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   Chapter 61 NO.61

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 11097

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He kept his gaze on her as she stared into space.

Fuck, she's so beautiful. He thought, his gaze went to her delicate hands.His hands itched to touch her, take her hands in his and look into her eyes.

But he knew that it would hurt too much if he did. All he would get would be that look of confusion. She didn't know who he was and it hurt him.

'I love you.' His words echoed inside his mind.

Love? What is love? He thought wholeheartedly.

He could've never thought that he was capable of a feeling like love.

Because this feeling made him feel emotions that he didn't like: these emotions made him feel weak and vulnerable. But at the same time, it made him feel warm.

The cold exterior that was built around him, the walls: they all seem to crumble down. This feeling made him feel alive.

And there was something else: it made him care. Not for himself, rather for the woman for whom he was feeling this way.

This feeling not only amplified his guilt and regret at his actions, it evaporated his anger and doused down the frames of fury.

And this feeling made him sad because the person for whom these feeling were being channeled couldn't understand them if he claimed them.

It was overwhelming for him.

He had never felt that way before for someone else before in his life.

And all he wanted to do now was correct his wrongs.

But it all looked so helplessly hopeless.

And this feeling made him feel so humiliated: it gave him the will to accept that he had indeed made a mistake.

Not for long. I'm sure that things will get well soon. He thought rather enthusiastically. He had no choice but to keep some shred of hope.

Her eyes kept gazing out as she tried to make sense of things.

Time and space being one of them.

She had no idea what she should be doing: for all she knew, she was an ignorant and mute woman who apparently had a man fussing over her.

Ainnie didn't come back after that incident and Anissa had gained back her sense, except the power of her speech.

But could it make any less of a difference? She was still a lost and broken woman who had no idea of anything around herself.

She felt useless. She didn't feel like doing anything.

All that she did was eat, sleep and sit and stare into space.

She was living and breathing yet she wasn't alive.

She didn't feel anything. All that she felt was confusion.

She didn't know anyone around herself. She was even a stranger to herself.

She didn't know how long she had been this way. And when it came to thinking about the future, she had no thoughts whatsoever. She was completely blank in that regard.

And as for the man who was sitting beside her, the same man who took her every night and whispered confusing words to her. Always saying the same thing: that he would bring her back, that he didn't want her rather he wanted the person inside her head.

All that she could understand was that perhaps he was asking for Ainnie. But she never pondered in it much.

Ainnie was probably gone.

She sighed and looked outside the window.

They were heading towards the mountains as a forest of green trees came into view and soon enough, she saw green outside her window. It was raining lightly. The droplets of water rushing off with the wind as the car sped.

Anissa kep

ed the enemy to shrink in fear but they didn't back down and opened fired at the approaching men.

What they didn't realise was that while they were busy shooting down the people in the formation, with men falling at the centre, the concealed formation of bazooka armed men came into view and without hesitation, they launched: blasting the enemy ranks.

Shehryaar smirked but it was fleeting. This is too fucking easy. He thought and looked around.

"Get down!" Zameer yelled from beside him and Shehryaar immediately dived to the ground as a blast took place near a vehicle, causing it to blast into smithereens.

Shehryaar groaned as he tried to pull himself up only to hiss in pain when he moved. His hand went down to his abdomen and sure enough, a large metallic piece had ripped through the side of his stomach, sticking out, impaling him. His hand went back and he was relieved to know that it didn't pierce through him.

"Saeen?!" Qadeem panicked as he helped him up. Shehryaar winced in pain.

"Let me take it out." Qadeem offered.

"No leave it in otherwise it would bleed out even worse." Shehryaar managed to say as his breathing heaved, the pain intensifying with each passing second. Gritting his teeth, he clutched the side of his stomach as Zameer quickly came up to him and inspected his wound. All the men were injured after the blast but Shehryaar was hurt the most since he was in the lead of the attack.

"You go on ahead. You need to get yourself and Bhabi out of here. I'll finish things up here." Zameer said, eyeing Shehryaar with determination.

Shehryaar wanted to protest but when he felt blood pour into his mouth, he had no choice but to nod in agreement. Zameer might've lost Shehryaar's trust and his position as second in command but that didn't mean that Shehryaar couldn't assign him up to different tasks. After all, they went way back.

Qadeem escorted Shehryaar to the awaiting vehicle. Shehryaar quickly joined Anissa's side. Without caring for his injuries, he pulled Anissa, who was still unconscious to his side. The driver began to drive them out of the battlefield but Shehryaar still remained armed.

At this moment he expected anything to happen.

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