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   Chapter 76 NO.76

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 7947

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"We tried...." he panted and tried to catch his breath but the pain was too excruciating. "We tried our best.... boss... but...." the man grunted and screamed in pain as a sharp blade was plunged into his chest, straight into his heart. His companion saw how mercilessly he was killed as the blade was withdrawn and streams of blood flowed out of the fresh wound; the man began to breath his last breaths, his eyes fixed with the cold emotionless grey eyes of his Saeen. His companion shuddered in fear. He had never seen a human look so frightening before.

"Fucking perfect, " the man heard his boss say for his grey eyes were fixed with fascination on his captive. And it increased the sense of dread and fear in the man. Served him right: he should've known what would've happened if he didn't produce results.

And now, the poor soul had no one to blame but himself. And the fear of death consumed him: a painful miserable death at the hands of his own boss.

And that was exactly what their captor wanted: the fear and the fright of their doomed fate. And when he saw the vicious sadistic smile He fed on it.

"No, please Saeen we really tried our best but AH!" He was immediately silenced when the same blade moved as quick as a flash and sliced his throat, causing the man to gurgle on his own blood and choke on it. The blood flew and splattered on the body of the man responsible for it.

Shehryaar saw the two men's life fade from their eyes. He cocked his head to the side as the smell of their blood invaded his senses and a cold satisfied smile spread across his face as he pulled out his handkerchief and stood back up, cleaning his blade of the filth of low life scum.

"Can't fucking do anything right." He muttered under his breath, the rush of excitement and adrenaline still fast and speeding inside of him.

"Can you blame them?" Zameer spoke for the first time that night. He was mortified with seeing how his boss was losing it.

"Not really." Shehryaar admitted darkly, throwing his handkerchief away and putting his blade back. "Now then, since these fucking imbeciles weren't capable of taking care of a simple task, " Shehryaar turned to face Zameer, who handed him a clean handkerchief and Shehryaar used it to clean the blood off of his face. "Why don't we resort to even simpler things." He said and headed towards the door.

"What do y

weat and it seemed to increase more now that he figured out why Shehryaar demanded such a thing. "Hey, come on man, " he tried to lighten the stiff dark air and chuckled yet it sounded so bleak. "You can't be serious. You never went this far. This is kids you are talking about. Little children." He tried his level best to try and make his boss see reason but his words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Shehryaar's face was stone hard and eyes as cold as ice. "That's exactly why. I haven't explored that terrain yet." He snarled.

Zameer swallowed hard. Because he couldn't do anything but obey his Saeen's orders.

"Think about it Saeen. Just because you couldn't have any doesn't mean that you resort to low measures like kidnapping children."

Shehryaar burst into a fit of humourless laughter. "Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me Zameer?" Shehryaar said and stood up.

The crazed look on his face was enough to keep the words at the tip of Zameer's tongue at bay.

"I don't give a fuck about anything anymore." He stated so nonchalantly that Zameer was beginning to doubt whether or not Shehryaar was sane anymore or not.

Zameer was shocked into silence.

"This is what we are, aren't we? Monsters in human form." Shehryaar's voice was like ice, his eyes devoid and staring in the distance as if he was in a trance.

"Then let's show them exactly what kind of monsters we are." He declared.

"It's about time we showed this fucking country who owns it."

Zameer had no idea what extremes Shehryaar was willing to cross now that he had nothing left to lose.

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