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   Chapter 73 NO.73

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Anissa groaned and clutched her stomach again as her face twisted in pain. A nurse quickly came in and injected something in Anissa that caused her to slipped back into unconsciousness. Shehryaar stayed by her side and refused to leave.

Anissa woke up but thankfully she wasn't feeling any pain since it was neutralised by the drugs.

"Hey, " Shehryaar softly murmured to her and leaned towards her, caressing her hair.

Anissa looked at him with glistening eyes: her eyes were full of so much pain and anguish.

She recalled everything that he had told her the previous night. Pursing her lips tightly, her eyes welled up with tears and she turned her face away from him.

Shehryaar was hurt when she turned away from him. Sighing, he raked a hand through his hair. He wanted to talk to her but got interrupted by a knock on the door.

The doctor came back within the designated time but she wasn't alone and came in with two more senior doctors. Her previous encounter with her boss had left her petrified.

Shehryaar sighed and got up. "Well?" Shehryaar's demeanour took a change from being soft to stoic in a fraction of a second.

Anissa also looked at the doctors.

"Her test results show an increased level of HCG. It confirms our diagnosis." She said.

Anissa's breath hitched in her throat and her eyes widened with shock. She froze from utter bewilderment.

High HCG level? She thought, feeling her heart thump loudly in her chest and pound hard against her sternum.

It can't be. She started to panic. It can't be. But how? How did this happen? She knew that Shehryaar had taken her a lot of times when she was emotionally numb.

It can't be. It just can't! She mentally shouted as her tears flowed down her cheeks and she fisted the sheet around her.

Shehryaar on the other hand sighed with relief as a small satisfied smile crept on his lips.

"All we need to do now is perform An ultrasound." The Doctor said and approached Anissa's side as a nurse pushed in a portable ultrasound machine.

Anissa was still numb and frozen in place as the male doctors left the room and the attendant removed the sheet from Anissa's torso and carefully removed her gown up to her ribs.

Shehryaar sat by her side and quickly took her hand in his as his eyes softly glanced at his wife with adoration and he smiled wholeheartedly at her as he turned her face towards him.

"I told you, " he murmured lowly so that only she could hear, his grey eyes trained on her face as his fingers caressed her forehead. "I would heal you and fix things." He said gently but wasn't getting any reaction from Anissa because her eyes were still and even though those hazel orbs were on him, he knew that she wasn't looking at him.

He could clearly see the bafflement in her eyes. And he found it strange.

Odd, why isn't she reacting? He thought.

The doctor applied a cool gel on her flat stomach causing Anissa to involuntarily shudder from the coolness of it. The doctor started and ran a rod near her pelvis. Shehryaar kept his eyes on Anissa's face as the doctor continued.

"Hmm, " Anissa heard the doctor muse and immediately turned to face her. The doctor was frowning as she tapped various keys on the machine and ran the flat surface of the rod in different directions but Anissa knew where she was looking. Then suddenly, when the doctor moved the rod towards her left side, Anissa immediately knew the outcome. Because instead of her uterus, the doctor was veiwing the spot where her left ovary was.

And when the doctor sighed deeply and glanced at Anissa with a sympathetic look, Anissa already had figured out everything.

Of course, the previous miscarriage. It was bound to cause this. She thought ruefully as she felt her heart break further. She bit her lip to control her sobs as fresh tears welled in her eyes.

Shehryaar saw it and before he could ask, the doctor spoke. "I'm afraid it isn't good news." The doctor said and paused the image on the monitor and turned it so that Shehryaar could see it. Shehryaar frowned and narrowed his eyes as he viewed the image on the monitor.

"The fetus, I couldn't find it in the uterus. Apparently, it's in the oviduct." She claimed and pointed her finger at a black space on the monitor. "Thus the pain in her abdomen and the vaginal bleeding. It's an ectopic pregnancy." She explained.

"So?" Shehryaar shook his head in confusion.

The doctor sighed and she feared what she was going to say next because she knew that her boss wouldn't like the outcome but one look at Anissa's wretched state and the doctor found some courage.

"Its very dangerous. I suspect it's almost five weeks along. An ectopic pregnancy is a rare incidence. And because it's very dangerous, this type of pregnancy needs to be terminated." She said.

