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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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Calm down, Ainnie. You can do this. You're his wife now. You can do this. She chanted the words like a mantra in her head but it wouldn't calm down her wrecked nerves and erratic heart.

The moment that she was dreading was finally upon her—her wedding night.

The wedding reception was a small success. There were only a few people. Anissa wondered why only two people attended the wedding from Shehryaar's side. She wanted to ask him about his family but her own nervousness had her already on edge so she decided against it.

When it was time for her to go with her husband, she broke down in tears—typical, expected from every bride on their rukhsati.

Now here she was, back in the farm house outside of Islamabad and in his room, sitting on his king sized bed in the middle of a lavishly designed and decorated room of themes maroon and black. It was illuminated from every corner. Somehow, she got a feeling that Shehryaar liked the colors red and black since that was the main theme of their wedding attire.

She stared at the diamond ring on her left right finer—it was beautiful with four large diamonds surrounded by intricate filigree designs. It was a small right yet it held so much meaning—she was now a married woman.

Shehryaar had put on this ring on her finger after the the Nikkah.

"Now, you officially belong to me." He had whispered possessively in her ear. Even now when she recalled it, she felt cold shivers run down her spine. It seemed he had nothing else to say to her except that now he owned her. Of

Course that didn't it was true: she was his wife but that didn't mean she belonged to him. She was her own person and she would always fight to maintain her individuality.

My life—what was to become of it now? Only to follow my husband's orders and wishes? Will he allow me to continue practicing medicine? Will I be able to pursue my dreams?

What did the future hold for her? Marriage not only entailed security but also equality and fairness—will Shehryaar give that to her? From his domineering personality, Anissa highly doubted it.

Clenching her hands into tight fists, she deeply inhaled and exhaled. She chastised herself, steeling her will to meet the expectations of her husband.

The door clicked open and her head jolted up causing her heart to go in over drive. A nurse was wheeling Shehryaar's Amma inside. Anissa relaxed and tried to smile.

I can do this. I can overcome this. It has to happen sooner than later.

But her attire wasn't helping in the least. The heavy dress and jewelry was causing her suffocation. Her chest was tight in the heavily embro

e was waiting for her where family didn't matter?

"Alright." She said with a small smile.

Amma passed her hand on Anissa's head and signalled the nurse to take her away.

Once again she was left alone in the room with only the eerie silence ringing in her ears. Her heart beat was so strong and fast that she felt the blood pound and hear it loudly roaring in her ears.

The door opened and walked in Shehryaar, his strides proud and elegant. His eyes caught sight of the beauty in front of him.

I have waited a long time for her. I can't believe she's finally here, in front of me, as my wife. He thought with so much delight. His heart was beating fast, it poured and pounded on his veins as desire and ecstasy over took him.

Anissa looked like a vision dressed in red as deep as blood. Her fair skin was gleaming under the lights. Her soft brown hair shone like chocolate, so smooth and velvety. He wondered if they would feel like it as well. She was like a delicate doll, To Shehryaar, she was like a fairy to him.

So enchanting.

So mesmerising.

Of course, he felt no need to tell her any of what he felt. He didn't know why he felt this way towards her. She was the only woman who stirred his heart like Anissa did. But he had a long way to go with her. He was fixated on breaking her.

He wanted her to be just like him-- cold and ruthless. What bothered him most about her was her sense of morality. And he wanted to get rid of that because that sense would have her attention divided and he wanted her unconditionally whether it was her attention or her presence.


Chanda/ chand= an endearment meaning as lovely as the moon

Mashaa Allah= may God bless you

Jeeti raho= may you live long

Shukria= thank you

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