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   Chapter 58 NO.58

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 11230

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:27

Beep beep beep.

Slowly, his eyes opened. Through blurry vision he glanced around. His brows furrowed slightly upon knowing that he was still alive and in a hospital room. His mouth was covered with an oxygen mask as his mouth opened wide to hungrily gulp at the surrounding air. A searing pain broke out in his chest as he heaved and groaned from the pain.

'I'm alive?' He thought in disbelief as the events of what had happened replayed in his mind.

Anissa's tear stained face as she pointed the gun at his chest, the cold calculating eyes of Shehryaar as he held her and fixed the gun towards him because the poor woman's hands were shaking. However, he didn't miss that in Anissa's guilt driven haze, Shehryaar had moved her hands a few inches below his heart. That was the reason why he was still alive.

Because his boss spared him.

He manipulated his wife into killing him while he himself had no intention to.

'And here I thought that he was fucking serious.' He thought bitterly as a low chuckle rumbled in his chest but the simple movement caused him pain and he groaned.

His chest ached if he tried to move but the searing pain didn't allow him to move much. He blinked a few times to get rid of the grogginess in his eyes.

"You're awake, huh?"

He heard the cold voice of his boss and sighed.

"It's seems so." He whispered and started coughing and the pain increased.

He saw his Saeen standing by the foot of the bed. His grey eyes glaring at him like steel shards, the cold intensity strong enough to make him know that he had fucked up big time.

"Why am I,! He coughed. "still alive?" He asked in a hoarse voice and coughed some more. His parched throat desired water but he knew that his current predicament was even more serious. However, he was surprised and froze in his place when he saw his boss move forward towards a table where there was a cup of water and a jug. He poured some water and came forward. Zameer didn't expect anything and he knew that maybe he might splash the water on his face but was even more shocked when Shehryaar handed him the cup. With a shaking hand, Zameer took it. Gulping down the water hungrily, he kept his eyes on his boss as he stood tall and his presence radiated a certain ominous intent. He knew his boss all too well.

There was a certain silence that shrouded them as Shehryaar maintained his glare on Zameer while Zameer patiently waited for him to blast.

"I wanted to kill you, " Shehryaar started.

'No shit.' He bit his tongue to keep in his snide remarks. He knew his place now. He was alive but that didn't mean that he could act the same around Shehryaar; He wasn't his friend anymore, he was just his boss.

Zameer knew that there was a reason why Shehryaar spared him. And what's more, Zameer knew that he had lost Shehryaar's trust.

He had lost his brother's trust.

He had lost his Saeen's trust.

And therefore, he lost his position and risked a lot. Zameer had no family so he had nothing to lose. Except for his fiancée. But he couldn't care less.

"But I've got other plans for you." Shehryaar's voice pulled him out of his reverie. Of course, Zameer expected nothing less. He knew that Shehryaar was more of a man of action then a man of words.

Zameer saw his demeanor change as his face and eyes hardened further. "You're no longer my sec

months, something came out of her mouth and it was nothing but a scream full of agony.

For a split second, both the men were frozen in their respective places. Only when they heard the cry of pain in her screams did they react. Zameer ran to her side while Shehryaar caught her before she fell to her knees.


"Anissa?!" Shehryaar yelled and pulled her in his arms but she kept screaming as her eyes remained on Zameer, a look of pure fear and confusion entering her eyes.

"Shhh, " Shehryaar soothed and tried to calm her down but her screams wouldn't die down.

"Move, "

It was at that time did they realise that Sadia was still present in the room. She moved forward in such a quick professional pace as she pulled Anissa's left sleeve up, rubbed a cotton swab and plunged a needle in her arm.

Within seconds, Anissa's screams died down, her body became limp in Shehryaar's arms and within seconds, she slipped into unconsciousness.

"What the fuck just happened?" Zameer boomed. Sadia didn't respond as she placed two fingers on Anissa's carotid and checked her pulse.

"Mind explaining to me what's going on?" Zameer shouted in exasperation.

Shehryaar was quiet as he embraced Anissa's unconscious frame close to his chest and buried his nose in her hair.

"Why the fuck did she react that way?" Zameer said.

Sadia stood up, her eyes on Anissa.

"She didn't react this way to her cousins. The confusion was clear as day when her cousins were with her. She didn't recognise them, then why did she, " she moved her eyes to Zameer. "Look at you and recognised you? It was almost as if she was saw a ghost." Sadia said.

And that's when Zameer understood as realisation dawned on him and a bitter chuckle came out of his mouth.

"She was made to believe that I was dead." He muttered, shaking his head in disbelief.

Sadia's brows furrowed in confusion. "Excuse me?"

Zameer kept his eyes on the couple sitting down on the carpeted ground. "So this was your plan? To make her shoot me and make her believe that I was dead? Is that how you broke her?" Zameer snarled at Shehryaar.

"You're un-fucking-believable. How could you do that to her? No wonder she reacted that way." Zameer growled.

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