"What?!" Shehryaar's voice boomed.

Terminated? That one word echoed in his mind.

"Are you fucking joking around here? How fucking dare you even say something like that!" He yelled. Anissa squeezed her eyes shut, her hands balled up by her sides as they refused to touch her stomach when the nurse was done cleaning the gel off.

"I'm not suggesting this sir. It's a necessity. An ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous and it would kill your wife if you don't terminate the pregnancy." She said, fighting her fear. Because Shehryaar was fuming.

Slowly, he felt his resolve slip as pure rage consumed him.

This can't be happening! He thought and looked at Anissa who was weeping silently.

"Find a way. There's got to be a way to save this baby." He demanded forcefully.

"Sir please there is no way. the chances are very slim if this was her first time but considering her case histo

with rage. "She needs to rest she's tired so I'm taking her away." He said in a collected tone.

"Get the fuck away from her right now!" Shehryaar bellowed. He noticed the look of disdain that Zameer was giving him. But he didn't care since all he cared about was Anissa. "If she needs to go outside, I'll take her myself." He said and walked forward only to have Zameer come forward to Anissa's front, sheilding her from his intimidating and dangerous presence and stop Shehryaar.

"Don't cause a scene boss. Your wife doesn't need to go outside. I'm taking her to her home." He said.

Shehryaar felt his anger and agitation grow and he felt an urge to punch Zameer hard in the face. "I'll take her home." He growled through clenched teeth.

"Didn't you hear what I said boss, " Zameer spat. He felt the word boss like venom on his tongue because he simply couldnt refer to Shehryaar with the same regard as he used to now that he had seen what he had done to Anissa.

"I'm taking her to her home. Now Get out of the way Shehryaar." Zameer ordered sternly.

Shehryaar was shocked at the way Zameer spoke with him; this was probably the first time Zameer spoke so sternly with him. he narrowed his eyes at Zameer. "Don't fucking order me. Why the hell are you taking my wife?" He gritted, feeling his obsessed possessiveness take over him. His rage grew when he saw his good friend wheel his wife away from him. He didn't understand why. Was he betraying him again? Was Zameer turning his back on him again? And all for the sake of his wife?

"She needs to be around familiar grounds. She needs her space. Let her go." Zameer said.

Shehryaar felt a flash of hurt swipe through his being when his mind registered what Zameer had just said.

'Let her go.' Those words rang loudly in his ears. He refused to let her go. She was his world. She was his bright shinning Tara. He needed to fix her. He needed to bring her back.

"Get away from her right now!" Shehryaar growled, fisting his hands by his side as he tried to reign in on his anger. He couldn't believe what Zameer had said to him. He meant for him to let Anissa go.

And he couldn't.

He wouldn't.

It was too delicate a time for them both. She needed her but mostly, he needed her and he wasn't about to let her go.

Zameer didn't respond as he got back behind Anissa and began to wheel her away because it was causing a scene as the people around the corridor began to look at them sceptically. Zameer might've lost his respect for his friend but not for his boss and he cared more about his Saeen's reputation then his Saeen clearly did. Shehryaar caught his shoulder and punched Zameer hard square in the jaw. Zameer didn't back down and held his ground as he rubbed his jaw. Shehryaar didn't care if people were looking at him or if he was making a spectacle of himself.

He needed to stop Anissa from leaving him. Her head was bowed down and her eyes were down as Shehryaar knelt in front of Anissa and took her hands in his. He gently tilted her chin up and he gazed into her eyes with all the desperation he could muster.

"It's okay. We'll get through this. I know we will. Please just let me help. You don't need to go anywhere." He murmured softly to her.

But one look from her froze him in place.

The cold chilling look filled with hatred and despair. Her hazel eyes seemed like an empty bottomless pit. They chilled him to the very core and caused his heart to shatter into a million pieces.

No words were needed to be said or any more glances needed to exchanged. Shehryaar stood up, feeling his knees grow weak but he kept himself composed yet on the inside, his heart was in tatters.

He nodded to Zameer who understood the silent command and wheeled Anissa away from Shehryaar.

Probably forever.

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