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   Chapter 65 NO.65

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 12463

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The wind was cool. And so was the water in the lake.

Anissa kept her gaze fixed on her reflection in the clear water.

She looked into her own eyes and she could clearly see the pain and the emptiness in herself.

She couldn't remember what day or date it was. All she knew that she was in the middle of nowhere. But she was safe and away.

In the past few weeks, she had collected all of her scattered memories.

After she had found out about her miscarriage, she locked herself away. It wasn't as if she had forgotten in the first place. She had merely locked away those memories and in the process, she made herself emotionally numb. So numb, that her mind split and another personality rose: a more docile personality that she could easily control. A personality that was a reflection of what Shehryaar had wanted. So she gave him just that while in the process, her mind protected her from further trauma. And she controlled it. Her original personality maintained itself but kept itself locked away.

Her mind was in total control. All her emotions were kept at bay. The new personality wasn't allowed to get even a glimpse of the memories that her mind had stored away.

Two personalities resided inside her head.

All a result of the immense pain and anguish that she felt; the intense psychological strain from the events that had taken place.

And she wanted to protect herself from it.

And an attempt at emotional numbness and dissociation seemed like the only way to go. Her mind conjured up without her consciously realising it. Her original personality, the one that was herself, Ainnie, became a driving force subconsciously.

But she was aware of everything around herself.

And now, the original personality was out.

Ainnie was out.

Anissa Ghalib was out.

And all her emotions were out and flowing.

All the memories ran inside her head. She couldn't believe what had come to pass.

But she tried to block out everything. It caused her too much pain.

She even knew what had happened in the past few months. She tried not to think about it but how could she not?

How could she not think about the abuse, the violence, the hurt and the pain.

How he had broken her.

How he has destroyed her.

How he made her compromise her morals, her beliefs and worst of all her, herself.

He made her kill.

How he made her kill Zameer when in actuality, he was alive but he made her think that Zameer was dead.

And what he had said to her that night. All his words were still fresh in her mind.

But what she couldn't stop thinking about was the loss of her baby.

He caused the fall.

He murdered their own child.

Her blood boiled with fury.

All the hatred that she felt for him, it amplified tenfold.

Her heartbeat accelerated. Her body shook. She felt her stomach turn and she retched all the contents of her stomach into the water. Her eyes welled up as she clutched at her stomach.

"What happened?" She heard a woman say behind her. Anissa looked back and saw her host, a kind old woman in her late fifties sit by her side near the bank as they both washed clothes.

Anissa shook her head and bent down to gargle some clean water from the lake and carried on with the washing.

"I hear some commotion in the village. I think the sellers from city must be back. I'll go and see." The woman said and indeed even Anissa could hear a lot of commotion. It was the harvest season, around April or May. If she wanted, she could make out the time but she didn't want to.

When she had run away from that cave, she ran so fast without regard that she ended up falling into a hunting ditch and got her ankle sprained. She fainted and the next time she woke u

ather, he never thought that a day would come when he would fear anything.

But it did.

And it proved that he was every bit human as everyone else around him and even he could fear something. He always thought he wasn't capable of fear, but now he knew that he was.

The powerful Mafia King was capable of fear and it comprised of the deafening and excruciating silence that came from the woman who had captured his mind and now his heart.

She cried into his shoulder. He held her tightly.

"You're back." He rasped, feeling a lump rise in his throat. "Thank God, I can't believe this." He mumbled, nuzzling his face on the crook of her neck, feeling her familiar warmth spread through him.

Anissa began to punch his chest with her dainty fists. She bit his shoulder but he didn't care. He knew that she was venting.

She sobbed and wept and kept hitting him.

"M-m-mons-ter, " she stuttered.

He felt his heart constrict painfully. She was speaking after so long and all that she could manage in a broken voice was profanities that spoke volumes about him and he couldn't deny them because they were the truth.

"Sh-shay-taan, (Shaytaan- devil)" she choked, her fingers circling around his throat as she tried to squeeze to try and make him choke but failed.

Shehryaar would've chuckled in amusement at her feeble attempts if she had tried this when he was trying to break her.

But now, all he felt was hurt and pain.

Why? How had he changed this much? He wasn't someone who ever cared about anyone other then himself. Then what was making him care now so as to change him to this extent. He was someone who would've never accepted such behaviour. He as someone who never cared about what others called him.

But her words alone always affected him. And now her small feeble actions, that displayed so much of her pain and hatred towards him hurt him so much. As if the pain of getting shot was amplified a thousand times.

Finally, she was acting like her normal self, no matter how broken or damaged it was. But it hurt him that she tried to get away from him.

He sighed and release her and glanced into her eyes: Once, they shone with so much innocence and purity and the twinkle of life was so evident and now, when he glanced in them now: they were full of fear, uncertainty, anguish.

There was no trust in them.

No conviction.

Only pain.

A pain that caused his heart to clench and twist that he found it almost difficult to breath.

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