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The stylist gracefully placed a silk fur wrap around Anissa's slender shoulders and handed her a small silver clutch purse, completing the outfit.

Shehryaar flanked his elbow in her direction. Anissa inhaled deeply and took his elbow and they left for the elevator.

"Stay by my side at all times. You are to stay with me unless I order Zameer to take you away. Is that understood?" He deadpanned. They entered the elevator.

"Yes, " she mumbled in a hoarse voice.

"And don't you dare do anything to embarrass me. Behave yourself tonight, obey and do what I say or trust me, you will not like the consequences." He threatened.

Anissa rolled her eyes. And he's back. I was right all along.

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?" Shehryaar said as he turned to face her. Anissa stiffened upon realising her offensive action but frowned when he chuckled and wrapped his arm possessively around her slender waist. Anissa's heart picked up speed upon his touch. She blushed profusely and tried to look away from him.

"Yes, so what if I did?" She retorted.

"Roll your eyes at me again and I'll take you at my knee right now and spank you so hard that you won't be able to sit properly." He warned yet his voice was full of amusement as he gripped her chin and forced her to look at him.

"Haven't you done enough? I already can't sit."

"Oh babe if you think that's something then you still have no idea what I can do to you." He said as he licked his lips.

Anissa furrowed her brows and creased her nose in disgust.

"You're sick."'she spat and turned her face away.

"So I've been told, " he muttered, his lips contorting in a smirk. He leaned down to the level of her ear. "You'll find out about it tonight." He whispered huskily. Anissa shuddered.

"Now, behave." He said strictly, all amusement gone as his eyes went hard and emotionless. Anissa saw him slip into his Shehryaar Ghulari persona as he straightened his back, squared his shoulders and stuck out his chin arrogantly. His whole demeanour changed drastically within a fraction of a second.

His cold hard chiselled features turn dark and menacing. His grey eyes bottomless soulless pits.

Oh please, save me God. She prayed because she was terrified of him.

The elevator opened. Zameer was waiting for them along with five bulky looking men in black suits and shades. They immediately positioned around the young couple as they emerged from the elevator.

They were escorted into a sleek black Hummer limousine. Anissa glanced outside her window and saw the sun set as the tall skyscrapers began to light up.

They bypassed the main city. They arrived outside a huge white mansion. So many others cars and limousines were also approaching the entrance.

They headed towards a heavily guarded area in the hall as they went through security. Shehryaar, Zameer as well as the guards were checked for weapons. Anissa was confused as to why this was happening.

If Shehryaar was the host then why was he himself getting checked for weapons in his own party? She thought. Shehryaar immediately snaked a possessive arm around her waist and pulled her to his side.

"Behave." He whispered in her ear, his tone holding the deadly threat. Anissa shivered and nodded. Zameer as well as the guards dispersed.

They headed inside and Anissa was amazed at the reception. The place was lighted golden with crystal Chanderliers hanging from the ceiling, cream colored curtains struck to the high ceiling windows and the floor made of pure alabaster. So many different types of people came into view.

"Is the parameter secured?" Shehryaar spoke lowly.

"Secure, " came Zameer's reply through a micro-ear piece that Shehryaar wore.

"No sign of the media?"

"None, Saeen."

Shehryaar was content.

This was the most private and secretive gathering to be held in Dubai and Shehryaar took great measures towards security. Most of the People here held reputable positions in society and the media was always swarming around them but this soirée was different.

It was Mobster Gathering.

Extremely exclusive and private.

All leaders needed to be neutral in every Gathering hosted by a Gang leader in Dubai. Dubai was considered a neutral ground for all the Asian mafias in the west while Hong Kong was the neutral ground in the East. Almost after every two years, a gathering was put together and all the Mafia members of the Asian Mafia League would join.

This time the honour went to Shehryaar. And he made sure that everything was perfect. He was by far the youngest and most new member of the organisation. He had worked very hard to prove himself and earn a place in the League. He was the First Pakistani Mafia leader to be a part of this notorious organisation.

And what's more, Shehryaar was about to fight a war. There was great power struggle coming his way and he needed to make sure that the strongest mafias apart from his own were on his side: the Chinese and the Russians.

He was well aware that the Chinese leader Xin Chen was on his side but about the Russian leader, Victor Petrov, he doubted because The Russians had good relations with the Indians.

And in this meeting, he wanted to secure an alliance with the Russians at all costs. After all, the Russians were looking for an opportunity to make territory in Pakistan. Of course, he wouldn't give them territory but he would give them shipment and smuggling routes. That was the best way to distract his second enemy: the Pak Army. They already had their hands full with the Western frontier Military operations and if Shehryaar was going to execute his plans swiftly and successfully, he needed his enemies to be distracted long enough till he gains total control of the Sikhai.

