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"What the hell did you do to her?" Haris's roar boomed across the room, causing his sister to flinch in her seat but it did nothing to recede her tears as she sat with Anissa.

Shehryaar narrowed his eyes at him and glared at him intensely, silently commanding him to know his limits otherwise he knew what Shehryaar was capable of.

But even he himself was disappointed and became desperately hopeless.

It had been weeks since the therapy started but it did nothing to help Anissa in anyway.

Mainly because she didn't want to be helped in the first place.

So Dr. Sadia had requested Her employer to have her meet familiar faces of family and friends. Maybe that might motivate her a bit.

Shehryaar had brought in Haris and his sister because they were well aware of him now while Anissa's parents were still ignorant and Shehryaar preferred it that way.

When Haris and Ramsha saw Anissa, they were beyond shaken with anger and grief. For hours they sat beside Anissa and talked to her but she didn't recognise them at all. It broke their hearts to see their cousin in such a pitiful and broken state.

And shehryaar: he was so confident that as soon as Anissa would see her beloved cousins who were like siblings to her, she might remember something. But like usual, she didn't react in the least.

"Oh my Allah, " he heard a sob escape the woman known as Ramsha as she cried while holding Anissa.

"What did you do to her?" Haris repeated.

"Please sir, " Sadia interjected. She knew that she shouldn't have but this was a session. "You can ask that later. For now, please, I would like you to acquaint me with my patient's former personality." She stated.

Haris sighed and agreed.

Shehryaar also stayed behind as he heard his wife's cousin relay to them about her former personality.

But nothing from that information could help. Sadia was beginning to see this as a hopeless case. She had taken thera

ped then an there.

As if someone had punched him right in the gut, he felt his breath get knocked out of his lungs when he saw Anissa.

Her eyes were wide and her mouth was slight agape as she stared at the man.

Shehryaar fought the daze he was in and immediately rounded his desk and came to Anissa but she was looking at the man in front of her in clear shock and her face was ashen.

Shehryaar saw her hazel eyes flash with recognition.

And for the first time, she reacted.

She reacted.

She finally reacted. Shehryaar thought as he held her hands but she unclasped her hands from his grip and stood up, her wide hazel orbs fixed on the man.

Anissa was confused because she didn't recognise him however, Ainnie did as she gawked at the man in sheer surprise and that caused the mask of blankness to slip for the first time and Anissa felt herself feel something as her facial muscles streched to accommodate an expression for the first time in months as the numbness slowly subsided in her mind.

"Tara? Do you know him? Do you recognise him?" She heard Shehryaar ask softly as he looked at the man himself.

"Zameer, " he said to the man. "She fucking recognises you, Zameer." He almost choked.

Zameer? She thought in confusion.

Zameer! Ainnie whispered.

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