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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Her foot pressed hard on accelerator—she didn't care that she was crossing the speed limit now. She saw from the mirror that the gun was still aimed in the direction of her car. The toll plaza was near but before she could even approach it, the car jerked into an abrupt stop.

"No!" she screamed in panic and pressed hard on the accelerator. She heard the screech of the metal wheels against the tired and saw smoke arise from the back of the car.

"No no no!" she screamed and hit the steering wheel. Tears of frustration and fear brimmed in her eyes and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the two black cars come to a halt near her car. She did what she thought would be the only thing left to do. She got out of the car and aimed the gun in the direction of the men who approached her in masks.

"Stay away! Or I swear I will—" she was cut short as an agonizing cry tore from her throat and pain began to shoot from her left arm. On reflex, her hands dropped the gun and held on to the injury on her arm as she fell on her knees. One of the men in the black was already in front of her. Before she could react, she felt a sharp prick on her neck.

The last thing she was before drifting off into unconsciousness were hard steely grey eyes.


His eyes trained on her beautiful peaceful face but it did nothing to sate his anger. His blood boiled with rage as he clenched and unclenched his fists to calm the raging storm down.

She ran away from me? Me? The fucking mafia king? How fucking dare she?

He wanted to badly hit her however he was surprised that he wasn't feeling so violent. However, his ego was badly hurt and he wanted to satisfy it. No woman had ever treated him the way this woman did. He just couldn't understand her however, he wanted her. Even now he couldn't control the unfathomable lust rising inside of him.

When he had kissed her, he couldn't control himself—her soft luscious lips against his warm ones drove him crazy with desire and he wanted nothing more then to take her then and there. But he knew better; she deserved the respect and dignity that she deserves. He wanted to make her his queen yet she resisted and for that, he needed to teach her a lesson.

Today was full of surprises—he had clearly underestimated her. He had let his guard down in front of her, a mistake he won't be making again. He brought her to his public place, another mistake. And when she pulled his gun out on him, he couldn't act immediately because his cover would've been jeopardized.

To the world he was known as Shehryaar Ghulari the successful and youthful CEO of the country's most biggest cooperate Firm—Indus Enterprises but to the underworld, he was known as the mafia king, feared by all. He was leading two lives out of which he enjoyed his darker life more but he still needed a link to the outside world—his enemy as he saw it and in order to better understand it. That's why he couldn't risk his identity becoming exposed. If it became public about his other role, it would made unnecessary compilations for him and he already had enough problems to deal with. He was angry. No, he was outraged. When she left so randomly, he had no problem tracking her down since he had already planted a GPS tracking chip in her body when he kidnapped her. There was no way that he was going to let this go unpunished. And he was going to do just that.

The nerve of you Anissa. I'm going to put you in your place and make sure that you never forget it!

A sadistic smile turned on his lips as he thought of what he was about to do with Anissa. He walked fluidly in her direction as she laid tranquil on the flush bed. He had brought Anissa to one of his safe houses in the outskirts of the capital city. She was still unconscious from the drug he had given her.

When he stared at her lovely face, she was so peaceful in her sleep that her terror etched expression flashed before his eyes. And what puzzled him was the fact that her panic and fear wasn't directed from him—it wasn't out of fear from him that she reacted so rashly. It was something else. She was afraid and suffering from something else that made Shehryaar's actions cause her terror and fear from an already occurred event. He couldn't understand what though. He was so used to seeing people fear him because of him that he could easily tell the difference from her fear. It was directed against him but not from him.

Well, he was about to find out soon enough, je needed to be a bit more patient.

Gently, he placed his arms under her shoulders and knees and lifted her in her arms—her small frame fitted so perfectly in his embrace. He stared at her beautiful face as her chest rose up and down in silent breathing. She would wake at any time and now wasn't the time for him to mess around. He needed to focus.

