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   Chapter 48 NO.48

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 6693

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:21

He had never been so conflicted in his life. It had been a week since that night.

Her lifeless gaze eyes kept showing up in his head. So he tried to stay away from her. He didn't approach her at all.

Whenever he would come back home, he would flee to his office and submerge himself in work. And for that particular reason, he didn't feel like sleeping beside her anymore.

She was like a doll.

Completely in his control.

But wasn't that what he wanted?

Complete control over her?

To enslave her.

To extinguish her flames of defiance.

To crush her will completely in order to make her dependent on him and establish his dominance upon her.

He should be satisfied and content isn't it? He finally succeeded in making her pay for what she had done to him.

And the outcomes were all what he wanted.

Then what changed now?

Why was he so restless and frustrated?

He sighed as he combed back his hair for the hundredth time.

It was evening now and he was in the office of his estate to try and get some work done but he couldn't concentrate. Her expressionless face and blank eyes kept rewinding in his head.

What the fuck? He thought as he rubbed his face. An intense urge to kill and shed some blood seemed like the only reprieve he could have so for the past one week, he had been torturing and killing deep within the dark chambers under his estate. But even that wasn't enough.

He only felt angry and confused. His frustration grew by the second.

A frantic knock on his door door pulled him out of his thoughts.

"What?" He barked in annoyance, hating to be interrupted because he knew that no one would dare to interrupt him.

"Enter!" He commanded harshly in a loud shout. The door opened to reveal a frantic looking lady dressed in a nurse uniform.

"Sir, it's your Amma." She gasped as her panicked pale face revealed to him that something wasn't right.

Within seconds he made his way to his nanny's room. "Get the cars out!" He screamed when

gates opened and flooded his senses. Those very gates that he had sealed shut. The very little emotions that he could feel, he had locked them away because he always thought that they would make him weak.

But now, what was the difference?

He was weak and in his most vulnerable state.

He was completely powerless.

Already he was regretting and with this loss, this foreign feeling of fear got a complete hold of him as he recalled all the abuse and cruelties that he had inflicted on Anissa.

She was suppose to be his light.

She was suppose to be his star.

She was his angel.

But he destroyed her by his own hands and now just like his Amma, she was gone. The only difference was that his Amma was dead while Anissa, she was alive but she was only breathing.

She was no less then dead herself.

She was a living corpse now.

You happy? You finally got what you wanted. You should be celebrating. Shahzeb's voice echoed in his head.

"No, " he gritted as he hit his head harshly back on the wall.

Why not? You wanted her to break. And there you have it, she's broken.

"No." He hit his head again, this time with more force to try to stop all these emotions.

Why are you denying it?! You wanted this!

"NO!" He screamed as he jumped to his feet and ran, a need to see Anissa overwhelming him.

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