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   Chapter 60 NO.60

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 9238

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:28

Anissa woke up with a start. Her eyes stared at the ceiling ahead and her head was aching slightly.

She tried to recall what had happened. All that she could remember was that Ainnie started screaming.

And after that, she saw some flashes of light break in her mind. She saw the exact same man, whom Ainnie called as Zameer, tied to a chair. His face was ashen and eyes filled with fear as he stared at her.

Ainnie? Who was he? She inquired and as usual, she got no response. She tried to look around for Ainnie but couldn't find her.

She was shaken out of her thoughts when she felt the bed move. Opening her eyes, she got locked into the steely grey gaze of Shehryaar.

She assessed him. He looked different. There was something off about him. She couldn't tell what but she just knew that something wasn't right.

She saw him dispose off his suit jacket and throw it away. He pulled open his white dress shirt and made his way from the foot of the bed so that he was straddling her hips, his knees locking her frame in place.

Anissa felt her heart pound against her chest as her eyes roamed over his well defined chest.

That's when she realised.

She reacted to him. She had never felt this way before.

Ainnie? Where are you? She called in her head as her eyes stared glued to Shehryaar.

Shehryaar pulled her up in a sitting position and hugged her tightly.

Anissa smelled a foul smell coming off of him. And she tries to move away.

That's when she realised that she could move away. She wasn't numb anymore. Probably because Ainnie always kept her numb.

Then why couldn't she speak?

She tried to open her mouth but it didn't work and remained close.

Using her hands, she tried to pulled herself away.

Shehryaar frowned and tightened his grip around her, his corded arms tightening around her frame. A part of his brain that wasn't drunk shouted at him to realize that she was acting on her own but he didn't pay any attention.

"You know, you're almost acting like her again." She heard him mumble.

Her? Who? She thought but didn't try to get away. Under her right palm, she felt his pacing heart. It was almost the same as hers as his warmth seeped through her.

Ainnie?! What's going on?! Where are you?!! She mentally screamed.

"She was so fucking stubborn. She wouldn't listen to me you know. She always fought against me." He mumbled, pulling her back a little so that he was looking at her.

Anissa gasped when she saw how open his eyes were: in these last couple of mouths, she had seen many emotions swirl through those smokey grey eyes. But this was probably the first time, she saw sadness in them.

"She was my Tara: my bright shinning star. She burned so brightly." He muttered, his hand comin

ere close to her ear.

"Hear me Tara, " he whispered.

Without another word, he slowly yet gently entered her. Her mouth opened to release a silent gasp as she drew in her breath as her body adjusted to the fullness of this length as it entered her.

"Please, come back to me, " he whispered and began to move inside her. His movements were gentle and slow.

"Feel me Tara, " he whispered and began to move a bit faster but his thrusts were gentle, yet had a sense of urgency. Anissa closed her eyes as she felt something build up in the pit of her stomach with each thrust.

A low sound came out of her mouth as her body shuddered in pleasure.

"I need you, " he muttered as his face came up and he gazed at the face of the stranger who looked like his Tara.

"I love you, " he whispered absentmindedly. Only to realise too late as he stopped.

Love? What a foreign notion. He had no idea where it came from. His drunken mind couldn't comprehend it. But his heart warmed at the feeling. If this overwhelming need was love then so be it. He wouldn't deny it anymore.

And for her to understand, the need to bring her back was even more strong now.

Anissa opened her eyes when she felt him stop moving and the tingling sensation at the pit of her stomach left her hanging.

She saw him smile at her softly as he cupped her cheek and pressed his lips onto hers. "Come back to me. I need you to understand what I just said." He claimed and started moving again.

Anissa felt that feeling climb up again and before she knew it, that feeling washed over her and caused her to shatter. Her inner muscles clamped down his pounding length.

Shehryaar grunted as he felt his climax nearing and spilled his seed inside her.

Panting, he looked at Anissa and smiled. "Now I know, I'll get you back." He claimed.


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