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The sound of the monitor was the only thing indicating life coming from the lifeless corpse who was lying in the bed.

Shehryaar's grey eyes were trained on her face; paleness and malnutrition evident, huge black bags under her eyes, her cheek bones hideously sticking out, her jaw sharply prominent, lips dry and blue.

If anyone saw her they would say that she was dead.

When he had found her that day, her pulse was so weak he began to think he lost her: and did almost lose her. Right now, she was breathing with the help of a ventilator.

She hadn't eaten in sixteen days: she was reduced to skin and bones. He knew she hadn't eaten anything yet he starved her.

Every night when he came to claim her, she still fought him despite her own body weakness. He was certain that this would bring her to her limits and he would finally succeed in breaking her.

And from the looks of it, he was satisfied that he indeed did break her.

Now she won't disobey him anymore: now she would know her place.

His eyes went to her hair: her once long hair was now short. He had a hair dresser come in and cut it properly.

He had to admit he was surprised at her tenacity: she knew how much he admired her long hair yet she dared to cut it thus challenging him.

Now she knows what will happen when she crosses me. He thought with contentment.

She was unconscious under drug influence so he knew that she won't be waking up anytime soon.

He made his way to his office to finish off some business.


Shehryaar rolled his eyes in annoyance. Zameer had been getting on his nerves lately.

"What now?" He sighed.

"What the fuck? Is this what you have to show for?" Zameer yelled.

"Careful shithead, I would hate to blow your fucking head off." Shehryaar smirked.

"Shehryaar I am not talking to you right now as your second in command. I'm talking to you as your friend." Zameer sighed. He knew talking to Shehryaar was pointless. Throughout the time Anissa was being tortured with starvation and isolation, Zameer tried to talk him out of it but nothing worked. Shehryaar was adamant and Zameer couldn't do anything about it.

"Friend?" Shehryaar's brow jumped up in incredulously.

"Whatever you want to call it. I don't care but this needs to stop now." Zameer said.

"What does?" Shehryaar feigned ignorance.

Zameer eyed him with dismay. "Seriously? Shehryaar, for God's sake just stop this already. She's already suffered enough, what more do you want?"

"Not until I've broken her completely."

"What is she? An animal? You're treating her even worse then an animal. She's your wife."

"Exactly she's my wife. That's exactly the reason why she needs to meet my standards and that damn stubbornness of hers always gets her in trouble. She's got no one to blame but herself."

Zameer gawked at Shehryaar in disbelief.

"That's bullshit and you know it!" Zameer shouted. "You're only doing this out of your obsession. For God's sake Shehryaar, you need to stop this. She's a human being and not to mention she's a woman."

"So?" Shehryaar shrugged, his demeanour utterly nonchalant. "She's a woman. My woman and I will not accept a weak woman. She needs to strengthen up. She needs to realise her importance as my wife." He claimed confidently.

Zameer sighed. He knew how strong a woman Anissa was. She had been fighting him all this time yet Shehryaar was too blind to see that.

And he knew what he was about to say would definitely land him a bullet.

"I used to think that maybe you're doing this because you're in love with her and were only hurt when Shahzeb chose her over you. But I think I was wrong. I used to, "

He didn't finish and grunted as he fell down, clutching his leg where Shehryaar shot him just now. It was a flesh wound, the bullet grazing his leg on side and it hurt a lot.

"Fuck!" He hissed and fell on one knee. Yup I was right. He thought as he clutched the bleed on his leg.

"Now shut the fuck up unless you want the next bullet between your eyes." Shehryaar pointed his gun at Zameer's head.

Zameer chuckled dryly. "Do it because you and I both know that I'm ready to take a bullet for you. That's how much I care, you fucker. You're like a brother to me." Zameer sneered.

Shehryaar clenched his jaw and threw his gun on his table and turned away.

"Shahzeb isn't here anymore, " Zameer continued as Shehryaar's back faced him. "You don't need to worry about her being taken away from you. If you keep doing this then you'll only end up being hated by her. I know you love her and that's why you're so obsessive of her but seriously man, she's human and breaking her would result in her being lost completely." Zameer tried one last time to talk him. Zameer knew Shehryaar possessed a twisted mind and thus his form of love and care was different. He had observed that when the twins were together: Shehryaar was always aloof towards Shahzeb but he knew how much Shehryaar cared for his twin. After all, they only had each other.

