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   Chapter 35 NO.35

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 7867

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:13

She began to shake like a leaf as her emotions were beginning to skyrocket. A feeling of self doubt was beginning to claw and arrest her heart.

"How can you disrespect and humiliate me like this?" She cried, feeling utterly dejected. She was about to tell him about the baby but something stopped her.

He broke into a fit of bleak laughter.

"Disrespect?" He said between laughter and quickly face her with a smug smirk. "Do you really think that a woman like you has any respect?" He put a lot of strain in his words and they hit Anissa like a bulldozer.

"Someone who was tainted and stripped of her purity before marriage? Don't make me laugh." He acclaimed harshly. He knew it was a low blow and he was crossing a line. He had no right to mock her about her rough past but he didn't care, it needed to be said.

And it did as Anissa gawked at him in utter dubiousness. "D-don't you d-dare say that." She dsaid as strongly as she could manage. "You're the one who forced me to marry you even though I had told you the truth from the very beginning." She sobbed. His every word felt like a spear that pierced her heart.

"You should be considering yourself lucky that I accepted you and married you." He hissed. "I mean after all, who'd want a frigid woman like you anyway? Truth be told sweetheart, you're beautiful and all but lets face it, " he paused as he observed her reaction as the words that he was about to say were going to be final her undoing.

"You're real parents didn't even want you. Your uncle and aunt whom you've been protecting all this time gave you away to me after a listening to a fucking sob story. Everyone got rid of you. Because you are unwanted. Undesirable. Not needed by anyone." He uttered. "And with you being so fucking frigid, it makes you all the more less desirable. There's no fucking way that you could ever satisfy me. Sure you're a good fuck. But that's all that you are: my slave that I can use for fucking whenever I want and dispose off later when i see fit. That's all you are."

"No!" She began to pant in disbelief as she gripped her head, her mind registering his words.

"Don't say that! it's not true. They love me! They care for me!" she shouted as she sobbed.

Shehryaar smirked in triumph; he knew that he had finally gotten to her."Look at you. You're the real pathetic one here. A

nissa was enough for him but just didn't realise that. He saw this as the only way for her to understand.

Feeling like shit Shehryaar? Shahzeb taunted him.

"Fucking get lost!" He shouted and with his gun, he emptied all the bullets in the cartridge in the body of the dead woman. He knew he shouldn't have killed her because he was on neutral grounds but his thirst for blood and the need to kill overcame him as his anger grew by the seconds

And what's more, he wanted her to know the pain that he was suffering from for the past two years. And he held her accountable for that pain that's why he was so adamant on hurting and breaking her.

However, he felt furious with himself. So much that his head began to pound. He almost regretted his words. And a probing feeling nagged him at the back of his head.

And his heart. It wanted to go back to her and comfort her. But he wasn't one to give into his feelings. She needed to suffer and she was suffering. He should be feeling good and better about himself but he wasn't. Instead, he felt his chest tighten painfully. The sight of her pale tear stained face and anguish filled eyes had his heart tugging painfully.

Go to her you motherfucker. She looked like she wanted to say something to you. Shahzeb's voice nagged at the back of his mind but he ignored him.

He was about to see her fall.

This was her breaking point. And he was certain that this time, there will be nothing left of Anissa Ghalib.




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