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   Chapter 55 NO.55

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And Shehryaar didn't need any reassurances. Because now, it was time to let the facade slip.

And without any reservations, he told the doctor everything, from the very beginning. His obsession, goal and aim at destroying her. The trauma she had already been through and then the violence and abuse that he inflicted on his wife.

And when he was done, the expression from Sadia was exactly as how he had anticipated.

Sadia sat frozen in her place as her mind processed all the information that she had been given.

She wasn't just surprised, she was shocked. She knew and had seen many cases of domestic Abuse on women. In her short career, she thought that she might've seen a lot of disturbing things. But never had she ever in her wildest dreams thought that a case of such violence and abuse could ever take place.

This wasn't the traditional type of domestic abuse. No, it was a violent type of abuse.

And what's more, when she looked at a Shehryaar as he sat in front of her, his legs crossed and a hard stone cold expression marring his features: her mental image of the reputable Billionaire shattered.

Her heart sped as she began to shiver in cold sweat. Pure dread and fear engulfed her.

She could've never imagined that such an abnormal person would be hidden behind the face of a successful and respectable individual.

She knew that it was wrong of her to lose perspective in this. She wasn't suppose to be judging her client. All that mattered was her medical judgement but apparently, her personal dread and emotions were causing her to compromise in her judgement.

And when she glanced at the woman sitting beside her employer, she swallowed hard. Now she understood why Shehryaar was so skeptical and didn't easily trust her and offered her money.

But that's the thing, she didn't know. No outsider knew.

The only reason he was offering such a hefty amount in the beginning was for safety reasons. But she wasn't about to accept it then he needed something could secure his situation. Already he was risking a lot by involving someone from the system into his problem.

But he had no choice. He was desperate at the moment. He was completely helpless. So he sought help from the only logical solution that he knew: science.

Of course, no one knew that he the leader of the MMM gang. To the outside world, he was Shehryaar Ghulari a successful businessman, a reputable CEO of the country's most powerful corporate firm. Even when the young doctor arrived at his office, he saw the familiarity flash in her eyes. Of course he knew that she must've recognised him immediately. And that's why he went with the normal method first.

And for Anissa, he wanted nothing short of the best.

The only reason he didn't threaten Sadia yet was because he wasn't going to risk his identity as the mysterious MAfia Leader of the MMM. so for now, he would just have to keep a close eye on the young woman until she was of no use to him.

Shehryaar never trusted anyone. Especially not with himself. But this matter wasn't about him, it was about Anissa. And when he had assessed the young doctor, he knew instantly that Anissa would be in good hands. Dr. Suhaib had told him that Sadia Rehman was his student and she was an excellent student in the field of Psychiatry and later on, her achievements proved it.

But Sadia, her mind was running in a different direction. From all the case history, Sadia had already determined that Shehryaar wasn't normal. He displayed an Anti-social personality and from the way he told her about his obsession, she knew immediately that he was mentally sick. It wasn't Normal behaviour and Sadia excelled at evaluating abnormal behaviours.

What kind of a sick twisted man ruined a woman's life just because she didn't submit to his demands? Most definitely a psycho. She thought. No wonder he didn't trust her: it was hinting towards classical dissocial mental illness but she refrained from thinking further.

Thus the term looks can be deceiving was so perfectly put in this situation. When she had first seen him she knew him to be a respectable man and from looking at his wife she could've never imagined that he could've done something so horrible to her.

It was all just for show.

Now the curtains were finally up and the masks were off, revealing their true identities. That was another ugly truth about humans. And Sadia was well aware of it.

But she couldn't ju

He saw his wife come out of the bathroom as the maid helped her in a seat.

She was so dependent on others.

The woman who used to fight for her rights and self-dependence was now the one who had to rely on others for each and everything. Not unless told, she wouldn't even eat anything.

These past four months were complete torture for Shehryaar.

But he was about to change that.

The only reason she was like this was because Shehryaar made her into this because when he had finally broke her, he knew that he had embedded his beliefs and desires strongly in her mind when she had forgotten everything.

The doctor told him to start building her back from the way he broke her down.

So, it was going to be from physical, to emotional and then the psychological.

But he was going to go in reverse.

He will fix her psychologically first. By giving her what he took from her first: her choices.

"Leave us, " he ordered the maid who immediately bowed her head and exited the room.

Slowly, he approached Anissa and took her hand in his. She was still in her bathrob. Shehryaar took her to their walk in closet.

His mind recalled what she had done before she succumbed to her trauma. Back in the estate in Dubai, she caused the fire and he came to find out that she started by first setting his possessions on fire. It only reflected her deep hatred for him. But he had realised that he deserved her hatred. Pushing back those thoughts, he focused on the task at hand.

They stopped in front of the various rows of clothes that he had picked for Anissa.

"Go on, " he gestured towards the clothes. "Pick your own cloths." He stated.

Anissa made no move as she stared at the clothes.

"Go on, " Shehryaar encouraged and pulled her closer to the clothes.

She blinked a few times and then turned to face Shehryaar. She saw him give her a smile: it was warm and welcoming.

But it did nothing to effect her.

She made no move at all.

"It's okay." Shehryaar murmured and took her hand in his and raised it towards the railing.

"Pick anything that you want." He made her hand rest on a hanger. She only looked at him. But didn't do anything.

And it infuriated Shehryaar. Again she wasn't responding. But could he blame her? Her choices were the first he took from her then came her opinions.

But he had to keep on reminding himself that he needed to be patient.

If he could be patient for this long to exact his revenge and obsession, then he could be patient enough with this. After all, it needed to be taken one step at a time.

And he wasn't about to give up.

He was going to bring his Tara back by any means necessary.

He was going to build her back up into the person that she used to be. He no longer wanted his version of her. He had to learn it the hard way.

But now, he had a direction. He knew where to start.

Because now, he had hope.

Anissa was going to return back to him.


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