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   Chapter 51 NO.51

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Shehryaar sighed deeply as he raked his hand through his hair.

He couldn't believe that he was regretting what he did to Anissa.

When he found out that she had lost her memories, then it was the perfect opportunity to take over her.

Her mind was a fresh ground to plough seeds of his will and that's exactly what he did.

She was obedient.

She was submissive.

There was no trace left of the Anissa Ghalib that he knew.

Then what was the problem now?

And then there was that look in her eyes.

Full of confusion and unfamiliarity.

It didn't bother him before that she didn't recognise him. She was doing everything that he wanted her to.

Then why did it bother him that she was a hollow empty being?

For all he cared, he never wanted to get involved with her on an emotional level.

Then what changed?

Was it the fear of losing her?

When did he have her to begin with?

Or was it the fact that she didn't acknowledge him in the least?

Why couldn't he stand the fact that she didn't recognise him?

He had her.

He finally made her his.

She was finally meeting his standards then why was he so restless?

Why this guilt?

Shehryaar sighed as he clenched his teeth.

Why this guilt? Why this fear?

It's simple. Shahzeb said. It's you're mistake. Just admit it.

Shehryaar's mind flared with fury. He began to trash his office to relieve this anger.

Why bring her back when you're the one who destroyed her in the first place? Shahzeb taunted.

You're the one who was so eager to break her. I tried to stop you but you always shut me out. Zameer tried the same but you didn't listen. Nothing got through that fucking head of yours.

And that caused all his anger to go off limits.

He took his leather chair and crashed it on his desk.

Taking out his gun, he began to fire shots randomly as his legs kicked each and every thing that came in his path.

All he saw was red. His fury completely blinding him.

"Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" He roared.

The entire room was trashed. Two of his men entered in the office in alarm at hearing gunshots and ended up dying at Shehryaar's hands.

But it did nothing to dissipate even a little bit of the rage that was storming through his entire being.

"No! I'll fix her! I'll fucking bring her back!"

Without so much as a thought, he rushed outside of his office and ran to the training facility.

He tore his dress shirt off his chest and with bare hands, he began to struck the concrete hard punching bag.

She doesn't see me.


She doesn't hear me.


She doesn't touch me!


She doesn't know how I am.


His knuckles bled and his muscles screamed in hot red ache yet he didn't bear it any mind. For all that was running in his brain were the memories of her suffering and the brutal treatment he made her endure.

'You are a whore....'

All the horrible things he had said to her.

'You're nothing but my slave...'

The fear, rejection and the hurt in her eyes. For the first time, he felt her pain as if it was his own.

Never had he regretted his actions more then he did now.

"I'll bring her back!" He boomed as he punched the bag. "I'll fucking bring her back!"

How? How will you bring her back? She's not coming back you du

you to speak! I know you're only fucking with me! Speak now." He yelled at her face.

But it was the same stone face and lifeless eyes.

His fury flared and he backhanded her.

"You think that you can make a fool out of me? Me? Shehryaar fucking Ghulari?!" He slapped her again.

"Don't think that I don't know what you're doing! I know you're there. Come out!" He was practically screaming at her face as he gripped her throat and squeezed hard.

She opened her mouth but only to choke on air.

She made no attempt to get his hand off. She didn't struggle in the least as she stared at him in a dazed empty gaze.

His heart clenched painfully. He knew that he was wrong yet his need to hurt her dominated his senses.

Harshly, he threw her against a wall. She winced as she inhaled sharply to try and catch her breath from the impact but not a sound came out of her mouth as she slumped down to the floor.

She made no attempt to look up at a fuming Shehryaar.

She made no attempt to touch her throbbing cheek for she felt nothing.

"Speak right now or else!" He threatened in his usual deep intimidating tone as he crouched down and roughly gripped her chip to make her face him.

And again, her eyes were empty.

No fear.

No pain.

No tears.

"Speak! Or I'll kill your entire family!" He claimed ferociously. He knew that this was bound to get a reaction out of her but she only blinked at him. Like she didn't know what he was talking about.

He clenched his jaw and raised his hand again to hit her.


That voice of reason: the voice that he designated as his brother's stopped him.

She's really gone! Don't you see that?! She's gone. Shahzeb sighed.

And you wanted to fix her? How can you fix her by only hurting her? Just give up, she can't be fixed and you can't bring her back!

Shehryaar blinked as he withdrew his hand and looked at Anissa as she only gazed at him blankly.

His eyes scanned the bruises on her cheeks, his finger marks on her delicate throat and her cut bottom lip as blood oozed out.

He swallowed hard as his haze filled mind began to clear.

His eyes widened in shock.

Fuck! What did I just do?!


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