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Shehryaar strode into his office and made his way towards his large desk.

"Welcome back Mr. Ghulari." His sectretary greeted respectfully.

"It's good to be back." Shehryaar said and sat down on his large leather chair. Zameer came in along with Asim, who was the third in command to The MMM gang and the public face of the party.

"What do we have for today, Kate?" Shehryaar inquired from his secretary who immediately logged into her iPad and checked he schedule.

"You' have an appointment with the board of directors in half an hour shortly after which you have a meeting with a very important client: he's the CEO of MA investments."

"MA investments?" Shehryaar mused, his brows bunching up a bit but then realisation dawned.

Ah, so he decided to finally meet with me. Shehryaar thought, smirking internally.

"Yes sir. It's a new company that opened last year in Karachi and they've moved to Dubai as well. The CEO had requested a meeting a month back but because you weren't available, I had to reschedule the meeting till today." Kate explained.

Shehryaar leaned back into his chair with a smug look on his face as he looked at Zameer, who also smirked.

At last, the long awaited enemy was finally in here to see him. And he was going to welcome him with open arms.

After the meeting with the board members, Shehryaar remained in the conference room and waited for his much anticipated client.

This meeting was about to decide a lot of things for him and his plans. If he succeeds in making this person either join him or enough so that Shehryaar could use him, it would prove tremendous for his future plans.

Kate escorted a young man inside the room: he looked young, perhaps three or four years younger then Shehryaar. His body was lean yet well built, dressed in an immaculate black Armani suit. The man's features were sharp yet held an edge of youth that gave way to his age. His dark brown hair was neatly combed back. His jaw was strong and set sharply with a day old brownish blond stubble prickling at the sides. And his turquoise eyes, held coldness yet a certain maturity that told that he wasn't someone to be taken lightly.

This man was Shehzad Atish, a member of the Atish clan, the old nemesis of the Ghulari family.

Shehryaar mused upon the information that he had on the man. It was reported that a year back, only Shehzad Atish and his pregnant wife came and settled in Pakistan while the rest of the Atish family remains in the US. At first, Shehryaar thought that it was foolish for them to land themselves in complete enemy territory. What could possibly be the reason they would leave the safety of the US and come to Pakistan? Of course, the logical answers were to reclaim their lands and property in the Sikhai. But most importantly, they were back to seek revenge against Hassan Ameed Ghulari, Shehryaar's father.

A year back, Shehryaar's paternal aunt, Bano was caught and arrested and trialed for attempted murder and involvement in conspiracies and assassination attempts at various members of the Atish family, especially the Head of the family, Fayaz Atish. Bano was a spy of Hassan Ghulari. She had been involved for so many years that gave the Ghulari family a perfect opening to spy on the family and slowly annihilate the Atish family one by one. And with the passage of time, Shehryaar grandfather, who was the current Ameer of the Sikhai, saw the Atish family as a constant threat to his power and position and therefore, so far, he was successful in eliminating key members of the family.

But it wasn't that simple: the animosity ran thicker then that especially since both the clans were feuding against each other for the past three generations. And the main culprit was the power hungry Royal family that had been forced to flee from their homeland and seek refuge in a foreign land at the time of partition. It was the Ghulari family. And the kind family that took them in, they soon regretted it when their own guests turned against them and killed the entire clan to gain their position and power. At the time, only one member of the clan survived, Fayaz Atish. And with a disgraceful event of betrayal from Gulshan Ghulari who eloped with Fayaz Atish, togther they fled prosecution and sought refuge in the US. That's when the Ghulari family vowed revenge.

And for a Ghulari, revenge was their ultimate right.

For decades, the Ameer and his heirs conspired against the Atish clan in silence, constantly taking advantage of their kindness and marrying off their own family member into the the Atish clan just so she could spy on them and provide them with intel. The bloodlust in the Ghulari clan only grew. They wanted not only revenge against the Atish family, but they sought more because the Atish clan never perished and instead, flourished in the US, giving rise to Atish Enterprises, one of the most powerful and successful businesses in the world. And what even became more spiteful was when Mansoor Atish started a multi billion dollar project in the Sikahi that would've destroyed the Ghulari family and shifted the power axis back to the rightful family, then it became apparent that they needed to kill them off more quickly. But Killing and exterminating them wasn't enough anymore, the Ghualris wanted to completely wipe them off of the face of the earth while attaining all the power and property that the family possessed as compensation.

