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Anissa kept staring into space.

Ramsha sighed and gently tugged her shoulder.

"Ainnie?" She called.

Anissa jerked. "Huh?" She mused and looked at Ramsha. She smiled. "You've been wiping that plate for the past ten minutes now. It's clean." She stated and took the plate from her hand and handed Anissa another plate that she washed.

Anissa nodded and took the plate and starting drying it with slow wipes.

Ramsha sighed deeply. It had been almost three months and Anissa refused to say anything. She refused to confide in anyone especially Ramsha and that hurt her a lot. She always thought that Anissa would confide in her. But apparently, there were some things that even Anissa couldn't tell.

But one thing that she was glad about was that Anissa was starting to keep herself busy. Anything was better then her sitting around and lost in her thoughts. It scared her and her aunt and uncle to no end. Her nightmares had tuned down a bit. They were glad that at least, she was engaging herself in chores and helping around.

But it was no way close to being normal. Anissa was so damaged and broken that it hurt her family to see her suffer and all alone as well.

Oh well, maybe everything will be better. They are coming and I'm sure that they will talk to her. Ramsha thought and continued washing the dishes.

The sound of the door bell beckoned her to leave her washing and answer the door. Since no one was home, Mr. and Mrs. Musa had requested Ramsha to keep an eye on Anissa in their absence.

Anissa continued to wipe the same plate that she had been as her eyes stared into space.

"Ainnie?" Ramsha called her from behind and gently touched her shoulder. "Hmm?" Anissa was as pulled out of her trance.

Ramsha passed her small smile. "There's someone here to see you." She murmured.

Anissa's eyes widened for a fraction of a second and the evident fear in her hazel depths told Ramsha everything because she knew that no one came to see, so someone coming to visit her was quite a fearful shock for Anissa. "It's okay. It's a friend." She reassured.

Anissa swallowed and nodded, feeling apprehensive as she went to the living room.

But one look at the man sitting in the small shabby sofa had her sighing in relief but a certain dread also pooled inside her.

"Zameer?" She whispered and approached him.

He immediately stood up and passed his little sister a soft smile. "Asalam alaikum Bhabi." He greeted wholeheartedly. But his heart twisted painfully when he saw what had become of Anissa.

Dull skin, colorless face, dry lips, large grey bags under her eyes and when he glanced into her eyes, he swallowed hard when he saw the sadness and pain in them. He tried to smile at her again but failed miserably.

Someday, I'm gonna kill that bastard for doing this to her. He thought as he fisted his hands tightly, his knuckles turning white and his nails digging into his palm, As his anger grew. But he reigned control on his emotions. He wasn't here for this and tired to focus on his objectives.

"How are you Bhabi?" He inquired. Anissa saw the genuine concerned in his dark eyes.

She shrugged lightly and sat down. Zameer followed suit on the opposite sofa. Ramsha left to give them some privacy. "I'm fine." Anissa murmurs lowly.

"What brings you here Zameer?" She shot straight. Zameer saw the apprehension in her light eyes.

He pursed his lips into a tight line and thought things through again. He knew that it wouldn't be easy, especially not after what she had been through and how hard it was to keep Shehryaar away from her till now, but he had no choice. Shehryaar was getting too out of control. He had absolutely given up hope. His attack on GHQ was due in a few days and if Zameer didn't put a stop to it, everything would be lost.

"Bhabi, I know that it's not right of me to say this, " he paused and took a deep breath, Keeping his eyes levelled with hers. "But I'm here to take you back to him." He declared firmly.

Anissa eyes widened in complete and utter shock. An icy cold wave of sheer fear and terror washes over her. Her heart beat speeds up and before she know it, her eyes are swimming in tears. Zameer sees the apparent fear loom in her eyes as she pales further. And he feels like an absolutely asshole for asking her what he did. "I know how you feel Bhabi. But I have no choice. I need to take you back to him by any means necessary." He stated stoically.

Anissa gawked at him as if he had grown two heads and her jaw fell open. And for the first time in a long while, she feels her blood boil in anger.

Zameer notices the spark of colour in her cheeks and her eyes burn with fury.

