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   Chapter 59 NO.59

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A loud gasp escaped Sadia's lips.She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Both the men became rigid and moved their eyes in her direction.

That's when they realised what they had just revealed.

Shehryaar moved his eyes to Zameer and he understood his silent order.

Immediately, he subdued Sadia before she even knew what was coming her way. His strong bulging arm locked around her throat and the cold metal barrel of his gun met her temple.

That's when she realised what was going on.

She couldn't believe that Zameer was holding her at gun point. In the two months that he escorted her, she always tried to make conversation and even at some point, she had thought that perhaps they were acquaintances. But how wrong she was.

She had her doubts but now, she was sure that these people were bad news. For the past two months, she felt that something was being kept from her as she evaluated her patient. She knew that that there was still something that Shehryaar didn't tell her and now she knew why.

It was too dangerous and too risky to share with an outsider like her. Shehryaar had told her only about the abuse and the violence that he had subjected his wife to: he never mentioned that he made her kill as well.

No wonder her trauma is so deeply embedded. She thought as everything began to fall into place.

Zameer on the other hand couldn't believe that he was so careless as to let his emotions get in the way and reveal too much. It was clear that this part of their business was left out of the Doctor's information. He was only assigned to bring in Dr. Sadia and be her escort and to keep watch on her.He was surprised when Shehryaar had called him back from ten frontier and assigned him with the task of bringing in a certain doctor. He knew that it must have something to do with Anissa yet he didn't question his boss and carried out his orders.

It was now, as he looked at Anissa, did he understand and realise why Shehryaar had entrusted this task to him and him alone: when it came to Anissa, Zameer knew that Shehryaar only trusted him. Sure, Shehryaar didn't trust himself with Zameer anymore but that didn't mean that he didn't trust Anissa with him or his business.

He only knew that Sadia was kept in the clear about their true identity so his job for the time being only revolved around keeping tabs on the young doctor since she was a well known personality.

And now when he saw his boss instruct him to subdue the young woman, he didn't hesitate.

Shehryaar moved and carried Anissa back to the bedroom.

His eyes stayed glued to Anissa's face that was twisted in pain even in unconsciousness.

She reacted. She fucking reacted. He still couldn't believe that she showed some signs of emotion. Still now, she was like a statue, one that he desperately wanted to see react in a humanly way.

And now he was the one who was tormented by the mere sight of her lifeless barely alive existence.

He found it ironic.

His initial intentions were to enslave her, maker her a puppet, one who responded to his each and ever whim.

He wanted that submission and subservience and he got it.

And now, he was sick and tired of it to the point of it driving him mad.

He felt so many emotions engulf him: relief and anger being the most dominant.

Relief at finally seeing an old remnant of his Tara.

And anger, that why did she react to Zameer. Zameer of all people.?

Why? Why? Why? He mentally shouted as he felt onto Anissa like his life depended on her.

But he needed to let her go. He needed answers. His emotions would just have to wait.

Placing Anissa in the bed, he tucked her in and strode out of the room.

He came back within a minute and for the first tim

elieve that Anissa finally showed a reaction and that too to Zameer.

He felt his stomach twist and turn as a familiar rage engulfed him.


He knew this green monster all too well.

He was too possessive when it came to Anissa and for her to show a reaction to some other man had his mind spinning with rage. He was slowly slipping from his composure but he controlled himself.

This isn't about you, you sick fuck! Shahzeb growled.

Think about her for a change. You're so selfish that even now all you care about is yourself.

You're right. He thought and closed his eyes. Behind his closed lids, he saw her reaction: the shock and recognition.

For months I've been trying but she didn't recognise me. Then why the fuck did she recognise him?

His heart ached so bad. As if someone had physically ripped open his ribcage and tore his heart out. It was that painful that he had to place his hand on his chest to make sure that it wasn't really happening but the pain was still there.

Why did she react to him?


He pulled at his hair. All the pent up emotions that he had been holding in resurfaced.

His hitched breath lead way to moisture to gather in his eyes.

Was this heartbreak?

Heartbreak? He could almost here Shahzeb scoff mockingly.

When did you ever love her to begin with? Why would you feel heartbreak? It's probably gas. Shahzeb taunted.

But Shehryaar really gave it serious thought.

And when he thought. He remembered her agony filled scream.

Six months and the first thing that came out of her mouth was that blood curdling scream.

He thought that it was almost poetic: previously, he made her scream so much and he always found them pleasurable. And he drew pleasure from her pain as well.

Then what changed now?

Why did her pain cause him so much distress and emotional turmoil? Why did he feel the need to take it all away?

Maybe this feeling really is love.

No, it's not.

I just don't know.

He had no idea. His mind couldn't possibly process love. The feeling was as foreign to him as idea.

He had never seen any love from anyone.

Never felt it.

Never understood it.

Then how could he possibly know?

He didn't want to think anymore. He was just too confused. He opened a drawer and brought out a bottle of whiskey.

The sweet numbness of the alcohol would make his senses dull and stop the thinking process all together and that was all he needed till he figured out his next step.

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