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   Chapter 28 NO.28

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 13168

Updated: 2018-05-18 22:09

Shehryaar stood up, fuming.

His eyes trained on the delicate injured woman on the ground. She was so fragile.

Yet she was a lethal woman.

Today was one fucked up day full of betrayals.

And from none other then the two people he trusted most.

Anissa and Zameer.

Anissa was one challenging woman. She had managed to make him feel emotions that fazed and played with his mind.

He had thought that he had finally broke her. How wrong he was.

He could've never thought even for a second that she would plan to leave him.

And here he was thinking of finally treating her with some gentleness. He had planned to make things a little better when he got back from China. He had even thought of spending some quality time with her and try to be a little less intimidating towards her. After all, it did him no loss to treat her with a little softness. She was his wife after all and even he had to admit that he had treated her wrongfully. Of course she was stubborn but that was the fun. Her personality was a constant stimulation for him. A constant trigger towards amusement.

But this one act shattered every bit of hope that rose.

Now he was furious.

She betrayed him by leaving him. And what's more, she was talking about divorce? Divorce!

From him?

How fucking dare she? He thought.

Never in a million years had he thought that she would betray him like this.

He was a hard man and one who didn't trust so easily. And now, he learned that he could never trust Anissa again.

She was no different then the few people he had trusted.

He looked back at the picture fame that lay broken on the floor of her small bedroom.

He knew what the picture meant.

"You just had to ruin everything." He murmured to himself and lifted Anissa's unconscious body into his arms.

Her forehead was bleeding from the impact of the gun's handle. Even now, she looked so beautiful.

But now Shehryaar knew that looks were too deceiving.

He was deceived by her beauty.

He had always allowed himself to bask in her beauty that he failed to understand what she was thinking sometimes.

"You just had to fuck this up." He hissed as his arms tightened around her small delicate frame, her scent tainted by the smell of her blood.

He wanted to hurt her so badly; this one small injury and this little blood wasn't enough to satisfy his wounded ego.

But he kept himself patient. He had been patient till now.

He pulled out of the house and headed towards the awaiting limosine.

After Anissa's kidnapping, Shehryaar took some serious steps in modifying the tracker in Anissa. While she was recuperating from her starvation, he had managed to put a new and improved tracker in her hip. This one would notify him if she was a few yards away from his estates since his estates were wired under his security company, one of his own design.

He was technological genius and creating a tracker that could easily use electromagnetic as well mechanical waves was the first of its kind. And only Shehryaar knew about it since he had no plans of launching it on a commercial scale.

The conference he was attending was very important. All his devices and weapons were confiscated. The room was underground and completely secured. But the wireless indicator in his wrist watch immediately notified him that Anissa had left his estate. He had excused himself from the conference even though it was risky but Anissa was more important.

He had immediately called Zameer. Zameer had notified him that there was power break caused by a storm. And when he went back to look for Anissa, she wasn't in her room.

But Shehryaar knew Zameer all too well. After all, he was a skilled analyser and he knew immediately that Zameer was lying. Zameer had never lied to Shehryaar before. When he had attended his call, Zameer's voice sounded surprised and that's when Shehryaar immediately knew that whatever Zameer was

s. He wanted her warmth. So he decided that from now on he would do something to make her smile instead of crying.

But Anissa ruined everything.

Only she was to blame for what was to come.

The click and sound of the main door aroused him from his emotions.

He sat back up. His eyes caught sight of a picture placed on her side table.

He stood up and pulled out his gun while with the other hand he studied the picture. It was of her graduation day.

She was smiling. It was so dazzling.

He wanted to see that for himself.

Anissa didn't know but Shehryaar was also there that day. He was silently watching her from a distance. he had witnessed her at her most proudest and happiest moment. His eyes were looking at the picture while his mind was recalling that moment. She was so carefree as if nothing else mattered and at that time, Shehryaar had wanted nothing but to claim her as his but he knew he couldn't. not when Shehzeb was around.

And now, when she was finally his, even then she ran away from him. His mind failed to comprehend. Of course he understood that she ran away after all his treatment towards her wasn't exactly decent. But she was his wife.

She was suppose to endure him.

She was bound to him and thus she had no right to complain.

But she did.

Shehryaar pulled himself out of his thoughts and glanced down in his arms. Her expression wasnt peaceful.

Good. he thought as a cold smile curved his lips.

Anissa tested him a every point.

She was stubborn and he admired her for her tenacity. She was strong and fought against him for what she believed in and it was amusing while it lasted but not anymore. If that same stubbornness and tenacity caused him to lose her then he had to inflict so much damage on not only her body but this time, on her mind and soul.

This was practically the last straw.

He had kept his true nature hidden from her till now.

But not anymore.

He was cruel, too cruel.




Till now, she had only seen him as Shehry.

Now, she was about to witness him as Shehryaar Ghulari, the Mafia boss.

And she would get what every one who dared to go against him got without any mercy.

She disobeyed him.

She disrespected him.

And she betrayed him.

He was about to teach her the ultimate lesson that would discipline her for good.





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