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   Chapter 68 NO.68

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He was getting ready in this penthouse suite at the Hotel Grand when Shahzeb made an appearance. Shehryaar was surprised to find him lounged in his living room, enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea.

Recently, ever since they got back, Shehryaar noted a change in behaviour in his twin. He didn't take any interest in their underground business anymore and paid more attention to legal business. And if that wasn't strange enough, he had stopped accompanying him in their missions assigned by the family. At first Shehryaar thought that it was because of his prejudice against the family since Shahzeb was the one who got them out of their hold, but Shehryaar found Shahzeb to be very weary.

"What are you doing here?" He inquired as he linked his cuffs.

"I should be asking you the same. I had sent you to Lahore to take care of business. What are you doing here?" Shahzeb enquired. Shehryaar rolled his eyes. Shahzeb was always nagging him to pay more attention to their legal business since he was equally responsible and he had his shares invested in the company. But he didn't show any interest and had Shahzeb made as the CEO. Shahzeb understood that Shehryaar wanted to give all his attention to the MMM party since his Mafia was growing powerful day by day.

"I have business here."

"What? With the Chinese?" Shahzeb arched a brow. "No fucking way am I about to let you handle it alone this time. The last time you did you almost ended up dying." He stated firmly.

Shehryaar narrowed his eyes at his brother. "No it's some other business." He said and went to his bar to make himself a drink.

"What kind of business?" Shahzeb prodded. Shehryaar got annoyed with his constant nagging and crashed the whiskey bottle on the glass counter, causing the glass to break.

"What the fuck is your problem? You've never interfered in my business before then what's this about?" He yelled.

"You getting yourself fucking killed almost two months ago is what's gotten me damn concerned about you!" Shahzeb countered.

"Yeah well that was a one time thing. It won't happen again so just fuck off!" Shehryaar snarled maliciously and was about to storm out of the lounge when Shahzeb's words stopped him.

"Is it about her?"

Shehryaar stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to face his twin. "The girl who saved you, that is?"

Shehryaar felt his blood boil at the mention of his angel from the mouth of another man even if he was his brother.

"What the fuck are you trying to say?" He slowly asked, clenching his teeth.

Shahzeb stared at him with an emotionless expression. "I know about that girl." He said.

Shehryaar clenched his jaw tightly and glared at him. In an instant, he was at his brother's face, gripping him by his collar. "How the fuck do you know about her?" He gritted.

"Don't bother with her, Shehryaar. She's an innocent girl." He said.

"I'll do whatever the fuck I want." He said, he didn't understand by his brother was interfering in his affairs after all, they had their own lives and they had never interfered in each other's priva

't possibly have fallen in love. They had no idea what love was. But what he didn't know was that Shahzeb was very different from him. Where Shehryaar had grown with antisocial and narcissistic tendencies. Shahzeb knew that his brother wasn't normal. That's why he kept Anissa away from him and watched over her from afar without her ever knowing. Because Shehryaar was onto her all the time.

They moved to Islamabad from Karachi during that time and since they were planning on doing their MBA, they joined Quaid-e-Azam University just to be close to Anisa.

Shehryaar enevr spared any moment to bypass Shahzeb while Shahzeb was always two steps ahead of him since he kn ew his brother so well. Shehryaar refused to give up on Anissa. He grew more and more aggressive whenever Shahzeb stopped him from approaching Anissa and not without saying a word or two.

It incurred Shehryaar's wrath and jealousy. And his obsession with Anissa made his jealousy even stronger.

Anissa never knew anything then because she had forgotten about saving a man who was bleeding to death in a dirty alley because she was raped shortly after that whole incident.

Shehryaar on the other hand grew restless and even more ruthless.

He would drink himself to oblivion and cause bloodshed in his wake. And that was when he came to be known as the ruthless and heartless Mafia King.

Because For the first time, he felt emotions all of because of his brother.

He felt betrayed because Shahzeb was taking his angel away from him. And that's when his obsession took a turn for the worse and grew dark and deranged.

He grew even more obsessively possessive and jealous.

And that's when he swore to take his revenge and do everything to Anissa that Shahzeb feared once he got his hands on her.

Because he blamed her for turning his brother against him.

Shahzeb feared that he would taint her, corrupt her and eventually break her. her goodness would be swallowed by his darkness.

So thats exactly what Shehryaar did, when his twin got out of the picture.

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