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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Updated: 2018-05-18 22:07

Anissa kept silent and patient.

She couldn't believe that Zameer was going to help her escape. She thought he would need a lot of convincing and if he didn't help her then she would have to manage by herself.

She fed and gathered her strength.

Today was finally the day that Shehryaar was going to leave.

She woke up that morning and joined him for breakfast. They ate in silence as usual. None of them bothered to say anything to each other.

When Shehryaar was done, he stared at Anissa as she slowly ate. After that horrible experience, Anissa savoured every bite of food that entered her mouth.


She flinched when he called her and gently held her hand. She didn't dare look up at him.

"I'm leaving for China for a few days to take care of business." He said. Anissa's brows furrowed as a sign of confusion. She had to show him that she was confused as to why he was telling her this when he never told her anything before.

"You'll be staying here. I want you to grow strong and healthy by the time I get back." He said and stood up. Anissa also stood up with him.

Shehryaar was pleased that she was being so obedient.

Shehryaar went back to their bedroom. Anissa followed suit. Shehryaar quickly caught her waist and his lips came crashing down on Anissa's. It wasn't a rough or a harsh kiss that Anissa had expected: it was considerably soft and warm. His lips gently glided against hers. One of his hand steadied her waist

Shehryaar hadn't once kissed her during all this time. And now that she was a bit better, he couldn't help himself especially when he'd be leaving her.

Her heart beat began to accelerate as his warm lips gently traced against hers. Her body began to quiver. Her knees began to wobble and she had to grip his forearms to keep herself from falling as his body pressed against hers.

Shehryaar released her lips and immediately scooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed.

Anissa gasped and whimpered. "No, please, " she whispered when Shehryaar sat beside her.

Shehryaar looked down at her. His cold grey eyes scanned her face. Anissa made the mistake of looking into his soulless eyes and the reaction that Shehryaar wanted to see from her surfaced.

His lips curled up into a cold cruel smile. He saw it: The fear that was instilled in her of him.

He saw utter vulnerability enter her light hazel eyes.

In the time that he as trying to break her, he borne in her a fear that she couldn't describe for herself. It all began to happen around the countless times he brutally took her. He was successful in making her mind scarred with his actions as he took her every time against her will.

And he was merciless and ruthless.

Cold hearted and without conscience.

He wanted power and control over her and now he finally got it.

He was certain that she was traumatised now. Her previous trauma was gone and replaced by the new one that he instilled in her.

But he still saw a fire burn in her hazel eyes. Her fear couldn't hide it. Somehow that still pleased him that she remained steadfast and strong.

It was a challenge in itself for Shehryaar. He had made it his life's purpose to take Anissa for whatever she had to offer.

First came her obedience then control then respect and finally her submission.

His dominant side and pride was content with the way things were going.

Because soon, she'll be his unconditionally.

Carefully, he took her wrists and pinned them beside her head as he dipped his head down and captured her lips again.

She didn't react at first but when he tugged on her lower lip with his teeth, she gave in. She didn't close her eyes though and trained her eyes on the ceiling as he cupped her jaw and used his hand to open her mouth as his tongue entered her mouth.

But that wasn't what got Anissa on edge.

Shehryaar was being too soft and gentle towards her. His usual crassness and roughness was nowhere to be felt as his hands roamed up and down her body.

She was so used to his rough ways that this new development bewildered her to no end.

Her mind ran a thousand thoughts per second as she felt utterly disgusted.

His smell.

His taste.

His touch.

Everything about Shehryaar repulsed her.

She wanted to push him away but she knew better. She had to pretend like everything was normal so that he may leave and she could finally escape.

She couldn't believe that she had one thought that she could change him: his Amma's and her parents expectations motivated her but now, all she was wanted was to escape. Because she knew he was beyond reproach.

He simply couldn't be saved because he possessed no insight for it.

When he stopped and gazed deeply into her eyes, Anissa noticed that his grey irises had softened as they stared at her. Her fear made cold shivers run down her spine.

