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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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Two weeks passed and her nightmares continued. They were slowing killing her.

She had no tears left. Shehryaar had even taken them away from her.

Shehryaar had disappeared on her and for that she was grateful. She needed her space.

Desperately she was trying to seek some comfort in anything. The only time she felt detached from the pain was when she was praying and when she felt close to God. However, she didn't ask for anything other then the will and strength to be patient.

The worst part was, she couldn't even talk her pains out to anyone.

Because whenever she thought about the horrible incidences, her stomach would knot and she would throw up all over again. she couldn't seem to keep anything in her stomach. And when her periods came, her body heated up and ached all over.

Whenever she ate, she felt a metallic taste devours her taste buds and her hunger would die down and the constant need to urinate had her drinking less.

That Day as well. she sat silently by the window sill and gazed outside. She couldn't leave the room even though it was unlocked. But she knew that Shehryaar was testing her; he wanted her to defy him but she wasn't about to. she wasn't about to give him the slightest chance at hurting her family.She knew he must be watching her even now.

Her stomach cramped and she groaned. it was only the second day and her period cramps were attacking her so violently. She had never experienced such pain before.

Already she was in so much pain and now even her body was punishing her.However, she was surprised at one thing. it had only been two months since she was married and she got her periods now. She knew that her periods were not always on time but at least they were regular. And what's more, she woke up and found that her lower back was covered in some sort of hive-like rash. She inspected the rash that appeared pruritic. She knew that she wasn't allergic to anything that could possibly cause such an irritable hive like rash.

At that exact moment, a sudden gag reflex cause bile to rise in her throat and she ran to the toilet.

That's when the realisation of the situation hit her hard like a ton of bricks.

It all added up.

The constant nausea, vomiting, the hyperthermia, the metallic taste in her mouth, the rash.

All these signs pointed towards only one possibility.

But it wasn't possible. she was having her period right now. How could it possibly be? A sense of dread and worry engulfed her.

Her life couldn't be more cruel and unstable and now this had to happen.

Up until now she didn't blame Allah for anything but if this possibility came true, then she couldn't help but feel resentful. She was already in a painful bind. She couldn't risk to bring in another innocent life in her mess.

But it still seemed impossible. However, there was only one way to find out.

Shehryaar had allowed only

d no empathy or remorse? Could he possibly change himself for the sake of his child?

Yes, it was possible. children can melt even the most coldest and hardest of hearts.

No, he wouldn't change. he would still be the same! her doubts screamed in her head but she tried to block them away.

Maybe, after all this suffering and pain, Allah finally decided to award me with this child. this baby could be our redemption. This baby could be our salvation.she thought optimistically and stood up to her feet.

Guilt tore through her when she thought how she blamed and resented Allah for this blessing only a few moments ago. It wasn't a curse. This child was indeed a blessing. It was her ray of hope. Her beacon of light in the darkness.

She decided then and there that she would protect this baby and love and cherish it more then anything. Whether Shehryaar agrees or not, he will have to change. She will give her child a safe and secure environment.

Her shattered spirit began to feel uplifted once again.

A new found determination and hope surged through her.

Her faith began to calm her chaotic mind. Her heart felt at ease for the first time in a long while.

A new strength and courage found its way to her heart and rooted deeply.

Millions of doubts still plagued her mind but she didn't allow them to conquer her.

For the first time, she didn't feel fear or terror rather, all the fear and the confusion flew out the window and hope and joy took their place.

Yes, this is all I need. positivity. she thought and made her way back to the bathroom.

I will make it out of this. I will restore myself back again. I will heal back. For this baby, I'll do anything. she thought with conviction.

Things were finally starting to look up.



Omg we are at #86 in romance, let's reach #1 soon inshaa Allah :)


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