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Anissa's mind came out of the hazy mist of lust as she grasped that she gave into him so easily. I can't believe I let him take advantage of me like that. She scolded herself.

Swallowing past the lump in her throat, she focused on her anger. He release her wrists and caught her waist as his lips went up to her neck and nuzzled in and kissed her throbbing pulse.

"Get off me now." She rasped and pushed at his shoulders to get him off. She felt pinned down as the weight of his bulky muscular body crushed her lower abdomen and legs. His intoxicatingly scent whiffed in her nostrils. His heat seeped through and engorged her already hot skin.

"Hmm, baby, I don't feel like it." He murmured against her throat. "Besides, I'm so fucking turned on right now."

Anissa gasped lowly and swallowed hard. No doubt her body was heavily aroused, after all, it was all a physical reaction to the stimulation it received moments ago, but she didn't want their first ever intimate interaction to be in this dismal state of affairs. Not when he treated her like the way that he did and not when she wanted answers.

"Is that how it's going to be? You're going to punish me if I defy and reward me if I be good?" Anissa inquired, her breathing escalating.

Shehryaar smirked. "Yes, that's exactly how it's going to be." He admitted and propped on his arms, facing down to her. She felt relieved to have his weight off of her.

"So each time you disrespect me, you just expect me to submit? Then you'll reward me?Then what if I disrespect you? Will you punish me?" Anissa said, her voice low as tears welled up in her eyes. "What is wrong with you?" She mumbled.

Shehryaar's eyes darkened. He immediately caught her wrists and his fingers dug into her wrists causing her to wince in pain. "Dare to cross me on that Tara and you'll regret it. Trust me on that." He growled, his handsome face morphing into that of a dark angel. It frightened Anissa to no end and she knew instantly that he was dead serious.

But she wasn't giving up either.

"Then don't disrespect me either. I want our relationship to be built on mutual respect and understanding." She began to sob, her dread making her weep her unfortunate fate.

And then what that woman had told her circulated in her mind and wouldn't stop nagging her. She didn't understand why she was so bothered by it.

"Stop threatening me all the time." She cried and thrashed underneath his hold.

"Why the hell did you marry me? If you can't respect me then why did you marry me? If you wanted a woman of your standards and expectations then you could've married some rich heiress. Why did you marry me?" She shrieked and began to thrash harder under him.

"Where the fuck is this coming from?" Shehryaar asked, his tone laced with anger and frustration.

"Tell me, " she paused and stared deeply into his angry smouldering eyes. "If you want me to at least respect you then at least you should treat me with respect as well. All I want is to live with respect and dignity. That's all I have Shehryaar. Don't take it away from." She cried, her tears falling from her temples to her hair.

Shehryaar found her sorrowful and disheveled state so immaculately sexy. His desire rose to new heights and he wanted nothing more then to claim her but he knew it was too early. She wasn't ready. And he wanted her ready and wanting him.

"I'll respect you and even listen to you willingly if you make a reasonable request." Her voice pulled him out of his reverie. "You cannot coerce me to do everything that you want. I want to make this marriage work but I can't if you keep trying to hurt me like that." She stated, her sobs racked in her chest.

Shehryaar saw pure hurt in her innocent hazel orbs and it tugged at the strings of his heart.

The humane part of him began to scold him for what he made that innocent girl go through. But he shut it down immediately and put on his cold emotionless mask. He willed himself into his cold hard exterior for he needed it in order to execute his plans.

He didn't understand why she was making such a big deal out of this whole issue.

Why couldn't she just simply submit to him already? He now knew that it would take more work and effort to break her down and have her submit to him.

"Get your shit together." He said and got off of her.

Her tears kept rolling down as she wept. Hugging herself closely, she thought hard in how to make him understand. Minutes must've passed as Shehryaar emerged from the bathroom in a grey shirt and sweats, rubbing a towel on his wet hair. He didn't spare Anissa a glance as he went straight towards the door. Anissa sat on her knees and faced him. She wiped her tears away and pulled her hair behind her ears.

"Shehry, " Anissa called softly, her voice gentle and sweet.

Shehryaar halted in his steps.