But because of Bano getting caught and trailed, the FBI issued a warrant of arrest for Rasheed Ameed Ghulari and his heir, Hassan Ameed Ghulari (Shehryaar's grandfather and father). The only reason Shehryaar was never caught up on this whole mess was because he and his twin had played smart and stayed in the shadows when all this storm was passing a few years back.

However, Shehryaar wasn't interested in any of that. He had nothing to do with the politics and the nonsense that his grandfather and father pursued for so long. Shehryaar had his own goals and ambitions to address.

And after his twin was killed, Shehryaar swore revenge against the Ghulari family. And he was smart enough not to let them notice his growing hatred and animosity towards the family as the Ghularis still thought that he was on their side and was their faithful dog, but they would be surprised when the tables would turn on them: when Shehryaar would annihilate them all.

And in order to do that, if he needed to side with the enemy of his enemy, then he had no qualms with it. He would gladly embrace the enemy of his enemy as his ally.

And Shehzad Atish and the Atish family, they were the enemy of his enemy, the G

nd decisive. The Atish family would stand once again and Shehryaar knew that there were some subfamilies in the Sikhai that still maintained their loyalty towards the Atish family.

And that's when an idea popped in his mind: if he sides with the Atish family and makes sure that the project is a success, then he could gain the trust of the families that are loyal to the Atish family and once he's Ameer, he would finally have total control over the Sikhai, something his family couldn't establish all this time. And after that, getting rid of the competing family wouldn't be an issue and he would gain financial benefit by taking over the Atish family business because Shehryaar knew that beyond MA investments, lay a bigger prize: the Atish Group of industries. And now, after the whole mess would be sorted out, it wouldn't be too difficult to get rid of Shehzad, whom he knew was still a capable candidate to succeed his grandfather later on.

It was like killing two birds with one stone. There was so much to gain and so little to lose.

And Shehryaar knew that Shehzad didn't know about what his internal issues with his own family yet even though he might have an inkling of it. Yes he knew that Shehryaar was the only member of the Ghulari family to operate outside of the Sikhai and the only one educated enough and wise enough to stay out of the poilitical feudal system, but what he didn't know was the true wretchedness and the wickedness of the Ghulari family and Shehryaar tended to keep that information to himself.

But where the Atish family stood: Shehryaar was well aware.

Since the plan with Bano and her attempt at getting rid of Shehzad failed because he was the potential candidate for Chairman of the Atish Group of industries (AGI)and making her son, who was Shehryaar's first paternal cousin, the Chairman of the AGI and thus, indirectly coming under the Ghulari family's control. They failed and their plan backfired because the old men just weren't smart enough to play safe. But Shehryaar wasn't going to make that mistake. He would bid his time. And draw the enemy in too deep that it wouldn't be possible for them to get out.

And the winner wouldn't be the Ghulari family at that time. No, it will only be Shehryaar.

The opportunity seemed too good to pass out. And Shehryaar was no fool.

"Very well, we have a deal." Shehryaar agreed and stretched his hand out which Shehzad took and gave a firm shake.

The managers and financial consultants were called in as they discussed for their development programs and by the end of the day, the contract was signed.

After everyone left, Shehryaar collapsed on his seat. It was a long day after all.

"Zameer." Shehryaar called, his eyes closed as he relaxed.

"Yes." Came Zameer's weary voice. That irritated Shehryaar. He narrowed his eyes on Zameer.

"Why the fuck are you tired?" He snapped.

"I just am." Zameer shot back and yawned. Shehryaar resisted the urge to shoot him.

"What do you want?" Zameer prodded, wanting to call it a night.

Shehryaar breathed deeply to calm his anger but the tiredness wasn't really helping. "Get someone to start trailing Shehzad Atish." He ordered.

"Wait, didn't you just make a deal with him?"

"That I did but I know it won't last long. It's become quiet clear that we both have motives and our own agendas to pursue. This deal won't last long." He said.

"On it." Zameer affirmed and left. Shehryaar also jumped to his feet. He loosened his tie and ruffled his hair. He twisted his neck, the bones popping, getting rid of the stiffness.

He slipped out of his CEO persona as he glanced out the window of his office, his eyes roaming on the various Artdeco styled skyscrapers.

And when he closed his eyes, luscious pair of hazel eyes stared back at him. A smile spread across his face as excitement and exhilaration coursed through him, satisfying his sadistic ego.

"Ah, meri Tara." He murmured to himself as he remembered her fear stricken face from the last time he saw her conscious. And now he wanted to see her. He strolled out of his office, heading home.

Because he knew that his Tara was there and what better way to relieve his stress and anxiety then claiming her and ravishing her.




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