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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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Shehryaar stepped into his bedroom with an air of dominance and victory surrounding him, his strides confident.

Because as he approached inside, there in front of him, seated elegantly in a Victorian seat, her shoulders squared and hands neatly placed in her lap, was his Queen.

She was dressed in an exquisite faded blue chiffon sari that complimented the creamy colour of her skin. Her dark hair that was dyed black, had grown a few inches from the roots and revealed her natural coffee brown hair and reached under her shoulders as they hung openly. She was adorned with pure solid gold jewels around her delicate neck and wrists. Her face was lightly dusted with makeup and her lips were painted a beautiful rosy pink.

Her hazel eyes stare at him as he approached her. Snapping his fingers, he silently ordered the maids to leave as he approached his wife, smiling and feeling pleased to the fullest.

It had been two month since she had woken up. Initially, Shehryaar didn't believe that she had forgotten everything since he didn't trust her. He thought that it was ploy for him to believe that she had forgotten everything so that she may come up with ways to escape him, but one look in her eyes, the empty and void hazel gaze confirmed that she was truly gone.

And as the days passed, he learned that she did whatever he said without so much as a look of disapproval.

She was completely submissive and obedient. She didn't say anything and didn't even try to retaliate. She silently followed through his every whim, especially in bed.

And he enjoyed and reveled in her submission. His dominant egotistic side was greatly pleased. This is what he wanted after all. But a part of him, the side of him that was ruled my Shahzeb, was uneasy at her silence. Ever since she woke up, she didn't utter a single word. It was as if her lips were sealed shut.

But he didn't bear it any mind. He wasn't one for words either and was a man of action. As long as she was his completely and did whatever he ordered her to do, he had no problem.

She was at his complete disposal.

She was finally his slave. The once proud and headstrong woman that he knew was truly lost and forgotten.

So Shehryaar instilled in her all his rules and the consequences should she break them. And by far, she didn't break even a single one.

She wore the dresses that he chose for her. He didn't break his promise though and made sure that she was always dressed modestly. He knew that she must've probably forgotten about that promise but he didn't. He despised lying and breaking his promises so he kept it.

Two maids

nemy, his own family, was finally at the brink of extinction. And that was the revenge he sought all along.

For all the years of abuse and neglect and the hardships he faced simply because he was born a twin. And in the Ghulari family, the rare incidence of twins was considered a taboo. And with events that led to his birth, matters were only bitter and vitriolic for him from the start.

The Ghulari blood was too tainted.

Shehryaar never wanted to involve Anissa in the filth of his family. But since he was about to become the Next Ameer, it was only apparent that she, as his wife, would be involved and would rule by his side.

Shehryaar led Anissa to the top terrace on the fourth floor from where he knew that he would be able to get a good view of the entire land.

"Look Tara, " Shehryaar exclaimed loudly as he led her by the waist and swayed his arm in the air.

"This is all ours now. We will rule this land together." He announced proudly.

"Those fucking jahil fools have no idea what this land possesses. And before they know it, I'll snatch it from them before they could even flinch." Shehryaar announced and looked down to see Anissa's eyes staring into the distance.

He smiled and turned her chin to face him.

"And when we rule, many things will change. I have such big plans for us." He claimed arrogantly and leaned down to brush his lips against her soft glossy ones.

It was perfect.

Everything was perfect. For everything was going in his favour.

And he always got what he wanted.


Don't worry, just be patient :) he won't be this cocky for long

Plz read this carefully for this is Shehryaar and his family's history :) you'll be needing it to understand his past later on

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