He walked swiftly to the designated room and sat her sleeping form on a chair. He knelt down at her level and took her wrists in his large hands. Fighting the urges deep within, he tried to control himself as he stared at her creamy dainty wrists. He felt anger at himself for putting her through this torture but he had no choice—he needed to punish her in order to teach her a lesson. Planting feathery kisses on her right wrist and carefully locked it in place under the cuffs attached to the arms of the chair. Being even more careful of her left arm since with held an injury from earlier, he wrapped the same cuff around her wrist and backed away.

She began to stir and jolted awake. A scream tore through her as pain throbbed from her left arm. Her head was also pounding. Her eyes went frantically from her shoulders to her wrists, realizing that they were cuffed to the chair.

"What?" her voice came out shaky and she tried to pry her hands out of the cuffs—when they refused to budge and her wrists began to ache, she realized it was hopeless and terror began to take hold of her body. She looked around the dimly lit room and it looked like a torture cell. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and there were a number of various shaped dangerous looking kni

d in the chair, her legs flying and her arms.

Oh God, he's a psycho! Please oh God help me!

Taking the local would've been the easy way out indeed—it would've paralyzed the area and would've made it completely pain free but she refused to satisfy his sick and twisted whims. "Let go of me!" she screamed at the top of lungs, her throat growing raw. His palm landed on her cheek and her screams died down. She panted as her hair sprayed across her face from the impact of his hit on her face. Turning it straight, she was met with the same furious grey orbs.

His face held the same blank expression. "See, I admire that fire in you. It shines in you like a blazing star falling from the sky and can burn anything. But it's too fucking impulsive and troublesome. It has to go. You will submit to me Anissa. I will accept nothing less." He snarled.

"One last chance; Apologize and I'll show mercy. Otherwise, I'm not responsible for what happens next." He jeered.

She was fuming and her anger caused the fear to subside a little.

What the hell is wrong with man?

There was no way she was about to give him what he wanted. Her pride and womanhood denied him that satisfaction. Who the hell did he think he was? He demanded respect and obedience but didn't he know that respect and obedience has to be earned through mutual understanding. He was going to go nowhere with her with his dominant and demanding attitude and she would fight it.

"I will never submit to you! I will never!" she declared fearlessly. "I will always fight for what is right. I will fight for myself. I will never submit."

He smirked. "Oh but you will. I will make sure of it." He proclaimed confidently and she saw him through the syringe away. Her fear increased tenfold as her only chance at a painless torture was down the drain. But if she was going down then she won't back down without a fight.

She felt utter disgust at him and did what she could in her position—she pat at his face and braced herself for his slap but surprisingly, he remained frozen in his place and closed his eyes. His fingers travelled to his cheek where her spit was and wiped it away. He was still calm as he opened his eyes and stared t his fingers where her spit was and stood to his full height. She flinched when he saw him move his hands towards her face and turned her head away and braced herself, squeezing her eyes shut. She waited but the slap didn't come instead she felt a tug at the collar of her shirt and when she opened her eyes, she saw him draw a blade and tear the cloth that was covering her shoulders.

"What are you doing?" she shrieked and began to thrash in the chair. Suddenly, he moved the blade to her throat and pressed hard but not enough to draw blood. "Move and I will fucking slice your throat faster than you can draw your next breath." He growled, his eyes holding the threat. She clamped her mouth shut and stopped struggling. Cold terror ran in her veins as her eyes trailed the blade as it moved from her throat and back at slicing through the cloth of her shirt. He stopped when she left shoulder became completely bare. He had only cut the cloth from where her bra wasn't visible but her shoulder and clavicle was displayed out to her everlasting shame. She whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut. He brushed the back of his fingers on her beauty bone, trailing towards her smooth white deltoid. His touch rose tingles that crawled down her spine. She began to shake and buckled her knees together to gather some courage.

"I love your skin Tara. I can't wait to devour it and taste it. I can't wait to sink my teeth into your luscious skin for it to bear my marks." He drawled, his voice turning husky. But you know, I'll love it even more when it will bear my name for everyone to know that you belong to Me." he declared, his tone heavy with possession and want. He walked towards the box and opened it. Anissa's heart galloped in her chest as she saw him draw out the poker.

Smirking, Shehryaar took out the poker. "Get ready to eat your own words Tara."

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