Anissa got off the bed and approached him. Her hazel orbs shone with sincerity as she braced his shoulders gently and stared deep into his eyes.

I'll just have to make him understand through softer means, she thought as she leaned in and planted a chaste kiss on his lips.

"I am your wife. I am yours." She murmured against his lips. His eyes widened for a fraction of a second until he resumed back his coldness.

"Please treat what's yours with respect and dignity. I bear you name after all." She said gently and cupped his cheek.

Shehryaar was taken aback by the sudden change in her attitude. One minute was she was crying her eyes out and the next she stood in front of him confidently.

"Oh really?" He smirked and caught her waist.

Anissa shuddered from where he touched her. Her grey eyes becoming dark and hooded.

"Yes, " she replied, her voice a whisper.

Shehryaar stared at her blankly, trying to understand wh

lead to the ultimate prize: gaining control of all of the Sikhai region for those who controlled the Sikhai region had the entire country in the palm of their hands.

But Shehryaar didn't care about that. It was just a added bonus. What he cares about was avenging his twin brother's death.

"He is infiltrating into my territory as well as yours. He's a fool for not only making an enemy out of me but also you. And since we are true half brothers, we can easily gain an upper hand by joining forces. I have the Chinese Mafia on my side while you have the Punjabi alliances at yours. Together, it's a strong combination. Nawaaz'a group may not pose a threat now but slowly he's making the peasants and the poor immigrants his supporters. He is gaining power steadily." Shehryaar said.

Azhar leaned back in his seat. He looked visibly shaken. "So what? What can a couple of peasants do? They are all worthless low lives. They pose no threat." He said.

Shehryaar looked at him internally smirked. " is that what you thought as well when they raided in Shikarpur and caused riots and destruction?" He inquired. Nawaaz had managed to get into Shikarpur which was a major town in Sikhai and gained the people's favor there.

"Don't underestimate the power of a common man Azhar. It's a mistake you'll regret." Shehryaar spat. He wasn't able to control his anger for long if the dim witted idiot didn't agree to his proposal soon enough.

"Still, Nawaaz isn't that strong."

"No but he's growing. I have intel that he's gained the support of the militants in KPK and balochistan. And that surely presents a problem." Shehryaar bluffed. He knew Azhar would easily buy it.

And it was right when he saw Azhar's face become pale. Gaining the militants support meant Azhar would cornered since the Sikhai came in between the country.

"And how do I know u can trust in this proposal of yours."

Bingo! Gotchya! Shehryaar smirked and slide a piece of paper to Azhar on the slick polished table.

"We take a blood oath. That should be enough assurance." Shehryaar said and stood up. He took out his pocket knife and sliced his thumb and stamped it down on the contract.

Nothing was more serious for a Saeen then a blood oath. It meant that betrayal would be met with death and it was code that even the most evilest of criminals honored. But Shehryaar had his own way of getting Azhar in his trap without breaking his blood oath.

Azhar stood up and studied Shehryaar for a moment. Of course Shehryaar masked a blank and emotionless expression.

"Very well, " Azhar agreed and took out his knife and sliced his thumb, signing his stamp in blood on the contract.

"Well then brother, " Shehryaar resisted the urge to gag upon calling the killer of his twin brother. It too everything in him to not just kill the bastard while he was there. But he had bigger plans and for that he needed Azhar for that.

"I will be sending Ina faction of my divisions to khairabad. You can send a faction to Karachi. I'll be visiting Shanghai soon for reinforcements." Shehryaar notified.

"Very well brother." Azhar exclaimed and engulfed Shehryaar into a hug.

This sentimental fucker just signed his own death warrant. Shehryaar patted himself on the back for the job was easily done.

"Very well. I will also notify the Punjabi alliances." Azhar agreed.

Shehryaar sealed the deal with further contracts sighed in. And Azhar blindly sighed in without asking for the outcomes. Zameer was right; Azhar really was stupid.

Soon, I'll have all the power in this entire Subcontinent. My Mafia will be the most powerful and untouchable Mafia. And my revenge will be the perfect cherry on top. Shehryaar felt excitement pulse through him.

This was what he lived for; bloodshed, power, control and dominance.



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