"Ho-how?" Her breath hitches but she manages to say what's on her mind. "How could yo-you even ask m-me th-at?" She asks in a broken voice but the disbelief and anger was evident in her tone.

"How co-could you?" She tries her hardest to not sound weak. But her shoulders shake as she looks at Zameer's determined look.

"I know, " Zameer sighed. "I have no right to say what I just said. But Bhabi, please you must understand. He's completely out of control. He's been on a rampage ever since you left. Have you seen the news? He's spreading destruction throughout the country. He's the cause of the massive rise in terrorism in the past two months. He's completely lost all sanity. And what's even worst, he's completely destroying himself in the process." Zameer explained, his expression turning wearing as he rubbed his hands on his face.

And for the first time, Anissa felt a sense of joy at knowing how the man who had destroyed her was now destroying himself. She felt elated at the realisation of he

t of the clucthes of the Ghulari family and the filth that followed with that bloodline. But Shehryaar had no qualms with it as long as he could kill and gain power. But Shahzeb didn't want that for his brother. He genuinely cared about him and he wanted him to be a little compassionate. He wanted to change Shehryaar for the better. Otherwise he would've never been able to function properly in society. Shahzeb's aim was to climb up the legal social hierarchy while Shehryaar only sought power in the underworld. And that's when you came in their lives."

"The night that Shehryaar had planned to take you away, Shahzeb had followed him and managed to stall him long enough for him to forget about you. But Shehryaar didn't. Shahzeb noticed that Shehryaar had taken an interest in you. And just to bait him, to see how serious Shehryaar was about you since he had never ever shown any interest in a woman before, Shahzeb claimed to have fallen in love with you. And he was right when he realised that Shehryaar was indeed serious about you. So he kept him away from you. Every time Shehryaar tried to approach you, Shahzeb was always there to stop him. He was insanely jealous and you might've known by now how possessive he can be. There were so many times that Shehryaar came close to killing Shahzeb, "

"Until he finally did?" Anissa interrupted, gasped in horror. "He killed his own brother!" She almost shrieked.

"What? No!" Zameer gaped at Anissa in shock. "What ever made you think that? Bhabi, Shehryaar might be a cold blooded killer, but even he has his limits. He would never kill his own twin, who was his only true blood related family. Shahzeb was killed by their older half brother, Azhar." Zameer told.

Anissa remained quiet. A part of her wanted to understand, it really did. But her shattered psyche has led way to such a terrible misunderstanding. And the wounded part of her mind, suppressed those emotions that wanted to understand and didn't let her ponder on these newly told facts in the least and instead, made her focus on the actual matter at hand.

"Whatever the matter is, I don't care." She stated firmly, her tone icy.

"He's a beast on a rampage right now. Please I am imploring you."

"It isn't my responsibility Zameer." She said coldly, looking Zameer dead in the eye.

"I know Bhabi, but at this point, he's declaring war with the country. He's planning on bombing Islamabad. He's gone absolutely mad. And he knows the risks. He's already forfeited his life." Zameer tried one last to convince her but the dead serious coldness in her expression and the fire of hatred burning in her eyes told him that she wasn't about to change her mind.

"So?" She shrugged nonchalantly, unfazed by him. "If he's forfeiting his life, its only in my favour." She said.

"I know that it isn't something that would move you but please Bhabi." He beseeched, his eyes pleading with her. "You need to come back. Only you can control him."

"What's makes you think that I have any power over him?" She asked, feeling irritated at his stubbornness

"You do Bhabi, you just don't realise it. He's hurt. He's never been rejected before. So he's doing what he knows best: letting his control take a hold of him as well as his lust for power. He's a beast unleashed."

"But with you, he's almost human because he gets reminded of what he had done. Please Bhabi, I implore you. You need to come back."

"How could you expect that from me? After all that he has done to me? I cannot even bear the thought of him and here you are expecting me to go back to him. I can never forgive him." Anissa seethed. She didn't bother asking him why Shehryaar didn't come to take her back himself and frankly, that thought alone comforted her; she found bliss in that ignorance.

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