At the moment, all that she cared about was him leaving without finding out about her plans. She was trying her best to give him what he wanted so that he may leave.

But his blank gaze was unnerving.

She squirmed under him.

But she was caught off guard for a moment when she noticed something off about him.

She could easily tell that he was thinking deeply about something as he took in her features.

"I just realised, " he spoke, his breath fanning her face. Her breath hitched in her throat.

Did he figure out about my plan? she thought. she kept a neutral expression on since she knew he could easily read her.

"We didn't go on a honeymoon." He said, much to her relief.

But Anissa's eyes widened in shock.

"H-honeymoon?" She said In a cracked whisper.

Shehryaar smiled. "Yes Tara, our honeymoon. So I've decided that when I'm done with this important business, we'll go on our honeymoon." He acclaimed. He seemed so thrilled about the idea.

Anissa didn't respond and just nodded. For now, all she had to do was get along with whatever he said so that she may be rid of him as early as possible.

"So eat up and get healthy again. I need you in the best of health for this. Something big is coming up and for that, I need you to be in your best behaviour." He said cryptically, his expression passive as if in a daze.

Anissa was curious but she didn't probe for anything especially when she wasn't going to stick around for long.

"Will you be a good girl?" He asked, his smokey gaze locking with hers.

She nodded vigorously.

Shehryaar grinned at her and leaned down to brush his lips against hers. Anissa resisted the urge to vomit as her stomach twisted painfully and her heart constructed in her chest. His intoxicating cologne was burning her nose.

Shehryaar pulled her back up and they went down to the main hall.

"Zameer will be staying here with you but he may have to leave after a few days to conduct business, " Shehryaar conveyed as he strode towards the bavkseat of his awaiting limousine.

"Don't you dare disobey me in anything. I'll be calling everyday to check up on you so be sure that attend my calls." He said, his grey eyes hardening.

Anissa nodded.

Shehryaar raised a brow. He wondered why she was being so obedient but he wasn't complaining.

And he finally left.

Anissa felt a relief wash over her unlike any thing else. She gasped for fresh air to fill her lungs.

A new determination steeled her will.

It was finally time for her to regain her freedom.


It was the second day of Shehryaar's departure and Anissa kept at her normal routine.

She was anxious to leave quickly but Zameer had other plans.

Zameer found Anissa perched on a bench in the patio. She was staring at the sky in a daze.

"When do I leave?" She inquired when she felt his presence near her.

"Are you still sure about leaving?" Zameer queried, histone low as hiseyes kept watch on the various guards.

Anissa removed her eyes from the sky and stared at him with conviction.

"Yes I am. I can no longer stay with a monster like him." She stated resolutely.

"Still bhabi, what if you don't succeed? Shehryaar is a very powerful man. You have yet to see what he's capable off." He tried to pacify her one more time because knew Shehryaar all too well.

"He may be powerful but even he can't do anything if I want a divorce. I'll drag this matter to the court if I have to. I have every right to demand a divorce. These aren't rights that he gave me or I gave myself. These are the right that God and Islam gave me. And there is nothing, he can do about it." Anissa relayed confidently.

Zameer looked at her. He had failed to make her understand that to Shehryaar, the legal system never mattered. He defied it in every turn. And religion, it was non existent to Shehryaar. He held no regard of the rights that Islam had given him or Anissa. All he knew was to manipulate and monopolise anything and everything that he could to gain power and control, whether it be religion or the law. And when it concerned Anissa, it was a different mat

h immigration and security clearance.

There was still an hour in her flight. She sat down in the waiting lounge. She tried not to think too much. All that mattered to her that she left Dubai successfully.

She couldn't believe that she got this far. She was relieved. she kept thanking Allah for helping her this far. Oh Allah please keep me safe.

She looked around. She never thought that Dubai would leave such a bad impact on her. The memories, the horror.

Everything was linked and now she knew she would never want to come back to Dubai every again.

When it was time for her flight, she all but ran to the plane.

It was a long five hour flight.

