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   Chapter 44 NO.44

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 9835

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:18

There was anticipation in the air.

Shehryaar grew excited by the passing second.

Today was finally the day. He was finally about to avenge his twin. And seize the seat of power that should've solely belonged to him.

Hope you're watching Shahzeb. He thought.

Yeah right. You're not doing this for me, your doing this for yourself. Shahzeb's voice echoed in his head.

Shehryaar smirked smugly. Yeah I suppose I am. He mentally responded.

"Boss, " his second in command, Qadeem, came up to him and bowed his head slightly in respect and fear. Shehryaar nodded.

"We've brought him."

Shehryaar smirked deviously. "Excellent."

He waited patiently in the dark room located in the deep dondeon chambers of his mansion in Khaaspur, as his men brought in a man dressed in a black traditional Kurta and his face was covered by a black sac. His muffled cries could be heard clearly as he was brought even closer to Shehryaar's powerful suit clad frame.

The man was forced on his knees as the men held him down.

Shehryaar jerked his chin as he locked his hands behind his back. The sac was removed from his head and his pathetic tear stained face came into view.

"Welcome brother." Shehryaar announced loudly.

Azhar glared daggers at him. Shehryaar snapped his fingers and the gag was removed from his mouth.

"Traitor!" Azhar yelled as he spat blood to the ground by Shehryaar's crocodile lofers, missing them by a mere centimetre.

"You've broken the blood oath!" He screamed yet his voice held no power and fear was heavily lacing his tone. He was sweating heavily and he was visibly out of breath as Shehryaar's intimidating figure towered over him.

"Traitor?" Shehryaar mused as he raised a brow. "As I recall, you're the one who initiated the assault on my territory. Despite being a mutual agreement between us, you broke the oath by raiding and killing my men at the southern border." Shehryaar stated coldly, his steel grey eyes boring into his brown ones with an extreme cruel intensity. And he began to squirm under his death glare. "The Saeen of the North is traitor here, not the Saeen of the south!" Shehryaar declared ferociously.

What a pussy. Shehryaar thought with delight as he saw Azhar shake like a leaf in terror.

Azhar swallowed hard. He knew that whatever Shehryaar had said was true. "B-but, you're the one who killed all of my men in the legions that I had sent. You're the one who sabotaged the agreement from the start."

Shehryaar smiled coldly. "Ah, you mean to say when you're own men started to attack my men?" Shehryaar exclaimed, clearly amused at the pathetic idiot for trying to argue with Shehryaar when he himself knew what he had done. Even though that was not the case, Shehryaar had his men kill all of the legions sent in my Azhar to his four territories. Shehryaar had anticipated that Azhar would try to break the blood oath first because his methods were simply to

"So, it wouldn't come as a surprise if I were to inform the elders and the council about your treachery and most of all, you're crime of killing my brother."

Azhar snickered as his shoulders shook. "I see what this is about. So you finally show your true colours. This is about revenge isn't it?" Azhar inquired as he levelled his glare with that of Shehryaar's.

Shehryaar's leg immediately kicked Azhar hard in the stomach. He screamed in pain and fell to the ground on his side.

"Yes you pathetic piece of shit. In the end it's all about revenge." Shehryaar sneered. He saw no reason to lie since it was so obvious now.

"You are calling for a war." Azhar coughed. "By killing me, you'll wage a war. The council and the family will never accept you."

Again Shehryaar laughed dryly as he stomped his foot on Azhar's throat and pulled out his gun.

"You're forgetting what foundations our family stands on, " he spat venomously. "Revenge is the ultimate right of every Ghulari. When you had killed my brother, my only true blood, you had signed off you're own death warrant to me." He snarled viciously and pointed his gun straight between his eyes. Azhars eyes widened, the fear and the undeniable weakness finally breaking through his arrogance.

"No wait please!" He started to beg but Shehryaar immediately silenced him by stomping his foot sharply on his mouth, causing a nasty sound of cracking of bones in the air, causing Azhar to cry out in pain.

"Such a weak pussy. You don't fucking deserve to the next Ameer." Shehryaar hissed. And cocked his gun. Azhar screamed for mercy but was immediately silenced. "You're too outdated and weak, unfit for evolution. Only the strongest survive in this game for power. You're kind of pathetic motherfucking pussies give real leaders a bad name." He claimed.

"The time for the feudal lords is over. The time for mobsters has come." And with that, Shehryaar pulled the trigger.


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