"Petrov and Kinar are here." Shehryaar heard Zameer inform him in his micro-earpiece. Shehryaar's hold around Anissa tightened as they went on and greeted many different people.

He seated Anissa on the head table. Anissa felt grateful as she felt intimidated and overwhelmed. She wasn't used to such grand parties.

At exactly 6pm, everyone took their seats in their respective tables as Shehryaar made his way to the stage. Taking the microphone in his hand, he faced his guests.

"On Behalf of the MMM party from Pakistan, I, Shehryaar Ghulari would like to welcome you all to the 25th Gathering of the Asian Mafia League. This years it's been my honour to be your host so please do enjoy. Cheers." He said charismatically as he raised his champagne flute towards his guests. There wasn't more that he needed to

confidently. "If you go for 6% then I will go for 10%." He countered. He carefully examined the old Mafia boss as his face changed color in fury. He was being a fool. That's why Chen and Petrov were competitors; the only difference between the two old Mafia bosses was that Chen recognised a good proposal when he saw one while Petrov was a hard head and wasn't easy to please.

"Then I want the lands that come with the 15%."

He knew Petrov wanted territory. And Shehryaar wasn't about to give it to him. "Alright, lands exchange for lands." And that was enough to make Petrov's anger flare and blast.

"Listen here you bastard, you came to me. I didn't come to you. Now either you accept my terms or you get nothing." He sneered and jumped to his feet. His second in command also stood by his boss.

Shehryaar stared blankly at Petrov. "With all due respect sir, I came with a better proposal. This is something you can't get from Kinar. My offer still stands."

Petrov didn't respond and exited the room.

"What do you think?" Zameer asked Shehryaar.

Shehryaar smirked to himself as he pushed his hands in his dress pant pockets.

"He'll accept. He has no choice. With winter coming soon, he knows he'll have no choice. My deal is far more better then Kinar's." He claimed haughtily, extremely self assured. One of the reasons why he proposed more then Kinar was because he wanted to gain more of Petrov's support. Kinar was already crossing the line by supporting and supplying Nawaz. He was a thorn on Shehryaar's side, one that needed to be gone soon enough.

He didn't make a name for himself in the business world for nothing. Indus Enterprises didn't become so powerful for nothing. Shehryaar possessed a natural talent for negotiating. That's how his brain functioned: to seek benefit in every situation. There are losses but nothing that couldn't be corrected later.

15% was way too much and even Petrov knew this. It was Shehryaar's loss in the beginning but he knew that he had to be patient for the profits that would late come would be worth it.

Shehryaar took a swig of his drink and loosened his tie. The night was coming to an end. He went back outside as the guests slowly started to leave.

When the last of the guests left, Shehryaar went for Anissa for it was time they left as well.

When he entered the room, it was empty. Anissa's fur wrap and purse were on the bed. Frowning, he looked around. She wasn't in the bathroom.

Shehryaar's composure dropped as Anger took its toll on him. He had clearly ordered her obey him; if he had her escorted to the guest rooms then that meant that she should've stayed in. Yet she wasn't here.

Shehryaar saw red.

"Anissa!" He yelled loudly.

"Zameer, where is Anissa?" He spoke through the ear piece.

"She's suppose to be in the room."

"She isn't fucking here! Find her!" He ordered, his voice booming.

"On it." Zameer quickly replied and the line went dead.

Shehryaar's mind conjured up all the punishments he would inflict on her for disobeying him this time. For most, he was in control of his emotions around her but now he felt his control slip through his grasp.

I've fucking had enough of her bullshit. I'll teach her a lesson she'll never forget. He thought menacingly as he ran his hand through his hair. Why can't she just listen to me? What the fuck is wrong with her? He though as he ground his teeth together.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when the door burst open and Zameer came rushing in, his face pale and breathing heavy.

"She isn't in the compound boss. I had the whole area checked."

"What?" Shehryaar jumped on his feet.

"Check the video footage you fucker!" He shouted. It wasn't possible for her to leave the facility. It was too heavily guarded with the security at the max.

"I did boss. You need to see this." Zameer said and placed an ipad in Shehryaar's hand. He saw Anissa sitting on the bed in the room. She never left the room. He was relieved to know.

But what he saw next had his blood boiling in fury. Two figures dressed in black entered the room when Anissa was gazing out the window and easily subdued her.

"She's been fucking kidnapped!" Shehryaar roared as he threw the iPad to the far wall which shattered to pieces.





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