She tried to sleep but she was so restless. And not to mention edgy and nervous.

The excitement to meet her parents again was another thing. She calculated the time and realised it had been only seven weeks since her wedding and the last she saw them.

But then again, she thought about how disappointed they will be; she'll come back to them so soon and demand divorce. She had decided to tell them the truth but then what?

They'd be so hurt upon realizing that it was their mistake for marrying her off to a monster. They would blame themselves.

Could she bear that?

Two years ago, when she was raped, she was in the same position: she desperately wanted to share her pain with her parents. She wanted their comfort in her most difficult time but then the thought of them being hurt was too great for her.

At the back of her mind, their love and kindness held a huge debt over her. They weren't her biological parents but they treated her no different. Her debt to them was too great even though they never made ehr feel unwanted or a burden. This was all that was in her subconsciously.

This is what made her decide not to tell them anything.

But that was then. What about now?

The situation was different and more severe now.

Divorce wasn't a small matter. It was a huge issue. They would ask her for her reasons: what would she tell them?

That Shehryaar abused her, violated her rights, treated her like an animal and tortured her?

Wouldn't that hurt them? Could she bear that?

The answer was staring at her in the face.

But what about all the happiness and contentment that Anissa gave them with her marriage. They were content that they fulfilled their responsibility of marrying her off to a good reputable man but what will happen when she gets divorced?

Her parents would loose the respect and dignity that they held in society. Because a divorcee was looked down upon the conservative society of Pakistan.

She didn't have any problem with what she would have to face but what about her parents? Is this how she was going to repay them for all that they had done for her?

They never made her feel like an outsider but her debt to them always made her feel responsible for upholding their honour and their dignity.

She was utterly confused but one thing was clear: she was going to divorce Shehryaar by any means necessary.

And whatever happens after that, she was sure that she could handle it. After all, it wasn't going to be bad as what she had already endured so far.

She had been through hell and back and now, it was time for her to be free.


Anissa jerked into unconsciousness when the air hostess woke her up and told her that they had arrived to Islamabad.

A sudden surge of happiness speared through her as she bolted up and ran out of the empty plane. She was the last person on board to getting through immigration was quick.

Once outside, she breathed in deeply the Pak air, her lungs filling and complete relief and joy engulfing her being. Her eyes welled up with happy tears, her emotions overwhelming her.

It was early morning and the warmth of the sun made her feel so comfortable.

She couldn't believe she was back to her country.

I'm free.

I'm finally free. She thought jocundly.

She did as Zameer had instructed her and disposed the disc, her passport and cell phone.

Quickly hailing a taxi, she told the driver her address. Soon she was passing through the familiar streets of Islamabad.

She couldn't believe how much she had missed her home.

After so long, she felt liberated and free. She had finally escaped from her gilded cage.

"Thank You Allah. Thank you so much." She murmured as she folded her hands in gratified prayer.

And when she entered her neighbourhood, her happiness knew no bounds. Her tears streamed down and she fought the urge to break down.

Home! I'm finally home! She thought as she felt so elated and complete. The taxi stopped in front of the gate of her home.

She paid the driver and immediately got out. She made her way to the door. It was open.

She halted in her movements and quickly wiped her tears away and willed herself into composure.

Opening the door, she entered her home and made her way to the living room. The familiar lavender smell of her home caused her heart to flip as her lips curled up in a smile as her eyes filled again.

"Ammi? Abu?" She called loudly as she entered the living room. No one was there. Of course she knew that her father would be gone for work at this time. Only her mother would be present.

"Ammi?" She called again but she couldn't hear anything.

Maybe she's in her bedroom. She thought and made her way upstairs.

She found their bedroom empty as well. Where is she? She thought in confusion and that's when she heard a noise come from her old bedroom. She smiled to herself realizing that her mother must be in her room.

She stride to the door and opened the door. Her heart was beating so fast in anticipation. She felt as if the mere sight of her mother would be enough for her.

"Ammi?" She called.

A gasp left her mouth when she saw what waited for her in the room.





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