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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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Who am I? I can't recall. What's going on around me? I just don't know.

Anissa thought as she scanned the room around her. Nothing seemed familiar. She knew that she was back in an unknown city, the name of which she couldn't recall.

When she had opened her eyes around two months back, she was confused and disoriented.

But when her eyes fell on the man sitting beside her, the first thing that crossed her was:

Who is this handsome man? And why is he talking to me like he knows who I am? She had thought.

And then that same man claimed to be her husband. She wanted to ask him so many questions like who she was? What happen to her and why couldn't she remember what had happened to her?

But her mouth wouldn't open. The words wouldn't come out. It was almost if her ability to speak was impaired.

He calls me Anissa. But he also calls me Tara. Then who am I? Anissa or Tara?

She still didn't understand.

She couldn't recall anything. Her mind was completely blank and because of that, she was completely void and empty.

She had suffered from a spinal hernia due to which she couldn't move freely or walk. So after two weeks of rest and silence, she started her rehabilitation which took about a month for her to walk again.

In that time, she came to know about many things.

The man that called himself her husband, Shehryaar or Shehry as he liked for her to call him, told her many things about how she used to be.

He told her that she was his wife as well as his slave. And that she obeyed him unconditionally.

Then what was she? His wife or his slave?


A small voice whispered at the back of her head. And that's when she discovered that in the deep cervices of her mind, she was not alone. There was someone else or something there with her.

Who are you? She had asked that voice. And it wouldn't say anything whenever she would ask it. It would only call to Anissa when Shehryaar would instruct her or order her to do something.


It would commanded. And as if sensing her confusion, Anissa's body would quickly obey the silent command of that voice. It didn't matter that Anissa was confused or that she didn't want to do anything, it was almost as if her body wasn't her won and it was under the influence of that voice. So the confused and amnesiac Anissa followed what that voice you command. Almost as if she was a machine and that Voice was the control centre.

And what's more, When she had first seen Shehryaar, her instincts told her to do whatever the man said. She didn't understand anything accept for to do whatever she was told to do.

Maybe she did it because she had no other choice or rather, she was too confused. Her confusion was always present but because Shehryaar had instilled so many rules in her, she didn't bother much on them and simply followed through with his orders.

Especially since she couldn't ask him.

It was almost as she was mute.

And she wanted to ask so many things but just couldn't.

It was almost as if an invisible force was stopping her from saying or doing anything. Almost as the small voice in her mind was the one in control.

She felt like a silent obedient puppet.

Whenever she tried to remember anything, she couldn't. It was all blank.

Everything in her mind was dark.

She didn't realise that she would be gone inside her mind for hours on end trying to find the source of the voice that silently commanded her to do whatever it said.

Who are you? Please I need to know. Who am I? Why am I here? She mentally screamed into the darkness around her.

It was so disorienting for her: for there was darkness in her mind and nothingness in her reality.

She had no sense of self.

No orientation.

No connections.

No identity.

It was vexing for her.

She wanted answers but whenever she tried to r

idn't open.

Shut down. The voice commanded in her head and slowly, she began to close her eyes.

He frowned as he stilled when he saw her become relaxed and limp.

This was probably the first time he was witnessing this. He had forced himself on her a few times before and she had fought against him. But now, he was clearly confused and displeased at her total compliance.

"Tara, open your eyes." He ordered and cupped her face. She obeyed and opened her eyes.

His breath got caught in his throat as he saw her void eyes.

He had seen them before too but now, they disturbed them.

There should be at least something in them: pain being one.

There was nothing.

Absoluetely nothing.

He knew that. It didn't bother him before this. Then why did it now? His heart clenched when he saw her lying like that beneath him, totally at his disposal.

He should be enjoying this but he wasn't. Instead, he felt a strong pang struck him painfully at the pit of his stomach. The annoyance and frustration paved way to conflict and another unpleasant known feeling that he had experienced on the night when they had lost their child.

Swallowing hard and with a heavy heart, he pulled out of her and laid on his side.

"Get some sleep." He said as he got up and retreated to the bathroom.

Stepping under the cool shower, he let the water cascade down his body but it didn't help with letting out the steam that had risen in his mind.

"What the fuck?" He growled as his fist met with the hard cold tile of the shower. His knuckles cracked at the impact but he didn't care.

What was this sudden need to extract a reaction from her? He didn't bother with it in the two months that she had been this way.

What was this intense need to see her smile? what was this need to see an emotional response from her?

Maybe I liked it more when she screamed in pain. His sadistic mind conjured.

Or moaned in pleasure. His rational part countered.

But either way, she did react. Then why wasn't she now?

Suddenly, he had an urge to see her eyes sparkle with that fire that used to blaze so brightly.

You bastard! Shahzeb shouted in her head.

You're the one who wanted to put out that fire.

'I can't wait to break you....'

'This feisty nature and fighting spirit had to go.....'

His own words resonated in his head.

"Fuck!" He punched the wall again.

Isn't this what you wanted?

What is this? Am I regretting what I did? He thought to himself as he clenched his teeth tightly.


Karma's a bitch Shehryaar :P

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