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   Chapter 39 NO.39

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 8196

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:15

Shehryaar didn't know for how long he sat there contemplating.

She was pregnant. And even though she had lost her baby- their baby, he had no idea how or what to feel.

All his life, he never felt any remorse, any guilt or any empathy towards anything. HE understood these feelings but never felt them. He never felt any fear of his actions or the consequences of what his actions might entail. He understood what these feelings were and he had used them against his victims and opponents so many times because he knew their importance.

He understood what remorse was but he just didn't feel it.

Anything that directly effected him, that was all that he could feel.

How could you respond to something that you couldn't feel anything for?

He could rationalise anything. Everything had a logical explanation.

We lost the baby. It's okay though. We can try again, right? He thought, his chest tightening with each breath he took.

You think? Shahzeb sneered inside his head. Do you really think that you can rationalise this? No you can't. It's all your fault. You pushed her and now that baby is lost.

How could it be my loss? I didn't even know that baby? He tried to justify his actions all the while trying to keep his emotions under control as the flood gates threatened to open.

It was yours too. Why don't you realise that it's your loss!

And that's when he felt it: a strong emotion washing over him making his heart beat fast yet his chest felt as if it was being constricted.

It was the same painful feeling that he had felt when he learnt that Anissa had left him. It was the same feeling when he found out that his twin had died.

Except, it was ten times more intense. It made all rationale fly out the window as his head throbbed.

"Fuck!" He growled.

No! No! It was all her fault. Why did she have to act so immaturely? He mentally shouted.

Really? You're one sick motherfucker for trying to pin the blame on that innocent woman when you very well know that she was only reacting to the ton of shit that you threw at her. Shahzeb yelled back.

Shehryaar clenched his teeth tightly as his hands balled up into fists. Suddenly, he felt an intense urge to pull out his gun and shoot down anything that came to view.

This painful feeling was just too much.

What was it?

Was this remorse? Regret?

He couldn't understand. He couldn't recognise these feelings since he had never felt them before.

erful man and thus, she needed to be treated with the utmost care.

"The charts. Let me see them!" Anissa screamed. The nurse looked down and saw that he charts on Anissa's condition were lying on he floor. Bending down, the urge retrieved them.

"Ma'am, I cannot let you see them."

"Let me see them!" Anissa demanded, her eyes throwing daggers at the poor nurse. The nurse sighed. She didn't understand why Anissa would want to see those charts but she handed to them to her anyway, seeing as how desperate Anissa was but she knew that Anissa wouldn't be able to understand them and all that she needed was to calm her down. She really pitied Anissa for she knew what the poor young woman had been through.

Little did she know, Anissa knew exactly what those charts meant. Her hazel eyes skimmed over the pages. But as soon as her eyes landed on the information that she needed to know, Anissa felt her world come crashing down As she fell back to the pillows.

7 w/o fetus miscarried..., The clipboard fell to her chest as her eyes trained on the ceiling.

I really was having a baby. My baby. And he's gone. He killed my baby. That monster killed him. She thought and closed her eyes.

And that was all.

Her body began to shake vigorously as the heart monitor detected an abnormal fast pace of her heart.

"She's seizing! Code blue!" The nurse yelled as she went out to the door to retrieve help.

But what could help her now?

She had lost everything.

She was completely broken now.

Her only ray of hope was extinguished.



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