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   Chapter 56 NO.56

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"FUCK!" Shehryaar yelled at the top of his lungs and continued breaking all the glass and the bottles that came within his reach.

Nothing is working! Nothing is fucking working! He mentally screamed and continued to cause destruction in his wake.

It had been weeks since therapy started and he wasn't seeing any results. Anissa was still mute and unresponsive.

And it was driving him towards the edge of insanity. He risked so much just so he could have a direction. Just so he could have some vestige of hope. But it didn't produce any results.

He was risking so much.

It took so much willpower for him to bring about some change in himself and for what? So that she remain the same?

Shehryaar was not a patient man.

But he was told to learn to be a little patient.

But in his opinion, he had been patient enough.

It had almost been seven weeks since he brought in the psychiatrist but it failed to show results.

And he was growing even more restless and ruthless.

His mind was on edge and all the time, he felt an urge to just kill anyone on sight just so the heavy feeling in his chest would dissipate.

Again it was the same: he was too emotionally unstable.

His feelings were getting in the way.

And he couldn't help but blame himself for what had come to pass. He would've never regretted or admitted his mistake but there was a first for everything.

He never regretted the consequences of his actions before.

He never knew that the repercussions could be this severe.

He hated himself for what he did to her.

And his misery grew by the passing day.

He couldn't touch her without feeling remorseful.

He couldn't look her in the eye without having guilt gnaw at his mind and he couldn't even stand to be in the same room as her.

Her silence was slowly driving him mad.

And four months went by.

It was almost eight months into their ma

the reflection of her mind.

And Anissa didn't understand why Ainnie made her feel that way. Why did she made her feel exhilarated? Why did Ainnie feel so pleased?

Anissa could clearly see the suffering and torment of Shehryaar.

He literally implored her to talk everyday. He would engage in small talk with her and would expect so hopefully that she would respond. And even though Anissa wanted nothing more then to speak, but Ainnie wouldn't let her.

Please Ainnie. I need some answers. She mentally begged.

Ainnie stared at her.

Anissa often wondered that perhaps Ainnie was a reflection of her former self and day by day, she was starting to believe it.

Please let me in. I know that you know. I know you're the one holding me back.

Please let me know. Why must you keep me on this state of daze? She mentally screamed.

Ainnie smiled a little as her eyes shone with a certain knowing glint. You are better off this way.

No! I want to live. I feel dead. You don't make me feel anything. Whatever that man did, at least now we know that he's sorry about it.

Ainnie's smile vanished. You don't know anything. She whispered in a low hiss.

Then let me know!

He's the reason for you're existence. Ainnie responded and faded away.


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