But the twins grew apart when Anissa came in the picture. that's why Zameer believed that Shehryaar loved Anissa, however cruel this sense of love or showing it was.

"Zameer, did you take care of the Khaaspur menace?" Shehryaar inquired, his tone authoritative, implying the end of their personal discussion.

Zameer sighed and tried to get up.

"Yes, I've hired Abdullah and Saleem. They'll be dispatched by tomorrow morning." Zameer reported.

Shehryaar nodded and sat behind his desk while Zameer staggered towards a seat and collapsed on it.

The men who had kidnapped Anissa were hired by Nawaaz.

So Shehryaar had decided to send off his personal assassins to take care of Nawaaz once and for all. He was tired of Nawaaz getting in his way and now it was time to get rid of him. He had bigger things on his mind.

And for now, after he was sure that N

ease forgive me." He said and slowly fell on his knees: his body cringe not going unnoticed by Anissa when he sat on his knees. His leg hurt but his heart hurt more upon Anissa's silence.

"Bhabi, please, " he begged and clasped his hands together in front of her.

Anissa's heart moved at his gesture. He was truly guilty. He was on his knees in front of her asking for her forgiveness and her heart wanted nothing other then to forgive him.

But this was exactly what her mind had anticipated. And now it was time to prey on it. Living with Shehryaar had taught her the skill of manipulation.

She had to shut down her heart from screaming at her and her conscience for taking advantage of a man when he was being so sincere.

But all she cared about at the moment was herself. She had suffered enough and now it had to stop.

Nothing else mattered.

There was nothing wrong with being selfish. She could live with herself with this. It was a small regret on account of the bigger picture.

Manipulating Zameer's guilt like that was something she could live with.

But with Shehryaar, she couldn't.

"Bhabi?" Zameer looked at her with pleading eyes. There was so much sincerity in his dark eyes that it twisted her heart at what she was about to say but she had to be strong and bear with it.

"If, " she croaked, realising her throat was too dry and lumped to talk. Clearing her throat and swallowing hard, she looked him right in the eye.

"If you want my forgiveness, then help me escape from Shehryaar."

Zameer's eyes widened with shock.

He hadn't thought that Anissa would say something like this. But he had anticipated as such. No person in their right mind would stay with a man like Shehryaar after what he had put her through.

He looked at her face and saw her blank expression. But there was fire burning in her hazel eyes, making them shine like bright Amber under the sun light.

The pain was still evident in her eyes.

"I would advise against it." He muttered. "If you escape and Shehryaar catches you, which he will without a doubt, you will have to bear excruciating consequences. And not to mention that you would lose Shehryaar's trust."He said in order to change her mind. Because what she was asking was for him to betray his Saeen. "You would hurt him."

Anissa resisted the urge to scoff and laugh at that. She knew Shehryaar was a psychotic maniac who had no feelings whatsoever and she knew that Zameer was aware of it too yet he had the guts to say that to her when Shehryaar was the one who hurt her the most.

And Zameer. His loyalties were dividing for the first time.

His loyalty towards his Saeen. If he betrayed him then he would lose his trust since Shehryaar didn't trust easily.

And if he failed to help Anissa then he would subject her to a life of torment.

And He had made a promise to Shahzeb.

Perhaps now was the time to fulfil his word. And also earn Anissa's forgiveness. But at the cost of Shehryaar's trust and loyalty?

He was torn.

He knew the answer yet he still hesitated.

"If, " Anissa's voice pulled him out of his inner turmoil. "If you ever considered me as your sister then help me." She said, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

And that was enough to make him decide.

Slowly, he sighed and got to his feet. Schooling a calm expression he looked at Anissa in the eyes.

Anissa thought that she failed. So much for manipulation. Or even emotional blackmail.

"Shehryaar is leaving for Shanghai for two weeks." He relayed. "You will have to eat up and gather your strength."

Those words had Anissa's spirit lifting. Zameer saw the look of elation burn in her eyes and his heart felt relief for the first time in a while.

"Alright bhabi, I'll help you escape."




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