anissa kept thinking about what Zameer had said to her.

It had been two days. He didn't come back. But the presence of a sleek black Mercedes outside her house in the distance told her that he was still waiting for her to make a decision.

She had thought a lot about what he said to her.

Revenge? She thought and pondered on it. She had not even thought about revenge. And besides, how could she even think of gaining revenge. She had never even wanted something like revenge. What was done was done, it couldn't be undone. Then what was the point of revenge?

"Ainnie?" She jerked her head up to see her mother stand by the door, smiling gently at her. Anissa tried her best to return the kind smile but her lips wouldn't move.

"Can you please come down stairs. There's someone here to see you." She said.

Anissa's eyes widened in shock.

Someone? Her mind could conjure up only one person. And cold fear and dread pooled in the pit of her stomach as she felt her heart hammer loudly against her sternum.

No. No. No. he can't. He won't. She thought and decided not to go down. But when her mother came up and cajoled her, she had no choice but to go down and fave her demons; or more like, demon. She hid behind her mother as they proceeded towards the living room.

However, Anissa sighed with relief when she saw that it wasn't the person that she was expecting, rather, they were unexpected guests.

Mr. And Mrs. Ghalib sat in the living room, quietly sipping their tea. Her biological parents had a certain air of arr

usy because Shehryaar would call them every month and inform them about Anissa's well being. And so they respected the young couple's privacy and weren't privy towards details. But in the manner which Anissa was brought back to them, had them thinking that perhaps Anissa's marriage wasn't going too well.

All they wanted was to comfort Anissa and if there was any problem, they wanted to help her resolve it. All that they wanted was for Anissa To be happy. But she had completely shut herself off.

The only reason they had invited Mr. And Mrs. Ghalib was so that they might be able to connect to her on a level that Mr. Musa and his wife couldn't. After all, they weren't her biological parents and no matter how strong their bond was with Anissa, they believed that the connection of children with their real parents was always much more stronger then anything else.

That's why he kept quiet. Out of respect for that bond. However, he had never expected his brother in law and his wife to say such despicable and hurtful things to Anissa.

But Anissa was far too gone and convinced of the opposite.

Till now, for the sake of these people and their safety, she went through hell and back. And if her mental stability was still intact to some extent, it was only because she had hoped that these same people would shelter her and protect her.

But now it became apparent to her that they had abandoned her when she needed them the most.

She didn't deserve such treatment.

The again, she didn't deserve a lot of things.

Life was being too unfair and too cruel.

When will the injustice end? She thought.

Suddenly, she realised the importance and purpose behind the revenge that Zameer spoke of.

And that's when she began to desire it.


If that could get her justice, then she will seek it. She'll let all the hate that she had fuel her in gaining her revenge.

There was nothing that she could do about her family other then resent them for what they were doing to her. But the opportunity had presented itself to her and she would be a fool to let it slip.

The desire for revenge took root and grew by each passing second.

"You want me to go back to him?" She said and shook her head. "Alright. I'm going back." She declared and without a word, strode outside the house with fast steps.

Zameer was surprised when he saw Anissa approach him in the car. Before he could get out, Anissa was already inside at the passenger seat.

"Drive!" She ordered briskly. "Take me to him!"

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