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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Shehryaar took Anissa to his hospital where the doctor ran a battery of tests and scans on her.

The doctor pondered deeply as he studied Anissa's head CT scan.

"Doesn't seem to be any lesions in the temporal lobe. There is just the superficial swelling and the concussion from the fall that she sustained." The doctor told Shehryaar.

"Just get to the point." He growled in impatience.

The doctor flinched. "W-well, " he quickly cleared his throat as he held Anissa scan in his hand.

"Usually, amnesia, that is impaired memory loss, is caused when there is physical trauma to this side of the brain, " he explained as he pointed at the sides of the brain image in the scan.

"But I don't see any lesions. There is no sign of trauma. And what's more, I think this amnesia doesn't have any organic causes. The other alternative is psychogenic amnesia since her brain is in pristine condition. And what's more, if she doesn't know who she is, this is pointing towards repressed memories."


The doctor sighed. "Her patient history says that before she slipped into a coma, she had viewed her charts and shortly after, she started to experience a seizure that resulted in her going under. I'm thinking that her amnesia is caused due to her discovering of her miscarriage. That must be the strong stimulatory trauma that must've cause this psychogenic amnesia. It's a form of dissociative amnesia." The doctor elaborated.

"It's a defence mechanism of the mind. It's her way of coping with her loss." The doctor said. But he needed more information to confirm this diagnosis.

"Boss, please don't mind me asking, but how was she before this accident?" He dared to asked.

Shehryaar narrowed his eyes at the old man. But nonetheless, he needed to tell him if he was to tell him what needed to be done.

"She had to undergo some discipline." He replied coldly. The doctor inhaled sharply. His suspicions were confirmed in that one sentence. He knew how intimid

, the fire that was ablaze so brightly was now extinguished.

It took a lot to break her and to put out that fire.

Now, there was no sign of the Anissa that he knew: the strong and stubborn woman that he was dead bent on breaking.

First came the physical, then the emotional and then the psychological.

Bit by bit, he broke her in all aspects.

And now, that she was completely destroyed, it was time to rebuild her once again.

But this time, in his version of how he envisioned her to be.

After all, there is always destruction and chaos before creation.

And now, she was his. Without any doubt. She solely belonged to him now.

Smiling gently, he stroked her cheek.

"Meri Tara, " he murmured.

"Do you know who you are?" He inquired. Anissa shook her head.

"You're Anissa Ghulari. You're my wife, however, you are also my slave. You obey be unconditionally. You do whatever i tell you to. You have no opinions of your own, you do not have any will of your own. You follow my every whim and command." He told her.

He knew that her mind was completely shattered and it was In a perfect state to be manipulated and remodelled as he willed.

"And, I am you're king. I am Shehryaar Ghulari."

She was finally his equal and in his eyes, she became his true wife and Queen.


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