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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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It was dark in his office—and that was what he liked—the darkness.

It became of him.

He found it soothing.

It held nothing. Just silence.

Closing his eyes, he leaned back into his leather recliner. Immediately, the face of his beloved flashed behind his closed lids and a smile formed on his lips.

He had won. In the morning, she will be his officially. In very sense of the word and he could hardly wait.

He never thought he would ever get married one day—he always thought he would live out his life with a single purpose—pleasure.

He never undertood why there were some feelings he never felt like those around him—he didn't feel remorse, guilt, happiness, empathy or any other sort of feeling that could emotionally link him to others.

All he felt was pleasure—in pain, gore and bloodshed.

But it wasn't something to make him feel complete. Nothing was. And he wanted to feel that way. He wanted to feel complete.

And he thought if marrying Anissa could make I'm feel that way then he would marry her. He wanted her for so long yet he didn't understand why. Somehow, having her with him gave him a sense of peace. And he liked that.

I'm about to find out. Just a few more hours. He thought with satisfaction.

The vibrating buzz of his phone pulled him out of his thoughts. With closed eyes, he put the phone of his ear. "What?" he barked.

"Boss, our Hyderabad warehouse was just raided by the Rangers." One of his subordinates, Asim, reported. Opening his eyes, Shehryaar sat upright in his chair.

"Some of our men were caught. The supplies were confiscated."

"Any trail left?" his voice was hard and cold as ice.

"No boss. It was absolutely clean."

"Good. Make sure to clear the other warehouses in the vicinity. The Rangers might've gotten to this one but make sure that they don't get to the Tharparker warehouse." He ordered.

"Roger that."

Shehryaar hung up and threw his phone casually on the hard desk. He was feeling agigated now.

The Ghulari family was a powerful feudal family that rule over the Sikhai region—the central part of Pakistan that comprised of the major four provinces; Punjab to the north east, Sindh to the south east, KPK to the north west and Balochistan to the south west. The Ghulari family held the political power in the region and had total control over the people and the vast resources that came with it. The only problem was that the family was corrupt due to which the Sikhai region, though heavily endowed with natural resources, was underdeveloped and suffering from poverty.

The Army and local militia were trying their best to put the family to ruin and bring some control of the government to the region—it was already at the brink of civil war.

But that wasn't Shehryaar's problem. His main assets were based in Karachi, Dubai and Shanghai.

He was glad that he had cleared out of the Sindh part of the Sikhai region. But his lust for power was immense. He still held power in that region because his activities and properties were there. He wasn't worries about Hyderabad since everything was clear there but his business was basically centered on the borders of the Sikhai region.

The local militia was raiding every sector throughout the province to dig up dirt against him and his family. He didn't care about his family though but he didn't care for his own business.

His dealings with the underworld must never surface otherwise there would be hell to pay.

But this was a game after all and he loved a good game. A game that fueled his bloodlust and thirst for Supremacy.

If it involved getting richer, gaining more power and control then he was willing to be a part of such a game.

And the game was about to get sweeter. He was the mafia king who stood alone till now. But he will have his queen by his side from now on.

And a King is most powerful when he has his Queen by his side.


Sunday came in the blink of an eye.

That morning, Anissa had removed the worn out bandages from her left arm to inspect the bullet wound. It was scabbing but healing.

When she went for the brand wound under her collarbone, she hesitated.

With shaking hands, she carefully peeled off the gauze covering the wound. Her eyes started to fill with tears when she saw it


Scabbed thinly and now brown in color, it stood out, staring directly at her from her pale white skin.

She felt defiled in the most vicious of ways—she felt as if she was stripped of her rights and liberties and made a thing.

I won't ever forgive him for this. How dare he? She was seething mad now. She despised him more than ever now.

And after today, it'll be in writing—it'll be so true. And she won't be able to deny it.

