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'I was raped'

These three words had haunted Shehryaar as soon as Anissa had told him. After that, he had hunted down the bastard who was cozily enjoying his life in the US. And in the three days in which Anissa had left to prepare for the wedding, Shehryaar beat him every day to an inch of his pathetic excuse of a life.

Shehryaar was many things: a cold blooded killer, a ruthless assassin and a heartless monster but one crime which he had never committed was rape. He thought of it too low and beneath him to commit in the first place.

And this was a crime that was committed upon his wife and it was absolutely unforgivable.

That's when he decided to serve justice to Anissa by personally having her face her demons and eradicating them once and for all.

He knew Anissa would have a panic attack once she sees the bastard who ruined her. But in all honesty, he wanted Anissa to face her fear. For Shehryaar, who was a thoroughly possessive and over controlling man, he wanted to control her fear as well. If he wanted Anissa to fear anyone then it had to be Shehryaar and no one else.

Only he would allow himself to hurt her, pleasure her, make her feel fear and much more and he would be damned before he let anyone else do that.

That honor belongs to him and only him.

He saw Anissa slowly take in breathes as her tense shoulders relaxed and she leaned into his chest for support. Her eyes were closed and he wanted to see them to make sure she had collected herself.

"Open your eyes, meri Tara, I need to see your beautiful eyes." He murmured softly into her ear. He willed himself into a softer and gentler demeanor he wanted Anissa to drew some courage then he needed to show her his nonexistent soft side.

She opened her eyes and saw him peer closely at her with a tender look covering his features. Confusion was written all over Anissa's fear stricken face. She had never witnessed Shehryaar display gentleness towards her. And that's exactly what Shehryaar wanted her to think. He wanted her to muster up enough courage for her to do what he intended for her to do and at this particular situation, he knew that power and dominance wouldn't work.

He needed control and the only way to control Anissa in this situation was to make her think that he was on her side and offering her solace.

"Trust me Tara, you can lean on me for support. I brought you here so that you can reclaim your justice. I'll avenge you Anissa." He stated firmly. And offered her a small smile of reassurance.

But of course, Shehryaar wasn't that much of a good man and he was incredibly selfish. Even now, all that he thought about was himself.

With a deep breath, Anissa looked at him with a somewhat collected yet guarded expression. Her dainty hand was fisted into Shehryaar's white dress shirt. She scurried closer to him: at any other given time this small act would've please Shehryaar for Anissa was willingly getting close to him but right now, she mainly did it out of fear.

"Wh-why is h-he here?" She stammered, her tears rolling down her cheeks.

"He's here so that I may avenge you." He answered coolly.

"Wh-what do you plan to do?" She murmured in a small voice, her hazel vulnerable eyes boring into his strong grey gaze.

"I want you to take your revenge on him for what he did to you." He stated. Grabbing her hand gently, he made her stand up on her wobbling feet and made her face her culprit.

With slow calculated steps, Anissa walked towards the man. The man was badly beaten up, his body covered in blood and sweat as well as residual urine. He smelled awful and looked even more terrible.

"Wake the fucker!" Shehryaar roared, causing Anissa to wince in fear. A man plaster a bucket of water on the prisoner and he kilt awake, screaming in agony. His injuries stung all over but he stopped crying when he saw Anissa.

The man looked at Anissa with shock clearly written all over his bruised and battered face. All the color drained from his face and in an instant, a flash of mixed emotions crossed his dark pleading eyes. Anissa's eyes widened in shock at his state.

"Chain him up!"

Shehryaar's voice boomed in the silent room. He had noticed the look in Anissa's eyes.

One of his men came up to the prisoner and violently brought him towards a wall which held gleaming cuffs and restraints. They successfully chained up the man all the while ignoring the muffled pleads of their captive.

They held no mercy in their actions.

It gave Anissa a sense of relief. She had never thought that she would see her tormentor in a state like this.

On that dreadful night, that man left her in her shame. She left college in blood and tears and cried for long. She stayed two days with Ramsha until she was sure that she won't break down in front of her parents.

Even at that time, when they reported to the police, it was already too late. Sharjeel had fled that semester only to come back after summer break. He tried to approach her again but this time, Anissa was prepared. She had taken shooting lessons in the summer holidays. She even learned self defense with the help of Haris who introduced her to a friend who was an Army officer. When Sharjeel had tried to approach her again, he narrowly escaped with a bullet in his leg.

Of course, this time he couldn't do anything seeing as it could be clearly ta

ld no moral compass—she knew Shehryaar wouldn't understand because it wasn't right and apparently he held no sense of right and wrong.

"Because, it's wrong."

"It's not. It's the right thing to do. He deserves to die."

"He doesn't. show him mercy." She begged in a small voice.

Shehryaar erupted into a loud humorless laugh. It sounded so bleak. "Oh my God!" he said between laughs and then stopped. His eyes shot fire at Anissa and in an instant, he had gripped her throat. Anissa gasped and gazed at the devil with wide eyes. Her heart thumped violently in her chest with fear and dread.

Shehryaar looked every bit the psychopath that she thought he was with his emotionless cold steel grey eyes and a murderous expression marring his sharp hardened features, making his handsome face look menacing.

Calm down Ainnie. She told herself and maintained her ground. Carefully, she cupped the hand that was gripping her neck. He was a powerful and strong man—it wasn't hard for him to snap her neck right then and there. Her blood ran cold in her veins. She was so scared that she was certain she would've passed out by now but she needed to be brave.

The life of Sherjeel and his family hung in the balance.

"You've clearly underestimated me at every turn. You have no idea who I am. I am Fucking Shehryaar Ghulari!" he yelled. Anissa squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her lips firmly to control the whimper that threatened to escape.

"P-please, sp-spare him." She beseeched in a weak voice. She took a few deep breathed and opened her eyes.

Shehryaar still looked menacing.

I can't believe I'm pleading for the life of this scum. She thought with distaste. But I'm not doing this for him. His family will be hurt. I know he's an only child. His parents would be devastated. They don't deserve that kind of pain—no parent does.

I'll have to bargain with him. That seems like the only way.

"If you spare him, th-then, I'll give you anything you want." She said.

Shehryaar chuckled darkly. "What is this? A fucking negotiation?" he spat in disgust. His grey cold eyes had her pinned down. But through her periphery she saw the revolver still aimed at the target.

"Yes—for his life." She spoke and swallowed.

His hand squeezed lightly around her delicate neck—she was certain it would leave a bruise. "What would I get? Let's say if I spare this motherfucker's life, what are you willing to give me?" he asked.

"Anything, " she answered immediately. "I'm willing to give you anything you want."

"Oh, " his perfect brow quirked up. "Anything you say." He mused, his unfeeling eyes boring into her fear filled ones. The tears slipped down her flushed cheeks and she nodded in agreement.

With a steady breath, he lowered the revolver and released her neck. She gasped for air and messaged her bruised neck.

"Remember what you said. Dare to break your word Tara and trust me, you will not like what I will do to you." He growled. She nodded instantly.

"Then, " he smirked and invaded her personal space, his warm breath brushing against her moist cheeks. "Shall we start?" he murmured. He placed the revolver back in his holster and took her elbow harshly.

"Let him go first." She said.

Snapping his fingers, Zameer appeared at his side. "Take the bastard to the warehouse." He ordered.

"Yes Saeen." Zameer nodded in acknowledgement.

Shehryaar turned to Anissa. "Now meri Tara, we have a wedding night to resume." He murmured huskily.

Anissa shuddered as fresh tears welled up in her eyes. This is going to be a long night.

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