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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Slowly, Anissa opened her eyes. She felt her arms bound and her neck ached. She couldn't even move an inch. The room was dimly lit. She could see the rays of the sun that can penetrated through the curtains reflect off in the mirror of dresser.

Her breath got caught in her throat when she saw Shehryaar sleeping beside her: she realized that her head was resting on his bare left breast; his chest was chiseled and muscular. She blushed deep scarlet when she that his left dark nipple was right in front of her eyes. His arm was snaked around her, bounding her arms together to that she wouldn't move. His chest moved up slightly in silent breathing causing Anissa's head to move as well.

Her heart began to pound as she realized that she was naked beneath the sheets. The previous night's events flashed in her mind. Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to calm down. Even now, her husband who was so close and his touch so strong had an immense effect on her.

Her neck craned up and for the first time, she allowed herself to look closely at her husband. In the limited light, she could still make out his beautiful face. He looked so peaceful while resting but his brows were still slightly furrowing thus even maintaining his devious frown in slumber. Anissa wanted to erase that furrow with her finger but resisted the urge. She didn't deem it appropriate to touch him.

His handsome face was relaxed, his eyes closed, his long thin lashes fanning his high cheek bones. His lips looked a little dry and slightly parted.

He looks so...... normal. Why can't he be like this when he's awake? Why does he have to be so damn intimidating?

It was strange: Anissa was terrified of her husband. That's not how she wanted to start her new life with her life partner. She wanted to trust him, rely on him, and feel something for him other then fear and anxiety.

But what he did last night was hindering her from not fearing him. He was forcing himself on her even when she begged him not to. She has already told him of her sexual dysfunction but he disregarded her feelings like it was nothing and still married her.

How will I ever be able to be a good wife to him? If I don't satisfy him, he'll grow frustrated. He's already hit me so many times, who knows what else he's capable of?

She was pulled out of her thoughts when Shehryaar stirred. She drew a sharp breath and her eyes widened when Shehryaar opened his eyes, his grey gaze setting on her.

Her cheeks brightened and she pressed her lips together. His arm tightened around her and he brought her close, his eyes piercing into hers. When his lips were close to hers, he whispered.

"Get ready."

With that, he pulled away and jumped out of the bed, leaving behind a confused Anissa.


'Get ready'?

What does he mean by that?

She was very confused; she couldn't understand what he meant. He wanted her to get ready? But for what? This was Shehryaar, his one word could have a thousand meanings.

"There, done."

The hair stylist commented, fixing the lightly embroidered dupatta on Anissa's head. Today was the Waleema day, a day on which the groom and his family give a grand lunch to the families.

Anissa was dressed in a beautiful hazel brown dress, embroidered with brown and gold beads and threads, matching the color of Anissa's eyes on Shehryaar's insistence. The pure gold jewelry she was wearing matched perfectly as well as the jaded gold strapped heels.

Her hair was again loosely hanging on her shoulders in large curls. Her makeup was light as compared to yesterdays. She looked gorgeous on the outside but inside, she was confused and afraid.

"Mashaa Allah, ma'am you're certainly lovely. I'm so envious." The stylist commented, smiling brightly at Anissa.

"Th-thank you." She murmured and looked down.

Yes, I'm lovely. But o

er to me?"

"What did I ever do to deserve this from you? Tell me and I'll apologize for it. For whatever crime I've committed, I'm sorry. But please, don't make me lose my family." She beseeched which fell on deaf ears.

"Didn't I say before, I'm going to break you. This is the first step." He uttered.

Anissa gawked at him as if he grew a second head. "Why?" the question fell from her tongue in utter disbelief.

He gave her a sinister smirk, his hand leaving her delicate neck and cupping her face gently, the pads of his thumbs wiping her tears away. "Because you're moral sense pisses me off. I don't like it and the only way to take it out of you is to break you completely." He told.

Anissa felt as if her she was crazy or the man standing in front of her had lost all sense of sanity and rationale.

"You really are crazy. I thought I was just assuming it but I guess I was right. You're absolutely crazy. You're a psychopath." She uttered.

He stared deep into her eyes, not giving away anything that could possibly help her understand what was going on in his head.

And now I'm married to him. I have to spend my life with him? Her mind was boggled and in complete state of stupor.

"Make sure to say your goodbyes properly today. Otherwise trust me, I'll be delivering their corpses to you." He claimed shamelessly.

And his Amma told me to learn to love him and take care of him. How could I possibly do that when he's being so ruthlessly cruel and heartless with me? Does he hate me?

"You keep your promises right?" she murmured. If nothing, she logic directed her towards a little brighter side of the situation.

He gave her a curt nod. "Then, if I say my farewell to them and never meet them again, then will you swear to me that you will never harm them or even threaten them again or use them against me?" she knew that if the opportunity presented itself, he would always use her family against her and make her compromise and just as he claimed in 'breaking' her, she knew that her family would be used as a catalyst.

Shehryaar chuckled darkly. "What is this? Are you countering me?" he challenged.

"Do you promise?" she urged.

With an amused smile, he nodded. "Alright I promise." His eyes held no fabrication as she searched.

She breathed a sigh of relief. If there was one thing she knew about him, it was that he was honest and kept his word. If cutting ties with her family meant she would gain their safety in return from the monster that was her husband, then she would gladly exchange it.


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