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   Chapter 37 NO.37

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 5818

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:14

Shehryaar was almost asleep on the armchair in his office when he jolt awake at the sound of the fire alarm being echoed off throughout the estate.

And when he came out, what he saw was beyond shocking. Huge flames were coming out from his bedroom.

"ANISSA!" He screamed as he sprinted towards the door. And what he saw made his blood boil with anger: Anissa was the one responsible for setting the fire as she continuously sprayed fire from an inflammable can towards the various objects in the room. He remained in control as he ordered his men to secure the estate.

He dashed into the room, ignoring the flames that seared his skin as he made his way towards a mad Anissa. Even under the spray of the water, the flames kept on coming out.

He pulled her out in time before she could procure any harm.

Shehryaar pulled her out and gripped her arms tightly as he made her face him. But the crazed look in her hazel eyes told him that she wasn't sane at the moment, Her cheeks were scratched with red angry lines and he knew instantly that she had lost it.

She wasn't looking at him as her eyes were fixated in the blazing room.

"Anissa, Anissa!" He yelled at her face, shaking her vigorously. And when her hazel eyes finally landed on him, he saw something there that he had never seen before: pure unadulterated rage and red hot hatred, all directed towards him.

"You! You bastard!" She started screaming as her hands came up and slapped him hard on the face and her dainty fists punched on his hard chest.

He was taken aback. She had never acted this way. She was completely lost in a daze. Of course she had been violent once before but it was nothing like this.

She looked possessed.

Crazed. Deranged.


e marble of the stairs. and a sickening clack of her bones breaking from her spine reverberatee in her eyes as the last thing that her mind could register and she went tumbling down.


Her scream pulled him out of his stupor when he saw her tumble and roll down the stairs.

"No!" Shehryaar ran down but it was too late.

Her unconscious body stopped at the foot of the stairs. He rushed to her side.

"Anissa!" He lightly patted her cheek.

"No no no, baby, open you're eyes." He shouted and quickly picked her up in his arms.

"Get the cars out!" He barked loudly. It didn't go unnoticed that blood began to pour out from between her legs. The corners of her mouths were also dripping with blood.

"Anissa? Baby? Please open your eyes!" He shook her body as he ran to the exit.

As soon as he hopped into the awaiting black Hummer, Anissa's eyes fluttered open. She saw Shehryaar gape at her in utter trepidation, something she thought she hold never see.

"The baby. Save the baby." Her lips moved to release the words in such a small whisper that he would've missed it but he heard her.

And she feel into a pit of darkness.

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