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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Anissa stared outside her window as the jet flew swiftly across the horizon. Her eyes looked at the fluffy white clouds in fascination. This was the first time that she was in a plane and that too a private jet owned by Shehryaar. They had left immediately after the waleema for Karachi were Anissa was told they would be staying until they would depart for Dubai in a week. Anissa was slowly beginning to grasp how rich her husband was. It would take for a billionaire to own such a luxurious jet and Shehryaar was just that: in top of that, he was a Mafia boss, the most powerful in all of South Asia.

She glanced at Shehryaar who was busy talking in his phone, his attention totally in the conversation. Just a few hours ago he held her to his chest as she cried her heart out and now he was back to his cold self, not even sparing her a glance. Just a few moments ago he coldly dismissed her and left her pondering.

How could this man be the leader of a Mafia? How can he kill and cause terrorism in the country knowing how badly it is influencing the people and region? I shouldn't be surprised. When he cannot even treat his own wife as an equal then what should I expect from him? Why did I ever forget that he's a criminal and a killer.

She sighed and rubbed her temples.

But I have vowed to change him. Monster or not, he has to change and I'll work hard for it. I need to be patient. He's going to be a jerk to me, pulling my leg and twisting me around with whatever whim he wants but I need to bear with it. I need to be patient. I cannot possibly expect him to change overnight. It'll take time.

She had time. Slowly, she would get to know him and change his ways. She knew it wasn't going to be easy especially since the man displayed psychotic tendencies but she will try her level best: after all, he was human and bound for change sooner or later.

Just trust yourself and pray to Allah for strength. Oh Allah, please give me the strength and endurance to face the trials ahead. She made a silent prayer. If there is anything that can cure the impossible, then it's prayer.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when the captain announced that they would be landing in a minute. Anissa quickly fastened her seatbelt. Shehryaar hung up on his call and fastened his seatbelt as well.

When they landed, Anissa was escorted to a separate black Mercedes Benz while Shehryaar left in another black Mercedes Benz. Zameer escorted Anissa to the Karachi estate that was located by the Clifton beach.

Anissa was fascinated and gawked out the window while they passed through the large metropolis that was known as Karachi.

"This is your first time coming to Karachi?" Zameer inquired.

Anissa nodded, her hazel eyes twinkling with excitement and her smile bright as she looked at Zameer. "Yes. The farthest I've ever been from Islamabad is Lahore. This is my first time visiting Karachi." She replied solemnly.

Zameer resisted the urge to chuckle. He found Anissa to be so incredibly naive and innocent. The way he saw her eyes light up, he felt a surge of pity overwhelm him. He knew what kind of man Shehryaar was and he didn't deserve a soft and kind hearted woman like Anissa but he was loyal friend and second in command. If Shehryaar chose Anissa than Zameer would gladly accept her as his First Lady. After all, she was the wife of his boss and therefore deserved utmost respect and protection.

"Where is Shehryaar?" She inquired after a long pause.

"He had some business to attend to so he left. He'll be back in the evening."

Anissa nodded and drew her attention back at the tall buildings as they passed out of down town Karachi. The sun was low and the evening sky was clear.

When they reached the estate, Anissa gasped in awe. The estate was a huge white mansion with white pillars and marble floors and this was just the porch. It was large multi-storey building with the large front windows rimmed with metal railings that were simple yet elegant in design. When she went inside, it was even more breathtaking. The corridor was set with pots of beautiful plants and a few cages that housed parrots and cockatoos. They were quiet and Anissa stared at them in awe.

"These belong to Shehryaar's Amma." Zameer informed her. She nodded. Her fingers itches to touch the beautiful colourful creature sitting in front of her in the cage. It looked so sad that even it's head was bowed down a little.

Is that how you feel when your freedom is take from you? She couldn't help but see herself in the same predicament as the parrot. Even the cockatoo was feeding quietly.

"Come, his Amma is waiting for you." Zameer said and led her upstairs. Anissa was glad that she saw another familiar face here.

The old lady beamed at her and patted the side of her bed for Anissa to sit. She complied and sat next to the cute little off lady.

"How was the waleema? I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there. I was called back here for my treatment." She

didn't move as Shehryaar wiped his mouth with the handkerchief and finished his dessert.

"Come, " he said and stood up. His extended his hand towards her, catching Anissa off guard. Her had always caught her arm or her hand without her permission and for him to actually offer his hand to her had her gobsmacked.

With a racing heart and a shaking hand, she took his hand softly and stood up. All the while, Shehryaar's eyes were on her, calculating her moves. Intertwining his fingers with hers, he lead her upstairs to the master bedroom. Her heart beat quickened.

Maybe he's just tired and wants to sleep. We've had a long day after all. She told herself. He released her hand and headed towards the bathroom.

She sighed with relief and removed the dupatta from around her neck and tossed it to a nearby armchair. Sitting at the edge of the bed, she brought her slightly damp hair to her shoulder.

The click of the door had her back tensing. She didn't dare look behind although she could fee his intense gaze boring holes in her back.

Her heart slammed against her chest when she felt his presence behind her. She shuddered when his fingers lightly caressed the skin on her exposed neck.

Gulping, she flinched away from his touch and jumped to her feet. Without looking at him, she tried to retreat to the bathroom but failed.

Shehryaar pulled her from behind, hugging her closely, his chest to her back. Anissa stiffened in his embrace. Shehryaar nuzzled in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply her soft scent of vanilla.

Anissa saw his bare arms around her, his muscles in his forearms were bulging out as the wound around her waist.

"What do you say? Care to be mine tonight?" He whispered in her ear alluringly that it sent cold shivers down Anissa's spine.

Turning her around, Shehryaar captured Anissa's lips in a quick passionate kiss, his hands roaming at her back.

Anissa whimpered when he caught her hips and squeezed tightly, rubbing his hardened bulge at her pelvis. She was surprised at how much aroused he was. When he released her lips and latched onto her neck, Anissa feared the worst as his hands slowly began to pulled her kameez up. Her heart jolted and her mind panicked.

"M-maybe not tonight. I-I'm tired." She stammered and brought her hands to his shoulders and tried to push him away.

Shehryaar faced her, his eyes ablaze with fury and another emotion which Anissa couldn't decipher. He didn't say anything and released her and went towards the bathroom. Anissa sighed with relief, although guilt but at her for refusing her husband a second time. But she was glad that he didn't lash out in her like she had expected him to. But she was okay as long as he let her go. She wasn't ready; she had no idea whether she'd ever be ready or not.

Shehryaar quickly reemerged in a half sleeve casual black polo shirt and dark denim jeans. His hair was in the same tousled mess as earlier.

"We need to head out. You're coming with me." He announced and took her hand again. Anissa quickly grabbed her dupatta and covered her shoulders as Shehryaar dragged her out of the house and towards the awaiting black Mercedes Benz.


Chanda= an endearment meaning as lovable as the moon

Kameez= shirt/ part of the three piece dress in pakistan for females

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