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   Chapter 72 NO.72

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 7346

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He's here.

He's above me.

The the monster has me surrounded.

Why can't he just leave me alone? Why can't he just let me go? Hasn't he done enough damage?

I stare at his handsome face and my terror grows.

I'm bound under him as he hovers over me. His cold grey eyes, that hold so much malice and are piecing into me.

I can't move. He's pinning me down.

I want to scream.

I want to cry.

But I can't. I'm too terrified.

"Tara, " he murmured, his face closing in towards me. I was so afraid. I wanted him to go away. I wanted him to let me go.

"Le-t me g-go, " I stammered, my fear consuming me.

His lips tugged into a cold malicious smile. "Now now, can't let you go just yet, " he said.

I shivered when one of his hands came up to my throat and began to squeeze as the monster's eyes began to gleam sadistically.

"Without hearing you scream first." He claimed and pulled out a huge blade and plunged it into my stomach. I screamed in agony.


Anissa turned in her sleep, feeling uncomfortable. Shehryaar's arms were wound around her frame that immobilised her. She stirred, causing Shehryaar to jolt awake. He stared at her face and frowned, because her face was twisted in pain as beads of sweat rose on her forehead and her eyes squeezed shut. She groaned and stirred in his arms then abruptly, she broke into a fit of agonised screams.

"AHHHHHHHH!" She screamed as she clutched her stomach.

Shehryaar immediately became alert. "Anissa?" He gently patted her cheek but she was too immersed in the pain. He looked down and his breath hitched when he saw blood on her white silk gown from the region between her legs.

Without a second thought, he jumped out of bed and took her bridal style as he ran to the door and ordered his car out. Within minutes they were on their way to the hospital. Anissa's screams wouldn't stop as she kept clutching her stomach. He tried to wake her up but she remained unconscious.

Her screams were full of pain. He couldn't stand it. It caused his heart to constrict painfully. There was once a time when he reveled in her pain but not anymore.

"Shhhh, "

ed deeply and took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. Her skin was so cold in contrast to his warm one.

For the first time in a long while, he felt some vestige of peace enter him. This revelation alone had set him up.

This will surely change everything. He thought enthusiastically as his eyes softly gazed at her stomach. I'll finally get my Tara back.

It was his full intention to get her pregnant since he knew how much she was hurt upon losing their first child.

He began to see hope: that everything would be alright now. He would finally heal her. That's all he cared about now.

He had to be honest though, he didn't know how exactly he felt about having a child. Even his initial shock at finding out about being a father had truly shaken him to his core the first time that caused him to allow the fall and lose their child. And even now, he had mixed feelings. But the only thing that he was certain of was this this child will serve a great purpose in healing his Tara. It would be a great game changer.

This child was his only hope in bringing back his Anissa. And he needed her back. For himself and his peace of mind.

She was his salvation and his redemption.

All he wanted now was to see her smile and to see her happy. And he didn't care what it took to achieving that. Even if it meant using an innocent child for that purpose, he was willing to give her countless children just so he could see her become whole again.

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