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   Chapter 75 NO.75

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Mrs. Musa and Ramsha peered at Anissa from the door quietly as they saw her sleep. It was one of those rare moments when they found her peacefully napping and not thrashing in bed and screaming on the top of her lungs.

Mrs. Musa couldn't help but feel her chest tighten and her eyes tear up when she saw her daughter lie in bed, pale and weak.

She recall how she had received Anissa at her threshold almost two weeks ago.

She and her husband hadn't heard from Anissa in almost eleven months now. And when they finally got to meet her, imagine their despair when they saw her at the gate, in a wheelchair no less. At first, Mrs. Musa was frozen in shock and thought she would die of a heart attack when she saw what state her child was in. And to be escorted by someone other then her husband, Mrs. Musa's mind ran a thousand thoughts per second.

'Where's Shehryaar?' She had inquired.

But one look at Anissa's face; her dead eyes and devastated expression silenced her.

'She's going through some tough times. She went through a miscarriage.' Zameer had told her. And left without any other explanation. And Anissa had started crying in her mother's embrace.

It's been two weeks since that day. Anissa didn't shed another tear or say a word to explain her condition after that day.

Anissa had refused to stay in her room and requested to be moved into the guest room. Mrs. Musa was confused at her off request but complied nonetheless. For she didn't know of the horrible memories Anissa's old room possessed for her. And she would never know for Anissa refused to utter even a word.

And it had been two weeks since she had returned home.

"How long do you think she'll keep this up?" Ramsha inquired in a low whisper as she gazed at her cousin.

"I don't know baita, " Mrs. Musa sighed. "She's been here for two weeks and she hadn't said a word. She refuses to talk to me or hear me. She doesn't eat anything and refuses to leave this room. I realise that she's been through a lot but she needs to be comforted but she wouldn't let me." She said, feeling her throat clog as fresh tears simmered in her eyes.

How could you possibly understand Aunty. None of us do. Ramsha thought woefully. She didn't know what had happened either but from the last time she had seen Anissa and the condition she was in, she had a slight idea of the predicament that Anissa must've been through.

"I'll try to talk to her again today." Ramsha murmured.

"I know how she feels baita. I know how hard a miscarriage can be for a woman." Mrs. Musa stated. Ramsha stared at her with a sympathetic look. She knew that her aunt knew the pain all too well, for she was had went through three miscarriages herself before she had adopted Anissa.

"I know Aunty. I know." She sighed and patted her Aunt's back soothingly.

Even the most strongest of woman have a breaking point. Anissa was the most strongest woman that Ramsha knew. She was a constant inspiration for her.

What could've possibly happened to her to make her like this? Ramsha thought as she came inside and sat on the bed beside Anissa's sleeping frame.

When she and her brother were brought into Shehryaar's office a few months back, Ramsha had lost it when she saw and realized that Anissa wasn't recognising her or her brother despite them being so close. But she was thorpughly releived when she saw Anissa recognise her when she returned back home.

Ramsha knew that Anissa was a brave woman. She had been through hell. Life had thrown its most deadliest challenges her way and it still wasn't enough to bend her. She had been through the worst that a woman could endure. But how was it that she was so broken and devastated now? A miscarriage couldn't have been enough to make her the way that she was now, could it?

It had to be more an

Anissa was family after all. And Family never abandoned each other.

"He's not coming back for you." She stated firmly. "It's been a month. If he wanted to come and take you he would've done that by now. But he didn't. So it's okay." She tried to pacify her.

She saw something flash in Anissa's eyes. She knew that she was thinking about it for she seemed to be struggling in trying to make a decision.

Ramsha smiled and pulled Anissa to her feet. "Come on, let's go." She made it easy for Anissa and began to drag her out of the room while she desperately prayed that Anissa wouldn't throw a fit like the way she did the last time Ramsha had tried to force her out of the room.

And surprisingly, Anissa followed her out of the room. And eventually, she was successful in getting Anissa out of the house and into the garden.

Anissa's breath hitched in her throat in hesitation as she fought her demons. She felt breathless as the fresh air invaded her senses, making her feel somewhat new and fresh and the warmth of the sun only increased the relieving feeling. Ramsha released her hand. Anissa raised her head and faced the sky.

After such a long time, she felt somewhat free. The warm feeling washed over her. She closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the little bit of freedom that she got.


She went rigid, stiff as a board, Her eyes opening and widening.


It seemed so real. As if he was whispering in her ear, so close to her.

She felt cold shivers run down her spine as goose flesh raised on her skin, making her quake with fear. As if he was right with her, touching her.

"See, was that so hard?" Ramsha turned around will a million watt smile only for it to fade just as quickly when she saw Anissa hug herself, her body quivering as her shoulders slumped. Her face paled, all the color draining away, her eyes frantically looking here and there.

Anissa gasped loudly, her breath hitching as she saw a pair of steel cold grey eyes stare at her. She shivered. Her heart beat accelerated.

Her fear exploded in her. Making her wanting to scream but her throat went dry and tight.

"Ainnie?" Ramsha shook her shoulders lightly, growing concerned with the look of fear in Anissa's eyes as they gazed into space.

Anissa felt lightheaded as everything around her began to fade away, the darkness consuming her from very corner. Her lungs constructed and she suddenly found it hard to breath. Her knees gave in and she collapsed.


Ramsha screamed when she saw Anissa collapse.

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