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"What do you think Ainnie?" Mr. Musa inquired and turned to face Anissa. She swallowed—from her peripheral vision, she saw that Shehryaar had his cold eyes fixated on her and his hand was still resting in his waist.

Think carefully Ainnie. After this, there's no going back and if you defy him, he'll hurt your parents.

"I agree with whatever you want Abu." She muttered, her heart dropping to the pit of her stomach as tears pricked her eyes. She saw Shehryaar pass her a smug smirk, his grey orbs shone with victory. His hand pushed down to his side and he visibly relaxed.

Anissa felt like she would break down at any moment and immediately requested her parents to take her home. But before she could leave, Shehryaar stopped her.

"My mother would like to meet with you." He told her. Mr. Musa and his wife left them in privacy. Anissa felt like a nervous wreck.

Slowly, she made her way to her old lady who was breathing though the gas mask. Shehryaar stood by her side and gently rubbed the old lady's back. "Are you feeling alright, Amma?" he inquired. She smiled, closing her eyes and patting his hand that was on her shoulder.

Amma? So she really is his mother.

"Jazak Allah, " she muttered weekly. Her soft brown landed on the rigid figure of Anissa.

"Come closer bachay." She called gently. Anissa obeyed and sat beside the old woman, her head hanging low.

"Didn't I tell you Amma, my bride is certainly a woman of refined beauty." Shehryaar commented, his tone monotone yet filled with a hint of pride. Anissa felt his eyes on her face and she resisted the urge to scoff. He was treating her like a trophy he had won in a game.

Admiring me so shamelessly and that too in front of your mother? You really are awful Shehryaar Ghulari. And I have to spend the rest of my life with a despicable man like you.

She desperately wanted to say this to him but she controlled herself. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt the old woman's hand softly touch her chin. Her soft brown eyes studied Anissa was a while making her feel nervous.

"Mashaa Allah, my son is lucky to have you as his bride. May Allah bless you bachay." She said and immediately pulled the gas mask back on. Anissa blushed brightly.

"I'm so glad that he's finally settling down. It's such great news. I know that it would've made his mother and brother proud." She muttered through the mask.

Anissa frowned in confusion. Wait, mother and brother? So she isn't his real mother after all. Then why is he calling her Amma? And where is his real mother?

She wanted to conclude that Shehryaar used the old woman for his own personal gain but she couldn't deny the genuine concern that Shehryaar showed towards the ailing woman or the look of affection and motherly love that the old woman displayed towards the young man.

There were so many questions that she wanted to ask but refrained.

"Now Amma enough for today. Come, Zameer shall escort you back to your room." Shehryaar said, his tone so gentle that it made Anissa wondered why he couldn't be that gentle with her as well.

Zameer brought in a wheel chair and took the old lady out of the room.

The room was silent as Anissa sat there with flushed cheeks and unshed tears and Shehryaar closely stared at her.

"I should go now." She murmured softly and jumped to her feet. Shehryaar was back to his cold and stoic self. Moving fast, she made her way towards the door only to be pulled back by the wrist and collide against Shehryaar's chest.

She gasped when she realized that he held her waist firmly and her body was flush against his. Clenching her fists together from the pain that radiated from her shoulders, she lowered her head. Her dupatta fell from her head and draped loosely on her shoulders. Normally she wouldn't struggled to get out of his grip but now that she was engaged to him, she couldn't fight against him for that and what's more, soon enough he'll be her husband. She will just have to get used to his touch and closeness.

"Tara, look at me." he whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her skin and causing goosebumps. She felt a strange tingling sensation at the fit of her stomach while her heart hammered hard and her cheeks blushed deeply.

Shehryaar saw her reaction and gently lifted up her chin. When their eyes connected—gray against hazel, He flashed her his most charming grin, making a single dimple appear on his right cheek making him looking breathtaking gorgeous. Anissa gawked at him in confusion and disbelief. For the first time, she saw his steel gray eyes soften at her.

"You made the right decision. I'm glad that you were able to follow through my instructions. I'm glad this matter got handled out without a hitch." He stated.

Anissa clenched her jaw tightly in order to hold in the bubbling anger inside of her.

