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There were some moments in Anissa's life that seemed too surreal.

There was a time when once she almost lost her father to a heart attack but miraculously, he was saved and he lived. Then there was a time in which she was at her lowest and despite the circumstances, she came through.

These were the moments when she thought that the whole universe was against her. And she would feel so helpless and powerless.

These are the moments in which a person feels most human: vulnerable and weak. They feel as if everything is out of their control. And all a human ever wants is control.

You feel like you're just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things.

Right now, it was no different.



NO! What is he doing here? He wasn't suppose to be here! She mentally screamed as her hazel eyes stared at him in utter shock and terror.

There he stood, his side facing her: his head low as if he was examining something in his hand. His dark hair was unkempt as if he had passed his fingers through it multiple times. His charcoal tailored suit was wrinkled.

She studied his stature: his back was straight, shoulders squared and his stance strong. His neck was slightly bowed down and Anissa's eyes followed down to see that he was looking at something. She couldn't look into his eyes but from the stone hard expression on his face, she could easily tell that he wasn't pleased.

Her fear kicked in: her hands started shaking and her heart accelerated. Adrenaline pulsed wildly through her veins and all she wanted was to run away and hide somewhere.

"W-what are y-you d-doing here?" She stuttered, she couldnt hold it in; the fear was just too intense. too overwhelming. All the memories of the pain that she had endured clouded her mind.

He didn't respond as his eyes stayed glued to object he was observing.

Anissa's legs wouldn't move. She didn't dare approach him but from the looks of it, she could easily tell what he was looking at.

It was a frame: it contained her graduation photo. Anissa was glowing that day, at her left was her father and at her right was her mother. With them stood Haris and Ramsha.

Why is he looking at that picture? She thought as shivers ran down her spine and cold sweat formed on her forehead.

So many questions were running through her mind.

How did he find out I ran away?

The tracker was suppose to be off for a while?

Wasn't he in that conference?

How did he know that I'll come here? So many thoughts and all having dreadful answers.

How ever he managed to outwit her was beyond her comprehension.

Shehryaar was supposed to be in a very important meeting with the Chinese Mafia. The environment of the meeting was such that all devices were shut off automatically as all signals were cut off. That's what Zameer told her. And that was what they both relied on: that was the main key towards success in this escape. Both Zameer and Anissa had faith that the tracker in Anissa would be temporarily shut down and she would have enough time to flee with her family until Shehryaar found her. Then how did he ever find her?

Her mind was beginning to cloud with fear: her mind ran over all the scenarios that could happen: all the scenarios that ventured around him hurting her in more ways then one.

How masterfully he had managed to control her using her fear.

And she had promised herself that she would never let him control her yet here she was, paralysed by the mere site of him.

No! This had to stop! I'm leaving him! I will not let him control me anymore. She yelled at herself and mustered every fibre in her being to draw out strength and courage.

She was broken and wounded but she hadn't lost herself in all the madness and the chaos.

This is my house and I will not let him have his way here. She breathed in deeply: a sudden calmness and sense of power rushed in her. Her pacing heart slowed down a bit and the wheels in her mind began to stir. She pushed back all the doubt and the fear.

My parents are fine. They're probably out. She thought to comfort herself. That thought was all she needed to build up her courage and put her wits to good use.

She was a strong woman and she wasn't about to let this cruel monstrous man intimidate her any longer.

"What are you doing here? You aren't supposed to be here." She said again but this time, it was in a strong tone.

He didn't say anything.

"I want you to leave." She stated bravely.

He was still silent, his expression impassive. She was growing frustrated now. And her mind was slowing descending into panic mode.

"SHEHRYAAR!" she screamed.

The corner of his lips curved up as he finally tore his eyes away from the picture he was holding and twisted his neck to faced her.

Her heart began to accelerate when she saw the look on his face: his handsome features completely still and blank, not bearing any signs of emotion. But

and her words.

She knew her stubbornness would get her in harms way and not only her but her family as well. But if she was going down, she would go down fighting. She wasn't worried about herself. And she wasn't worried about her family either. After all he had promised that he would never harm her family and he himself proudly claimed that he never broke his promises.

"It's this fucked up stubbornness and disobedience that gets you to suffer.You're being incredibly stupid and stubborn right now." He claimed as if he was disappointed in her. She didn't understand what he meant." He gritted."And now, you're gonna fucking pay." He sneered.

He saw her confusion in her light hazel eyes.

For a moment he didn't say anything as if contemplating his next words carefully.

"Do you remember, what we had a deal on? You would say good bye to your family forever and I in turn would not harm your family." He said. Anissa's eyes widened.

No no he wouldn't. He promised.

"N-no, " she gasped, her shock evident on her face as all the color drained from her face and her body began to quiver badly.

"You wouldn't. Y-you promised." She choked.

Shehryaar laughed. "Promised? Ah yes that I did. But you do realise what you've done. You've just betrayed me and now you have the audacity to expect me to keep my promise to you?" He spat viciously.

"And now because of your stupidity and carelessness, I have to break my promise." He stated cruelly.

And she couldn't deny him: he was right. She was being stupid. But she couldn't blame herself, her mental well being was at stake. How could she possibly think clearly? All that mattered to her was getting home and getting a divorce.

But how could she have been so simple minded? How could she not have known that her husband was a manipulative psychotic killer. He was right. She was smart. Her mind could've come up with something more useful. She should've run away somewhere else. At least then the safety of her family wouldn't be risked.

But in her angered and emotional state, she completely underestimated him and forgot that he held the power: he held her in the palm of his hands because he may not kill her but he can easily kill her family to teach her a lesson.

And when she glanced into his soulless grey eyes, the darkened depths revealing nothing but vicious promises of pain and making her pay for her sins.

And to him, her betrayal was her biggest sin towards him. And apparently, she had betrayed him and wounded his pride. She shouldn't known better that this wouldn't have been so simple.

"P-please, d-don't hurt my family." She cried through his death grip, her tears rolling down her cheeks. "Pl-please, " she begged.

His lips contorted into a cold cruel smile as his grey eyes shone with maliciousness. She seldom begged but when she did, it did great wonders to his ego and sadistic mind.

"Fucking worry about yourself, you're gonna need it." And with that, he harshly hit the handle of his gun on her temple. She fell to the ground, A small rivulet of blood trickling down her forehead as she lost consciousness, her eyes closing.


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