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   Chapter 77 NO.77

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 12291

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Shehryaar kept his eyes trained on the ceiling.

He was in the darkness.

The lonely darkness.

Once, the same darkness that used to his friend, used to offer him comfort from the darkness that surrounded his life, this lonely darkness served to haunt him. And now he saw if as an enemy.

Because this darkness reminded him of her.

I let her go. That was the only thought that would plague his mind. I can't believe I fucking let her go.

That disbelief was unnerving for him.

He couldn't get her out or his mind. She was everywhere he looked. She was everywhere he went.


Her soft voice would ring in his ears. And when he closed his eyes, her beautiful light hazel orbs would stare back at him.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

He was trying really hard to not think about her but his mind wouldn't obey. His chest tightened painfully at the mere thought of her.

There was nothing stopping him from going back and taking her. But every time he made up his mind to go and bring her back, her tear stained face twisted in pain would appear in front of his vision. Her cries would resonate loudly inside his head. Everything that he inflicted on her to make her submit. It would cause his guilt and remorse to increase tenfold and he would stop. His guilt was keeping him at bay.

Slowly, he was losing his mind.

Because his heart was hurting too much for him to bear. And this pain was causing him to suffer.

Why did she leave me? I was offering her the world. Then why? Fucking why? This thought wouldn't leave him.

He understood that she left him because she was hurting and he was the cause of it. But couldn't she see that he was hurting too?

It's all your fault. Why did you have to fuck everything up. That annoying voice at the back of his head would always blame him.

But still, I tried to make things right. He countered.

But you had to fuck everything up because you couldn't digest the fact that your pride got hurt.

His fucked up mind couldn't comprehend. He was too selfish to think otherwise.

True that his pride got wounded, but this time, his heart got hurt even worse.

I want her back! I fucking want her back! He mentally screamed and jumped to his feet.

You don't deserve her. That voice whispered and the realisation of the situation would hit him hard.

It would guilt him up, leading to agitation and then anger which would morph to fury.

It hurt him so bad that it physically effected him. He would find it hard to breath and his stomach would twist and knot up as agitation would pool up and he would feel his fury and rage build up.

And this rage was so great that it caused all his logic and reason to fly out the window.

If he couldn't have her anymore, then the only way to live was to embrace himself for what he truly was. At least with her, he sought a fighting chance for change. But without her, he became something: something akin to a beast. A beast which hungered for blood and chaos.

'You're a monster!'

Her words echoed in his mind.

So a monster he became. A beast.

And this beast that was created, it was being unleashed upon the world. It was causing pain and torment and a path of destruction in its wake.

It was completely out of control. Because she wasn't by his side anymore, he just didn't care.

The little bit of conscience that he had possessed was shredded and forgotten.

His bleeding heart only seemed to find meaning and purpose in the pain and misery of others.

Because he was miserable, he thought it right to cause misery to others. Because he was in pain, he thought it right to cause others around him pain. He found this as the only way to

e kids had a cell phone with them. The intelligence traced his location using his cellphone and they found him along with the others. And killed all of our men in the process. And because that warehouse was in our prime location, the suspicion is on us." Zameer said. They had thought that if they started kidnapping in Islamabad then the suspicion would never be pinned on the MMM party since it was mostly situated in the south, towards Sindh and the Sikhai provinces but they miscalculated.

Shehryaar miscalculated. He was too emotionally compromised and he wasn't even realising it.

Zameer had tried to stop him because he knew that it would never work. Kidnapping children was too low, even for the MMM gang. But Shehryaar wasn't having it and the Army got a trail on him. It wasn't long before they finally had evidence against his criminal and underground activities.

"We can resolve this. We, " Zameer started but one look from Shehryaar silenced him.

He looked so weary yet the look in his bloodshot eyes was murderous. Zameer really pitied him but now he was concerned about his boss's mental wellbeing more then ever.

That's when something flashed in Shehryaar's grey eyes and Zameer could literally see the wheels in his head spinning. And he knew that his Saeen was concocting something sinister as a cold smile curved up his lips.

"Enough games. It's time shit got serious." Shehryaar said and Zameer was surprised at how calm he sounded.

"It's time I made myself known. They need to know who they are fucking with. I'm Shehryaar Ghulari. And they've just messed with the Mafia King."

Zameer resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Shehryaar was back at being all grand and conceited. It was good sign in a way. But never in a million years had he expected his boss to say what he just said next.

"Launch a full scale attack on the Army General Head Quarter in Rawalpindi. Send in all the suicide bombers that we have. It time they fucking know their place."

What the fucking hell?! Zameer paled. Now He knew that Shehryaar had totally lost his mind. An attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi meant suicide for his entire Mafia. But Shehryaar was too out of control. He needed to be kept in control. The beast in him was driving Shehryaar towards the verge of madness.

I need to fix this. Zameer thought as he saw his boss formulate the entire plan.

I need to bring her back. She's the only one who can control him now.

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