"Did I have any other choice?" she hissed. Shehryaar chuckled in amusement. "Of course you didn't. Now you'll officially belong to me." he said, his tone laced with possessiveness, his eyes burned with desire and lust for her.

"And you shouldn't complain. You're about to become the wife of the most successful billionaire in the country. I'll give you anything that you want; money, luxury, jewels. Anything that you're heart will desire. Name it and it shall be yours." He said candidly, giving her a small soft smile. Anissa felt like she would throw up now. She didn't want or even desire for all that he was so willingly wanting to give her. Money never mattered to her. What she wanted was respect and dignity and liberty.

"What about my freedom? If I ask you for that, will you grant me that wish?" She countered. Shehryaar's features darkened, the small smile wiped off. His grip on her waist increased.

"Don't ask for something that you know I won't give. I'm willing to give you anything Anissa and all I want in return in your submission and respect. I will have it no other way." He growled, making Anissa gasp in fear.

"I told you before that I'll b

eyed Anissa with pity and sympathy.

Anissa nodded. "It was my last trump card. But it didn't matter to him. He completely disregarded my feelings." Her shoulders sagged in surrender as her face fell in her hands. "I think he's a psychopath. He branded me without any remorse. He slapped me multiple times without even a hint of guilt. He's cold hearted and ruthless. How will I live my life with him?" she wept.

Where was her life leading her? She was fighter—she fought everything to protect herself and her family but never had she felt this powerless and hopeless before. She had no choice but to comply. She wasn't rich and didn't have enough money to flee the country or even the city.

"I think that he's seriously suffering from a mental disorder. I have never seen a person switch between personalities so easily as he does." She confessed.

"Then don't marry him Ainnie. He should know that he cannot force you. It's not allowed anyway." Ramsha reasoned.

"Do you think it matters to him? These past few days when he held me captive, don't you think that I tried to do everything I could in order for him to change his mind? He's not going to—he's set his mind and it's on me. I have no idea why but he wants me. He's made this very clear."

She felt her heart break with each breath she took—for her, marriage was a sacred trust. It's sanctity too great to be played with. If she were to marry, it would be for keeps—she would be loyal and faithful. But she also expected the same courtesy from her spouse and from what she knew, Shehryaar didn't seem to fit her standards and expectations she had in her spouse.

Love was never an issue, she knew eventually she would find love with her spouse but that wasn't a determining factor. What she wanted was security and a home for herself—all she craved for was respect and honor. She was sure she wasn't going to get that from Shehryaar.

For Anissa, Shehryaar was an enigma—she knew nothing about him other then the few glimpses of his personality she got she witness. She had no idea about the type of family he came from. The Ghulari family was very private and there wasn't much information about them available on the internet. All that she knew from his family was the old lady that came to see them yesterday and yet she wasn't sure whether or not she was really his mother.

"It's okay Ainnie, " Ramsha took a hold of her hands and squeezed them tightly. "I'm sure that there is some wisdom in this union. You can't run away from it. Mind as well accept it. Trust in God that everything will be alright." She reassured.

Anissa tried to draw some inspiration from it—all that mattered was that her family would be safe. If that monster wants me then I'll give it to hm. He may have me but he'll never have my heart and soul. Who knows, maybe I can hope for change. He might not be so bad. She thought.

But whenever she tried t think of anything good about Shehryaar, the bad would always outweigh the good. What he did to her till now, the way he mercilessly branded her skin, making her feel low and worthless. And the threat to her parents—these two things were unforgivable. But maybe there is a reason as to why Shehryaar went this far. From what I can tell, he's a very stoic man and thus, he mustn't know anything about gentleness or kindness.

But, there is always silver lining in every situation right?. I'm sure, inshaa Allah, it'll turn out well. That's how her heart was. This was her nature—to seek good in everything.

"Okay." She murmured.

"Don't worry Ainnie. We are here for you. We'll always be here for you." Haris said and patted her head lovingly. She nodded and tried to smile. These two people were her rock and moral support through it all and she was forever grateful to them for it.

Now she felt ready. Even this marriage is sudden and to a stranger, if it was her fate then she'll accept it.


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