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"Alright then, I'll see you next week. Please take care till then." The kind young doctor told the old man who was sitting idly on his hospital bed, staring at the ceiling. The poor soul was a schizophrenic and no one had come to visit him a long time accept for the kind young doctor who especially came to the pysch ward to pay the man a visit.

"Dr. Sadia, " the young woman turned to see a nurse approach her.

"Yes?" She frowned slightly because the nurse, who was also her friend, looked shaken.

"There's a man waiting for you in your office." She told.

"Is he a patient?"

"No, but he says he's come for a consult." Sadia nodded and headed towards her office.

It was an ordinary routine for people to come in without appointments and since she was done with her rounds, she headed straight for her office.

Her office. People found it quite strange that a young doctor like Sadia Rehman had a office of her own or more like, some couldn't believe that she, at the tender age of twenty one, was already a well established doctor. Her colleagues called her a genius. Because she was the most youngest psychiatrist in the country and the youngest to be a fellow at the National institute of Psychiatry. But she was a modest soul and never let that come to her head.

She opened her door and came face to face with a man: his large muscular suit clad frame standing in the middle of her small office. She immediately knew that he was coming from money.

He turned to face her and Sadia felt her breath get hitched in her throat as she looked at his face: handsome cold hard chiseled features, dark hair and dark eyes set against beautiful tan skin.

This man radiated power and authority. She felt intimidated of him almost immediately.

"Dr. Sadia Rehman?" He inquired, his voice deep.

She swallowed. "Y-yes?" She stammered and immediately cleared her throat. "How can I help you?"

"I would like for you to come with me immediately." He said.

She frowned. "Where to?" She was taken aback. It wasn't everyday that a random stranger came in and demanded for her to come with them.

"I was told that you're here for a consult." She argued, feeling not only intimidated but also threatened.

"I'm not asking Doctor. I'm telling. You can either come with me willingly or, " he opened the button of his suit jacket and opened it enough to reveal the holster of his gun, causing Sadia to flinch and gasp in fright.

"Or I can force you to come with me." He finished. Sadia was so frightened that she did what any sane woman would do: she immediately turned and tried to run away but the man was fast.

He quickly caught her wrist and threw her back. He quickly locked the door of her office and turned back towards the frightened woman who got a hold of her bearings and stood up. Before she could scream, he clamped his hand on her mouth.

She responded by elbowing him sharply in the gut and stamping her foot hard in his foot, causing him to grunt in pain. She was clearly being assaulted but his hold on her mouth wouldn't loosen.

"Fuck, lady just calm down." The man growl in her ear and twisted her around only to throw her on the seat that was by her desk.

"Calm the fuck down, " he growled in anger. "Or Trust me madam, I will not hesitate to take out my gun. Now you can either cooperate with me or I'll be forced to use other means." He threatened, appearing exasperated.

Her eyes widened in shock. She was completely subdued, she had no choice but to calm down and listen to him.

"Now, I don't mean you no harm." The man said rather gently this time. Sadia saw that there was no ill intent in his dark eyes. She was good at reading people and now that she was bound, she had to trust that this man wouldn't hurt her.

He was so close to her and his large warm hand had a strong grip around her jaw, but it wasn't hard. It was actually very gentle and carefully wound. That made her sense that he truly didn't mean her any harm.

She blushed when she realised how close the man was to her. No other man had ever been close to her except for her fiancé.

"Do not scream." He commanded lowly. Sadia nodded. The man saw that she was going to be compliant so he removed his hand. Sadia gasped for air.

"Now, like I said, I want you to come with me." He said monotonously.

Sadia was shivering in fright as she fought against her tears. The man saw her condition and sighed as he made a move and opened his jacket. Sadia flinched and braced herself. The man noticed and quickly took out a small white envelop and threw it on the desk beside her. He knew that he had frightened the poor girl and he needed to reassure her that he meant her no harm.

Sadia looked at the envelop questioningly.

"That's just a portion of what my boss can pay you." He said. Sadia frowned when she realised what he meant and crossed her arms. She felt insulted and made no move.

The man raised a brow at her. So she is a dignified woman. He thought as he mentally smirked but kept a schooled expression.

"Where do you want to take me?" She inquired. She was surprised at how calm she was because a few seconds ago she was scared out of her wits.

The man stared at her for a few seconds before relenting. "There's a woman, my boss's wife actually. She needs to be checked at. And my boss requests your services." He explained.

Sadia didn't believe him in th

nd began to walk to a door at the far corner of the huge office. He opened the door. The first thing that came to Sadia's line of sight was a king sized bed in the middle of the room with white sheets and a large glass window at the left. Then she looked around and saw leather sofas and arms chair while the right wall had many dark wooden doors.

She saw Shehryaar walk towards one of the sofas and that's when she saw a woman.

Shehryaar quickly went to her; she was sitting on an armchair with her knees drawn to her chest. She was gazing out the window.

Sadia quickly assessed her: She was dressed modestly in a casual white kurta but Sadia could easily tell that it was the latest in the casual collection. Her short hair was neatly set into curls and let loose on her shoulders, her neck and wrists adorned with delicate jewels. Because Sadia was a stranger, one look at Shehryaar Ghulari's wife had her screaming in glitz and glam. She was indeed the wife of a Billionaire. From this obvious first impression, one would quickly assume that Shehryaar spoiled his wife and didn't waste any expanse on her.

But Sadia wasn't here for that. She knew her purpose. She didn't let appearances deceive her.

She saw Shehryaar sit on his knees beside his wife and took her hands in his as he whispered something to her.

Sadia saw in fascination how the hard and stoic man that she had met a few minutes ago became incredibly soft: his features warmed as he stared at his wife and Sadia knew immediately that his wife meant a lot to him.

Sadia maintained her distance until she saw Shehryaar kiss his wife's knuckles and faced Sadia. She was suprised how quickly he changed expression: one moment he was utterly soft and caring towards his wife and the next, he was back to being cold and stoic.

Sadia's mind ran many possibilities but she wasn't here for that: she was here for His wife.

Shehryaar nodded, permitting Sadia to come forward.

With slow tentative steps, Sadia approached the woman known as Anissa Ghulari.

The first thing she saw was that Anissa looked weak, her skin was pale. But that wasn't what got Sadia interested.

It was the dazed look on the woman's face as her head was cocked to the side and her hazel eyes staring aimlessly.

Sadia instantly knew that she was looking at a traumatised person.

"Before I start, I would like to ask for a full patient history." Sadia said to Shehryaar.

Shehryaar nodded and sat at another armchair and gestured for Sadia to sit as well.

"Remember, everything that is said stays within these four walls." Shehryaar claimed.

"Of course, you don't need to worry about it." Sadia affirmed, not bothering to make notes since it was quite understood now that Shehryaar didn't want any record.

"How can I trust that you will not break this confidentiality?" Shehryaar queried.

"Sir, it is my duty to uphold doctor patient confidentiality. This field in itself requires for us physicians to be extremely careful. And as proof, I will not make any records of this encounter. For your peace of mind." Sadia reaffirmed.

And what's more, she knew that he was was a powerful man and could easily sue her or have her licence revoked.

But it wasn't that simple.

She anticipated something ordinary. How bad can it be? She thought to herself.

But only if she knew.

If only she knew what she was getting involved with. She had no idea. That she was getting involved with the country's most powerful Mafia boss.




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