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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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"Good girl." He commented, his tone laced with satisfaction. "There is was an accident involving the supposed bus that you were on from Sialkot yesterday in the evening." He started, catching her off guard. She frowned in confusion.

Why is he telling this?

"My team of rescuers saved you and the rest in time before serious damage could be done. We had most of you people brought in here after the accident. There is a celebratory gala in the honor of the victims that survived this horrible tragedy. All the victims will be at the Grand Hotel Islamabad. Your family will also be there."

"Why are you telling me all this?" she whispered in utter confusion, unable to put two and two together.

He gave her a small smile, his hand reaching towards her face which caused her to flinch away. His fingers gently tucked a rebellious strand behind her ear. The gesture was kind but his eyes weren't. they were cold and callous as always.

"You were on that bus. You are also a victim. I invited your parents. Tonight, I shall announce my engagement to you in front of the media. I will give you a few moments of privacy with your parents to explain your engagement to me." he stated with a straight face.

Her stomach dropped as all the blood fled from her face. "P-please don't do this. Don't do this to me. It isn't fair. I need more time." she beseeched.

Shehryaar smirked—he liked her begging him like this. All along he had seen her fighting spirit and bravery but he didn't see her beg once and now he reveled in it.

"You said it yourself that you will let me go home and give me time."

"Yes well, I changed my mind. After all, you don't deserve my generosity." He shrugged, looking nonchalant.

"Please, it's not right. I will lose the respect I hold in my parents' eyes this way. They will think that I already knew you and planned it. Please, it will hurt them. Please don't make me do this." She begged, tears brimming in her eyes. It would be too disrespectful for her as well as her parents if he carried this out. Without proper courting, it wasn't considered decent or appropriate. Shehryaar wasn't thinking of the consequences Anissa would have to deal with it. She would earn her parents' displeasure and disapproval if she went with what he said.

But their lives were at stake here. She couldn't risk that. She's seen firsthand the horrors and terror Shehryaar unleashed upon her for simply fighting for her rights and freedom and by now she knew that she shouldn't incur his wrath any further. His grey eyes danced with delight at her disposition. "Unless you want me to kill your parents, you will do exactly as I say. I don't care what you feel or what happens, all I know is that I want you and I will have you." He declared. He wasn't bluffing when he made the threat on her parents' lives and she didn't want to challenge him on it as well.

Anissa was beyond shocked at his displace of carelessness and self-centeredness. He was a certified psychopath. Her disgust and hate for him grew tenfold.

"Tomorrow we will have our Nikkah." He announced. Anissa felt her heart drop to the pit of her stomach.

"You still want to marry me?" she whispered in disbelief, unable to find her voice. He gave her a small empty smile, his eyes calculating as they studied her face.

"And why wouldn't i? I won't lie though; I am still pissed that some one dared to taint what's mine but don't worry, that will be rectified soon enough. Nothing will change my mind." He replied. Anissa felt like a cold bucket of water was splashed on her. His words hurt her feelings more then they should've. What's this? Why do I feel this way?

"I don't care if you were raped. I will still marry only and only you." His response was so cold that Anissa felt shivers run down her spine. How could he plainly say it to her face that he didn't care if she raped or not, his desire was only her. Was his ego that important? Is that what you say to a rape victim?

Victim. . . . She was beginning to feel like a victim once again at the hands of Shehryaar.

She couldn't believe how much Shehryaar displayed such heartlessness. Did the man hold no sense of empathy or a moral compass? He was proving to be every bit the psychopath that Anissa thought.

For Anissa, love wasn't one of the criteria for marriage—she always thought that marriage should be based on honesty and mutual understanding and what Shehryaar was offering were only lies and deceit.

"Besides, you're so fucking beautiful. Why wouldn't I want you?" he muttered, his grey eyes clearly displaying his lust as he looked at her body shamelessly. Her heart jolted as his gaze.

"B-but you're not husband material. Do you even know what marriage entails?" she questioned. Shehryaar scoffed and gripped her chin rather roughly. "I'll be the judge of that. You don't need to worry because these things are irrelevant. They don't matter."

"They do matter!" she hissed. Her anger flaring up again.

He smirked and released her chin."Now, do as I say. When we meet with your parents, let me do the talking. All you have to do is agree with me."

"Why are you doing this?" she began to choke on the tears that spilled from her eyes.

"Payback baby, " he whispered, grabbing her chin and elevating her eyes to his level. "Your parents humiliated me by rejecting my marriage proposal. Now they will have no choice but to accept it and that to in front of the whole world." He claimed intrepidly.

"Why are you doing this? What did me or my family ever do to you?" she sobbed, suddenly grabbing him by his collar. He was taken aback for a split second but quickly recovered and removed her hands from his collar.

"If you value your family's lives, then you will treat me with respect otherwise there will be consequences Anissa." He spat venomously. She shivered, terror gripping her entire being.

