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   Chapter 62 NO.62

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Groaning from the pain in her head, she tried to open her eyes but her eyelids felt so heavy.

And the darkness inside of her was all consuming that she feared it. It was threatening her: causing her heart to pace as her mind began to recall everything.

'Sweetheart, did you actually think that you were special?'

Who's saying that? She thought yet her mind was showing her everything.

Flashes of light caused her head to become even more heavier as the pain increased.

'Do you really think that a woman like you has any respect? Someone who was tainted and stripped of her purity before marriage?'

Is that Shehryaar? Did he say that to me? She thought and her mind corrected her by showing her the exact moment of when it had happened.

Shehryaar's face came into her mental view: she saw how smug and arrogant he looked, his hair disheveled, his lips curved up in a smirk and his grey eyes gleaming with a sinister intent.



A voice screamed at the back of her head.

'You should be considering yourself lucky that I accepted you and married you.' She remembered that was what the monster had said to her.

Her mind recalled as he had mocked her.

'who'd want a frigid woman like you anyway?'

And she felt all the hurt all over again. The emotional flood gates were opened and everything overflowed, overwhelming her, causing her head to pound and the blood to rush.

'Your real parents didn't even want you.'

And the familiar faces of her biological parents, Mr. Ghalib and his wife's came into view. She remembered how uninterested and how cold they were towards her.

'You uncle and aunt whom you've been protecting all this time gave you away to me after listening to a fucking sob story.'

And the kind familiar faces of Mr. Musa and his wife came into view. She remembered how much she loved them and how much they loved her. And because of them she had sacrificed and suffered so much.

'Everyone got rid of you.'

No they didn't!

'Because you are unwanted.'

No I'm not!

'Undesirable. Not needed by anyone.'

No that's not true!

'Sure you're a good fuck. But that's all that you are: my slave that I can use for fucking whenever I want.'

Don't make me feel dirty and used. Don't!

'You're the real pathetic one here. A poor abandoned girl. No one cares about you. Not me and not even your fucking family for whom you've been suff

d intense.

She gasped and her train of thoughts was broken when she felt a cold hand grasp her wrist. And her eyes got locked with a certain smoldering grey gaze.

And the grey light from the clearing outside illuminated his face and she saw him.

And all her emotions ran free.

All the hatred and the pain rushed back and flowed through her as the face of the monster who was the cause of all her suffering and torment came into view.

"Farishta, " a low whisper escaped his dry lips as his intense grey gaze fell on her.

She gasped, causing her breath to hitch.

"My angel." He whispered. "Are you Here to take me again?" He murmured, his voice sounding extremely weak.

And that's when Anissa fell out of her trance: realising what she had just done.


This person had said that to her.

Yet, she saved him.

She saved Shehryaar.

And not just now.

She had saved him once before.

She saved the monster who had destroyed her.


He had said that to her.

'No one cares about you. . ., '

Murderer! He killed my baby!

The voice screamed inside her head.

Get away! Run Ainnie! A voice screamed in her head.

Run! Run!


And she obeyed.

She ran.

Out of the place where she was.

She ran into the trees and the rain. Without a backward glance.

Away from all that she knew.

Away from what she was and had been for the past few months.

And away from the monster that had broken her.

And shattered her.

And doomed her into oblivion.

Because Anissa Ghulari was gone now.

Anissa Ghalib had resurfaced.

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