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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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The estate was quiet and dark.

The guards were outside but at a distance so as to not disturb the master and mistress of the house.

The maids had retired to their quarters. The whole estate was deadly silent. Even the sound of the whistling wind could be heard. There weren't any crickets around seeing as the estate was in the middle of an island in the sea.

Slowly, the gentle taping of soft footsteps could be heard as they made their way down the large staircase.

It was darkness all around her and she never thought that the absence of light would ever be so comforting.

So soothing.

So comforting.

She never thought that the darkness could be so inviting.

And what was darkness?

Just the absence of light?

Or rather, the absence of everything that mattered.

But this darkness was nothing compared to the darkness that was inside her mind.

All that lurked in the deep cavernous of her shattered psyche was one single thing now.

Her body was rigid, back stiff, shoulders squared and stride confident as she made her way to the main area of the lounge. Slowly, she entered the kitchen. It was dark and she didn't bother with opening the lights.

With stealthy steps, she proceeded towards the stove. Her eyes roamed around. Opening one of the closest drawers, her lips twitches up when she finally found what she was looking for.

Slowly, she ascended up the stairs and back into her room. One hand carried the object that she got from the kitchen while with the other, she uncapped a spray can that she had found in the bathroom and she stepped into the walk in closet.

Almost immediately, the waft of his powerful cologne lingered to her nostrils when she approached the portion where Shehryaar's clothes were hanging.

All in dark colours.

Black, grey, charcoal, deep royal blue.

Just like his personality. Dark and deep and complex.

Carefully, she touched the material of the suits. They were so soft and rich to the touch: so in opposite contrast to his course and tough personality.

She opened a glass drawer that held all his ties and wrist watches.

When her eyes fell on a silver grey silk tie, all the memories came flooding back to her when she remember how he had bound her with it and taken her like a savage.

"You're real parents didn't even want you."

And it


Not the consequences of her actions.

No one.


All that her mind focused on was the suffocating anger and the emotions that came with it and it caused her to focus solely on herself. What she cared about was herself.And right now all she wanted was to let out everything. And let go.

Stop it Ainnie! Think about the baby that you're carrying! her conscience screamed at her as her mind battled with the various emotions storming inside her head. But his words were stronger as the caught a strong grip of her mind.

"You should be considering yourself lucky that I accepted you and married you."

Get a grip on yourself Ainnie. Her conscience tried to intervene once again but she blocked it out.

The flames had increased so much that the fire alarms were set off and the water sprays on the ceiling began to sprinkle.

But she was wasn't about to stop.

She hadn't even realised that someone was pulling her out to the fire as the smoke and the water began to overcome her surroundings.



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