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   Chapter 67 NO.67

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 6396

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Throughout the week, he had observed her and studied her routine.

After he had left the hospital, the first thing he did was find out who helped him. He was able to find out about her because she took the same route home every day where the alley wa's located near the location where he had sought refuge.

She was a third year medical student studying in Rawalpindi medical college. She was 21, going on 22 in three months. Her family comprised of her adoptive maternal uncle and aunt. She was raised as an only child.

Her name: Anissa Ghalib.

"Anissa, " he said, her name falling off his tongue like smooth honey. It was such a beautiful name.

But his interest got immediately piqued when he saw her picture. Almost as if someone had punched him hard in the face, his breath got knocked out of him, his insides turned and his heart beat increased violently.

Now he realised, her name suited her so well. That's when he understood the meaning behind her name which meant 'pleasant' and indeed she was pleasant, extremely pleasant to the eye. .

She was the most beautiful and breathtakingly gorgeous woman he had ever seen. And her eyes, they were the most angelic pair of hazel eyes he had ever seen: like molten Amber burning brightly.

He was immediately entranced by her. Mesmerised.

His heart accelerated and for hours, he stared at her picture. So this is the angel who saved me. He thought and a sinister smile crept up his lips.

Currents of excitement ran down his spine and he immediately found himself going hard. His blood raged in his veins and pumped with a certain ferociousness. He had never felt like this about a woman before.

He had a sudden urge to claim her. He felt a sudden surge of possessiveness about her. He wanted to possess her. He wanted to claim her. He wanted her in every sense of the word.

He wanted her for himself.

He looked at the picture again.

to their home.

It had only been a month since they were back from the US and established themselves in the capital. Shahzeb was managing Indus Enterprises while Shehryaar lead his Mafia.

A few weeks passed, Shahzeb kept Shehryaar busy in business that Shehryaar didn't get the time to go back to his angel. And as time passed, his need for her increased and grew to be an obsession. He had his men trailing his angel to make sure that she was safe and out of harms way. Little did he know, she had already procured a lot of damage in her own school.

However, two months later, he finally managed time and came back to Islamabad. And this time, he was restless. He wanted to claim her then and there.

She was his after all and nothing was about to stop him from claiming her. She would be his most prized mistress. He already imagined the nights he was about to spend with her.

She was about to become his. He had already planned so many things. This is how he was planning on paying back his debt, by making her his most valuable possession. He would give her anything that she would ask for and he was sure that once she came to know who he was, then it wouldn't be difficult for her to come with him willingly otherwise there were always other alternatives.

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