Her heart was trembling; she had no idea what to expect from her future husband. All that came to her mind were the cruelties and brutalities that she was being forced to subject herself to. If he could brand her and hit her, only God knew what else he planned to do with her with she disobeyed him again.

And what was worse, he was a complete stranger to him. Why he wanted to marry her was beyond her.

The only thought that gave her comfort was that her parents were content with it and as long as she was told what to do and the day went smoothly, she knew that he wouldn't hurt her family.

By becoming his wife, she won't be able to defy him unless he went overboard with her.

After a long warm shower, she carefully she covered her wounds with fresh dressing and started to get ready for the day.

Around 9am, Zameer was instructed to escort Anissa to the city's best beauty experts. They worked their magic—waxing, polishing and dusting Anissa's entire body to perfect

sexy in all black. Her shoulders were squared and he walked with grace. His entire being radiated authority and power.

Anissa kept her gaze down. Even when he was seated beside her, she didn't dare to look at him—afraid that her resolve might break.

When Shehryaar saw her, he felt his world stop—truly, Anissa was the most breathtakingly stunning woman he had ever seen. And she was about to be his wife.

He felt his lions set on fire and the need to get her to his bed grew harder. He wanted this whole event to be done with so that he could finally claim what was his for the longest of time.

Anissa felt his heated gray gaze on her face and he cheeks became hot with crimson. Slowly, she lifted her head and mustered the courage to look at the man who was going to be her husband in a few moments.

She drew a sharp breath—he was indeed the most handsome man she had ever seen and he was going to be her husband—her other half. Her life partner. He looked incredibly sexy in the dark Sherwaani.

They eyes immediately connected—grey against hazel.

Shehryaar clenched his jaw tightly, his eyes displaying his lust and desire towards her but Anissa clenched her hands into fists, her eyes portraying her fear and nervousness towards him.

There heart beat was fast—racing against time. Their faces were blank but their eyes showed what they were feeling.

Lost in their eyes, they tried to understand one another.

It was as if in that moment, it was just the two of them; feeling connected just by their gaze. It was feeling unlike anything they both had ever felt before.

The only thing that disturbed them out of their little world was the sound of the Maulvi clearing his throat.

Blushing, Anissa looked away while Shehryaar clicked his tongue in annoyance.

The Maulvi proceeded to say the rights and liberties, starting with groom who immediately agreed.

"Do you, Shehryaar Ghulari, in your full senses and good judgment, accept Anissa Ghalib as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Qubool hai."

It was repeated two more times and Shehryaar agreed wholeheartedly and signed his name on the marriage certificate.

When the Maulvi turned to face Anissa, her heart began to drum in her chest and her mind began to have second thoughts.

Oh Allah, my God, please, let my decision be right in my favor. With her silent prayer, she listened to her rights and liberties.

"Do you, Anissa Ghalib, in your full senses and without coercion, accept Shehryaar Ghulari as your lawfully wedded husband?"

She hesitated. Her throat felt dry. The rejection was at the tip of her tongue. She felt like running away from this place and crawl up in a hole and hide herself.

Swallowing, she clenched her fists tighter until she felt Shehryaar's warm hand gently touch hers. She looked up and saw his gleaming grey eyes—they looked at her with warning. She understood. Turning back to the priest, she breathed in deeply.

"Qubool hai." She muttered lowly. Taking the pen from Shehryaar's fingers, she signed her name.

It's done. Now, I just hope that I don't regret this. she thought hopefully.

Everyone raised their hands in supplication; praying for a successful and fruitful marriage of the young couple.

The witnesses and family began to hug each other and congratulate each other.

Shehryaar leaned closer until his lips were close to Anissa's ear. "You're finally mine now, forever." He whispered.

Anissa felt shivers down at her spine and tried to hold back her tears.



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Lehnga= wedding dress

Sherwaani= formal traditiona dress for males

Maulvi= priest

Kul'a= turban

Bachay= child

Baraat= groom's side of the family

Qubool hai= I do

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