There was no going back. She was trapped.

"Now get ready. You have twenty minutes. After dinner we leave for Islamabad." He said and left the room.

She cried but obeyed. Getting dressed into the suit that arrived with the stylist, she continued to cry even when the stylist did her makeup. From her disheveled condition, the stylist had a hard time with putting on her makeup but managed to get her ready within the time limit. But Anissa didn't care.

If he doesn't care then I don't care either.

She continued to cry but became silent when Shehryaar came to retrieve her from her room. When they were seated at the table, tears kept on spilling from her eyes. When food was presented to her, she didn't touch it but one dangerous glare from Shehryaar had her putting food in her mouth and swallowing it without the slightest attempt at tasting.

When she was seated in a black Escalade and drove out of the Estate, she realized that they were in a farmhouse that was located almost two hours outside of Islamabad. There was complete silence in the car. Shehryaar made no attempt to console Anissa as she continued to sob and he was completely unfazed by it.

At around 8 am they arrived at the H

that didn't touch his eyes.

He's acting. Oh my God! How is he doing this? One moment he's a heartless tyrant then a charmer and now acting as if he was in pain with the mere thought of losing me? What the hell is wrong with this guy?

But she was betrayed badly when her parents bought his act as they eyed each other. Mr. Musa nodded when his wife passed him a knowing smile of acknowledgement.

"Surely, we cannot deny that son. You've done a great deed." He said.

"My son really loves your daughter." The old lady started, her voice low and gentle. "I have never seen him so hurt and broken when he heard about the accident and that Anissa was also one of the victims." She told, her voice breaking and her eyes shimmering with sincerity.

Anissa gawked at the old lady with disbelief.

Is this woman also a part of the act? How can she say that. Surely she knows that I wasn't in any accident. Or has Shehryaar also threatened her to act out the part of being his mother?

But she couldn't miss the look of genuine concern in the old woman's soft brown eyes.

"With your permission, please allow my son to marry your daughter. I know that he came to you before with his marriage proposal. I couldn't accompany him at the time because I was in poor health. But seeing your lovely daughter being brought back from the jaws of death, I would want nothing but to make her my daughter." She drawled breathlessly, giving Anissa a kind warm smile.

Anissa only gawked at the lady with wide eyes. This woman deserves an oscar for her performance.

But the goodness of her heart couldn't deny the old lady. She felt sympathy and pity for the cute little lady who was panting deeply to catch her breath after her little speech.

Her parents were clearly smitten and convinced by now.

"I think we would like that." Her mother stated. "We cannot thank you enough for bringing our daughter back to us. It's the least we can do." She continued.

No no no. Ami please don't fall into their trap.

She looked at her mother with pleading eyes but she didn't recognise it. She wanted to take her parents and run from there but she was being held captive. Shehryaar saw her looking at her mother with plight and stood up from the old lady's side. carefully, only for Anissa to see, his hand went up to his waist were she knew his holsters hung and rested there. His eyes warned her in silence, his cold eyes challenging her to try and defy him.

Keeping Shehryaar's threat in mind, she kept her mouth shut.

"With your permission, I would like the nikkah to be held first thing tomorrow." He said, his eyes sharply fixated on Anissa.

"That soon! Surely you cannot think it possible son." Mr. Musa spoke in bewilderment.

"On the contrary sir. I want it as soon as possible and I cannot risk it anymore. I came very close to losing your daughter and I do not want that again. Please do not deny me this." He beseeched, his voice sounded broken and filled with so much plight but his eyes were the same; cold and calculating.

How can he act so convincingly? She was unable to understand the working of Shehryaar's mind.

"But still son. We need time to prepare." Her mother tried to reason.

"Don't worry about anything. I want to take your daughter with full honour and dignity. A simple nikkah ceremony with close friends and family will do. Don't worry about the expenses. I have that covered. All I want is your permission." Shehryaar implored. He sounded so impulsive and immature.

"My mother's health is failing and it's her request that I marry. She's suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer and It's already spread to her lungs and I don't know for how long she'll be able to last." He said, his eyes landing in the old lady. Anissa swallowed.her stomach knotted with fear and confusion and her heart hammered badly against her ribcage.

How can this bastard use that old lady's condition to his advantage? How can he be this ruthless?

He was clearly guilt tripping her parents into agreeing with him. But she couldn't judge him especially when she didn't know whether or not the old lady was genuine. But if she really was suffering from pancreatic cancer, Anissa knew how fatal this type of cancer was.

This whole situation was so perfectly designed. Whether it was an act or not, Shehryaar was successful in conning her parents.

Mr. Musa sighed. "Can we at least have a week. We still need to prepare a little. we aren't ready to let our daughter go just yet and she has been an accident she's clearly shaken. Give us till Sunday. We can hold the Nikkah as well rukhsati ceremony together." He declared.

Anissa'a heart stopped at her father's words.

I'm doomed.


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